Bungo Stray Dogs – Season 4 Episode 11 Recap & Review

Angel’s Plan

Episode 11 of Bungo Stray Dogs titled ‘Jailbreak’ begins with Mushitaro Oguri writing to his dead writer friend, Yokomizo about his extravagant life in prison which is an absolute lie. While he is bored out of his mind, Kyoka and Atsushi fall into his cell from the ceiling.

Turns out they used the Eye of God to find his cell in a bank and hope to use his knowledge to reveal that the Decay of the Angel is framing the Armed Detective Agency. He at first refuses but as per Ranpo’s instructions, Kyoka threatens him with the manuscript of his dead friend. He gives in but as they try to escape he is angry at their threat and tries to make a scene to get caught. But Kyoka shuts him up with her blade every time. 

At that moment, Atsushi sees that the bank has been surrounded by Ango and the Special Division soldiers. Oguri sees him and gets frightened. He reveals that Ango is actually the leader of the government’s secret criminal group Seventh Agency which had enslaved him for his evidence-erasing ability till Fyodor rescued him.

Atsushi refuses to believe it but Kyoka says if it is true they will all be killed. At first, they easily avoid the CCTV as Oguri uses his ability to erase crimes and hides them with stolen money. However, they end up in a dead end filled with vaults. He suddenly remembers Yokomizo’s love for locked room mysteries and decides to take inspiration. Ango sees Kyoka’s Demon Snow running to the last vault and blasts it open to find it empty.

In actuality, the three were hiding in a vault near the opening of the corridor and run out during the blast while Kyoka recalls Demon Snow. Atsushi is in awe of Oguri’s plan but he credits it to Yokomizo. They then run to an alley outside the bank and plan to escape through a manhole.

At that moment, Ango who used his ability to figure out their plan by touching the stolen money tranquillizes them. He announces that they are guilty and as reinforcement arrives, he points his gun at Atsushi. However, he just pushes the trio down the manhole without shooting them and tells the soldiers that they have headed west. 

He then helps the three escape and says he has been in league with Dazai this whole time but was putting on an act for Fyodor’s spies. Dazai’s message of turning on the sprinklers to defeat Hawthorne at the Eye of God was sent by him. All Mersault prisoners have an inbuilt heart monitor to track them and Dazai controls his heart to send coded messages to Ango who has access to the prison with his government clearance. 

Oguri doesn’t believe him since he is part of the Seventh Agency and Ango reveals that Fyodor lied and he has never been part of the agency. He takes them to a safe place to continue the conversation and it happens to be Anne’s Chamber as Lucy has also teamed up with him to help the Armed Detective Agency. Ango reveals that she had barged in at the headquarters and announced that Atsushi can never be a murderer and she is embarrassed.

Least interested in her crush, Oguri resumes his interrogation as he asks Ango if he has ever taken help from the Seventh Agency who used to force Oguri to do their bidding. He is ready to leave as Ango has, but the officer says he only did it once to erase the crimes of Dazai and give him a fresh start. He did it as it was Oda’s dying wish which has Oguri remembering Yokomizo’s last wish.

Ango adds that he suspects a mole in the government and only Oguri can help him. Is this the mole communicating with Fyodor in prison? Well, Oguri complies and tells them that there are five Angels and the fifth member is even above Fyodor. After framing the Agency, they plan to enact global terrorism. Their final phase of the plan is to use the other side of the reality-altering page to erase the State.

They will use the page on the next full moon and Ango realises that it is in 10 days. Everyone is morose but Atsushi and Kyoka are optimistic as they finally have the beginnings of a plan – to steal the page and clear the Agency’s name.

The Episode Review

Things seem to be picking up finally in terms of clearing the Agency’s name. However, as usual, nothing comes easily to the poor Armed Detectives. But it is hilarious to see Oguri going back and forth and getting frustrated while the detectives try to help him escape. If he ever tries to join the Agency, he will pretty much turn into Kunikida 2.0 as he tries to get used to the detectives’ antics.

Oh, but whatever happened to Kunikida after that helicopter attack? We do hope he is not dead. And while we were waiting with bated breath to see what Tachihara does with Yosano in the last episode which ended in a cliffhanger, it is refreshing to get a light episode with fluff but not really fluff as we are almost near the end.

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