Buddy Daddies – Season 1 Episode 4 “What Will Be, Will Be” Recap & Review

What Will Be, Will Be

Episode 4 of Buddy Daddies begins with Miri causing a scene in Kazuku and Rei’s home–from messing up laundry to destroying pots. At the park, Rei and Kazuki take Miri to the park and spot a daycare vehicle.

At home, Kazuki researches daycares and preschools to enroll Miri. Unfortunately, the daycare staff informs Kazuki that he must visit a government office to enroll Miri in daycare. Kazuki, Miri, and Rei visit the Childcare Department to receive more intel on enrollment. The worker informs Kazuki and Rei about the steps they need to complete to get Miri started with daycare. The worker overwhelms Kazuki with the amount of paperwork he needs to submit to get her on board, though.

At home, Kazuki’s aggravated by the documentation process and says it was a bad idea to consider daycare. This sets Miri off because she’s excited to go. Kazuki creates forged documents to avoid stress and revisits the worker in the morning. The worker tells them to visit specific locations until he can confirm Miri’s acceptance into the daycare. They visit Yumeboshi Daycare first. While things proceed accordingly, Miri starts prattling on about Kazuki and Rei’s terrible practices.

They excuse themselves from the daycare facility, and Kazuki tells Miri to let them do the talking. They visit the Aozora daycare next. Although Miri slips up a little bit, the owners tell Kazuki they’ll allow Miri to attend Aozora. At home, Kazuki and Rei celebrate with cold beers while Miri’s asleep. Kazuki confirms the government accepted their paperwork, and they need to look at a welfare document to read about the next steps. Kazuki and Rei are bewildered by the number of supplies Miri needs.

They visit a department store in the morning to get Miri her resources. Kazuki buys Miri brand-name outfits to allow her to establish dominance at daycare. When they return home, Rei tells Kazuki that Miri needs her name on all her belongings. Some must have her name sewn onto them, resulting in Kazuki heading out to buy a sewing kit. He returns to learn that Rei allowed Miri to write her name over her clothes, upsetting Kazuki. This is because some items cost a lot of money.

Kazuki struggles to sew Miri’s name on her clothes for an hour, resulting in him getting terrible finger wounds. Rei falls asleep–causing Kazuki to feel more stressed. Kazuki, Rei, and Miri arrive at Aozora with fashionable items. The female owner, Anna, greets them again and confirms with the other parents that Miri is a new attendee. While the parents text their friends about Kazuki and Rei’s wealth, Anna shows them around and explains what Miri’s life will be like in Aozora.

Kazuki and Rei wave goodbye to Miri and leave. They’re happy to finally be free of her grasp and get ready to tackle their next mission. At Aozora, Miri tries to get involved with the other kids’ activities. Many kids refuse to let her play with them, upsetting Miri. Meanwhile, Rei and Kazuki visit Kyutarou’s cafe and ask him for work. He tells them he’ll ponder it over. The boys leave to pick up Miri and ask her how her day went. Miri says she doesn’t know yet.

We receive a montage that shows Miri starting to lose joy in attending daycare. Eventually, Kazuki meets up with Anna and asks her about Miri’s progress in daycare. Anna tells Kazuki that Miri’s clothing is inciting the other kids not to converse with her. Anna suggests a store Kazuki can go to to buy Miri some clothes she can get dirty in. Kazuki, Rei, and Miri attend Nijimasuya to purchase Miri some new clothes. Kazuki drops Miri off the next day with her cheap branded clothing.

Kazuki plays soccer with the kids to help Miri make more friends. After a day of daycare, Kazuki picks Miri up, and she tells him she had a lot of fun. This episode concludes with Kazuki and Rei surprising Miri with her own room.

The Episode Review

With how rough things got toward of last week’s episode, it made sense to receive something more wholesome this time. This episode will resonate with many parents who have a tough time raising children. Although it contains some content that’ll make viewers scratch their heads, it demonstrates the hurdles some parents must overcome to ensure their children’s happiness.

Kazuki and Rei come across many parental conflicts. From forging legal documents to visiting several stores to buy proper clothes for Miri, they sacrificed their pride and money to make sure Miri had a great time at Aozora. Although this was fueled by their desire to free themselves from her interruptions with their assassin work, it shows that they do care for Miri’s well-being.

It’s a great parallel to the content we received in episode three with Miri’s mother. Overall, this was a funny and enjoyable episode of Buddy Daddies. It shows the challenges and joys that come with parenthood and caregiving. Now that Miri’s found a new place to call home, Kazuki and Rei can return to their thrilling lives as criminals. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next chapter has to offer.

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