Buba (2022) Ending Explained – Why was Jakob given the nickname Buba?

Buba Plot Synopsis

The coming-of-age dark comedy Buba is a prequel to the German crime show “How to Sell Drugs Online”, but you don’t need to have watched that to enjoy this movie. The crime fiction tv show features Moritz Zimmerman, a youngster who sells drugs with the assistance of his companions. Consequently, they encounter various sketchy folks while practicing their criminal enterprise.

In the debut season, Jakob “Buba” Otto is the central antagonist; even though his story arc in the gloomy comedy show is completed, this movie fleshes out Buba’s life and background.

Given the success of the Netflix series, Buba dives deep into the life Jakob Otto. After his parents passed away in a car accident when he was a little boy, Jakob, often known as Buba, deliberately attempts to balance everything pleasant in his life with something terrible. To sustain the equilibrium of the highs and lows, he and his sibling Dante have used a technique for thirty years; a plan to make the former’s daily life miserable. However, all falls apart after Buba starts developing feelings for Jule.

Is Buba based on themes seen in German folk tales?

Buba experienced severe childhood trauma. Jakob Otto claims that the only similarity between his life and fairy tales is that, like Disney Fairy tales, both his parents were absent most of the time. When his parents weren’t home, Buba’s grandmother raised him and his brother Dante. Their grandmother was “just like the witch in the gingerbread house,” as Buba puts it. Contrary to how most grandmothers are depicted, she wasn’t warm or affectionate.

Grandma Ingrid had an unusual personality and was possibly too realistic for Jakob’s liking. The German fairy tales, that Jakob claims are less filthy than their Disney-produced counterparts, were told to the siblings by her. She firmly believed that everything good in life came at a price. He inherited the belief that anything that tastes too good will leave you with a stomach ache from his grandmother.

Why did Jakob change his Grandmother’s philosophy of Karma?

Jakob held on to the beliefs that his grandma had in some ways brainwashed him to believe. He competed in a breakdancing contest and won. According to him, Leonardo Dicaprio, the actor, was the youngster who came in second.

When he won the contest, Jule, the neighboring girl, came over and kissed him. Jakob concluded that he, not Leonardo, was the “king of the world”. The day the Break Dance contest was held was also the day of Jakob’s late uncle’s burial. Even though his mother tried to reason with him to accompany them, he hid to avoid going. That day, his parents were in an accident and they died there at the scene.

After winning the dance contest, Jakob immediately returned and got the message. He attributed the cause of the car accident to bad luck. He blamed himself and thought that his parents would continue to live if he wasn’t happy.

Furthermore, his grandmother held him accountable for the tragic events as she firmly believed that everything good must come at a price. Initially, he didn’t subscribe to his grandmother’s myth, but after his parents passed away and his brother went into a coma, he adopted his grandmother’s belief as his own.

As a coping mechanism, he added to his grandmother’s belief and began to think that if he makes himself feel horrible, good things will happen.

Why did Jakob start inflicting pain on himself?

Grandma Ingrid passed away, leaving the brothers on their own. They began performing small-scale crimes, with Dante serving as the central planner and Jakob serving as the assassin who puts himself in danger to carry them out.

Jakob loves his brother Dante unconditionally and he is willing to endure adversities for hism, just to ensure that he doesn’t get hurt. Jakob starts keeping a journal in which he records his joys and sorrows. To protect his sibling from danger, he allows himself to suffer.

He grew to accept pain, and he found that his body was most at ease when it was hurting and wounded. Whenever something occurred that made him happy, he hurt himself to balance the happiness and sadness ratio.

Why did Jacob start working for the Albanian family?

The brothers met Doro, the head of a local Albanian crime organization, through their criminal interactions with them. The brothers were told to quit committing crimes in Doro’s territory.

When Dante first suggests working for the mafia, Jakob rejects the idea right away, claiming it would be too dangerous.

The brothers relocated to Lautershiem, where Jakob starts practicing stunts at a theme park. This provides the brothers with a source of financial assistance while also ensuring that Jakob endures constant suffering. It wasn’t a successful business, and Jakob had questions about whether to stick with it.

Decades after the Break Dance contest, Jakob meets Jule inside the amusement park itself. He is still thrilled about meeting her as he was as a young boy. He begins dropping by her tattoo parlor and he requests her to make tattoos in places that hurt the most to balance his happiness and pain ratio.

He began to feel happy in her company, which alarms him since he believes something bad would occur to the folks he cares about if he continues in this direction. He accepts his brother’s proposal of working for the Albanian family as he knew he would have to endure pain and that would balance his happiness quotient.

Why was Jakob given the nickname Buba?

Dante and Jakob began collecting money for the Albanian family. However, one day they assaulted a man who had been under the protection of John, a genuine Albanian. Doro and her kin were surprisingly not Albanians but claimed to be since it aroused terror. Dante organizes a gang battle between the actual and phony Albanians. Abnor and Ilir, Jakob’s gangmates, gave him the name Buba one day after Jakob fought with a man who was twice his size.

The mafia has little faith in Dante, but they began to revere and respect Jakob. The duo are now crew members, and their peers are labelled “fake Albanians”. Jakob soon becomes the organization’s legend. Everyone admires him for his penchant for imposing severe punishment.

He is named Buba after an Albanian mythical creature from folklore. Buba is a mythological figure, a ruthless monster. The gang members are astounded by Jakob’s ability to fight individuals twice his size despite the pain it causes him. They were praising him, and it irks Dante to watch his older brother take the center stage.

Why did Buba end up killing the Albanian man?

Jakob informs Dante about his connection with Jule. Jakob was happy, which implied that he was taking a huge risk, and Dante was furious about it.  Dante makes his peace with the fact and he comes up with a strategy. He explains that Jakob deserves a brief period of enjoyment after experiencing extreme suffering, without disrupting the fragile balance of things. So, he devises a heist in which he steals cocaine from the storage facility of a genuine Albanian family led by John.

When they arrive at the warehouse, Dante tells Jakob to look for the cocaine inside the unit. Buba finds the cocaine, but John shows up just as he was preparing to flee. Buba defeats him in a fight between the two. The siblings grab the cocaine and escape the storage facility. Buba is disappointed with Dante as he was outside so he could alert Buba if anyone arrived. Dante failed to do so, and Buba ultimately murders the Albanian man.

Why does Buba go to the wedding alone?

Buba approaches Jule and requests her to tag along with him to his coworkers’ wedding. However, Jule backs off after finding out that he is employed by the Albanians. She tells Buba that the mafia warfare killed her husband and that she doesn’t want to get involved. Buba arrives at the wedding alone and disheartened.

Why does Dante try to murder everyone at the wedding?

Dante enters the wedding with armed men and accuses Dora of killing John. He essentially wants to murder everyone and take complete control of the underworld.

After the confrontation between Jakob and Dante, Jakob goes home and learns that the medications Dante was consuming were simply vitamin C tablets. Dante was using Buba right from the beginning. He had no difficulty walking and he didn’t have the foreign accent syndrome that he claimed he was suffering from.

Dante recognized early on that Jakob was blessed and that he barely got hurt, even if he stood in the way of a moving van. He desired to take advantage of his good fortune, and the best way to do it was to emotionally manipulate his older brother.

Who Killed Dante?

Dante insisted that he wished to go home and speak to his sibling in person, but while doing so, he accidentally fires his gun and shoots himself in the process.

German fairytales are intriguing as they are so terrifying. In English, you’d say “And they lived happily ever after…”, however in German, you’d say “und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind, dann leben sie noch heute,” which means “and if they have not died, then they are still alive today.”

Jakob simply did what he enjoyed doing after Jule left. He began to live alone on a lonely horse ranch. A group of young guys broke into his property around five years later, and he captured them. Jakob grabbed one of their guns off a 3D printing machine and shot himself unintentionally.

During the credits, it is shown that he succeeded in breaking the pistachio’s shell, letting himself experience some joy. Nevertheless, fate didn’t work in his favour in the end, suggesting that his theory about happiness and pain may have some substance to it.


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