BRKN LOVE – Vol. 2 | Album Review

Track Listing

Under The Knife
Rubber Room
Forever’s Enough
Fever’s Dream


This is a highly infectious EP from BRKN LOVE. Such intensity comes to the fore and there is a no let-up. The grooves are pristine, blaring out for the world to hear. By committing to the rock theme, the band has developed an abrasive output, with rage as a focal point and love as a curer. It isn’t a pretty or sugar-coated sound either, as those guitar strokes and powerful lyrics merge to create an unconventional but significant sonic influence.

The band is obviously equipped to last the stretch, and their adeptness with their instruments is a breath of fresh air, keeping them on the lane to stardom. And it may take time, but this brand of rock will take BRKN LOVE into the rooms where all the stars hang out. Vol.2 has that sound, that burgeoning sound which escalates and never drops off.

‘Under The Knife’ starts the record off in a loud fashion, and the music doesn’t lose that rattle. The vocals rise and rise until absolute carnage ensues, while the guitars become significant.

‘Rubber Room’ has one of those dirty riffs which only rock can create, and the vocals again become a pivotal part. The lyrical content darkens the atmosphere.

‘Fever Dream’ closes out the LP and releases a wrath. The instrumentals come at you with breakneck speed, quivering the spines and generating a sound for the rock fanatic.

BRKN LOVE declares their love for rock in Vol. 2 and the fusing of styles. Their latest EP will go down as another memorable record and well worth a listen.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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