Bring Me The Horizon – Post-Human: Nex Gen | Album Review

Track Listing

Top 10 Statues That Cried Blood 
A Bullet With My Name On It 
Lost Spiritual 
Dig It 

Bring Me The Horizon has built a fan base from the ground up over the years, pushing their evocative music into the light and into the ears. They’ve also grown into an act that has become colossal in the metal scene, delivering albums that cross the line in terms of theme. The band isn’t shy at creating worlds, with memories darker than normal, and they’re not a one-trick pony either.  

The band’s latest Post-Human: Nex Gen hits on topics that are swirling around the world now. How AI is taking over everything, and how we’re becoming desensitized to it. The music and the lyrics interweave to create these talking points and everything clicks to become very interesting. 

Lead singer Oli Sykes dazzles on this record. He’s challenging the norms, and grapples with his mental health, letting his demons out for us to see. He vents on this record, and his rage blooms so ferociously.  

‘YOUtopia’ is a standout track. Sykes sings with burning rage and the guitar wonderment fits into place. The drama doesn’t stop.

‘Dark-side’ opens with softer vocals and then Sykes screams in the chorus, delivering vigour in his anger. The chorus has been constructed well, and the song truly shines in the darkness.  

Sykes describes heavy drug taking on ‘Lost.’ The chorus delivers infectiousness, and the drama still rings true. Those guitar moments are solid, and they are pivotal to the album’s progression. 

Post-Human: Next Gen is an interesting record. It has a darkness attached to it, but it’s an intelligent depiction of pain and how the world is losing its touch on happiness.  

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  • Verdict - 9/10