Bridgerton Season 3 Review – An exciting chapter with a refreshed take on its successful formula

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Bridgerton is the iconic Netflix Original show that broke the internet back during the pandemic as it was all people could talk about with its POC characters in the Regency era of England. Club it with modern-day Gossip Girl-type drama and steamy romance, it is bound to be a hit.

Based on Julia Quinn’s books, it is helmed by Shondaland with Bridgerton Season 3 bringing back Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton in the lead followed by the likes of Claudia Jessie, Adjoa Andoh, Ruth Gemmell, Luke Thompson, Golda Rosheuvel, Hannah Dodd, Jessica Madsen, Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey.

With exciting themes and tropes of friends to lovers, jealousy, secrets and betrayals, Bridgerton Season 3 follows the third Bridgerton brother – Colin and his best friend, Penelope Featherington. But all is not well in our fictitious Regency era. Pens’ alter ego, Lady Whistledown is in jeopardy and so is her friendship as Eloise learns of her secret. 

Meanwhile, Colin returns from his travels to get a cold welcome after his public remark that he would never court Penelope. At the same time, the introverted Francesca Bridgerton finally makes her debut while Lady Danbury has a new visitor who catches the eye of Violet Bridgerton. Eloise befriends the snarky Cressida while Benedict runs into the headstrong widow, Tilley Arnold.

As the stars of Bridgerton Season 3, we wouldn’t be doing justice if we didn’t talk about Colin and Penelope’s love story. The problem with this season is that since it is split into two parts, the initial watch makes it difficult to gauge the pacing as a lot of viewers, including us, felt like Polin’s romance was rushed as we get a definite conclusion in Part 1’s finale itself.

However, when we take a step back and look at all 3 seasons of the show, it is worth remembering that this is a best friends-to-lovers romance. Pen has loved Colin since Day 1 so it is not a rushed romance for her, she has been waiting for years! As for Colin, we are talking about the same man who instantly proposed to Marina, he is not a man of patience. For him, once the lines blur and he realises his feelings for Pen, he instantly acts on it, like he always has.

In fact, the quick resolution of their romance allows Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 to take its time and set up all the pieces for the Lady Whistledown investigation. And if we must say, it also fleshes out Polin’s romance further and also gives them room to grow. If we do have one gripe, it is the conclusion of the Cressida vs Lady Whistledown showdown.

Right up till the first half of the finale, there’s a high-stakes situation, quite similar to Edwina’s cuckolding and Simon’s vow in the past seasons. Season 3 cleverly weaves in romance and suspense, especially since Pen is so close to her happy ending but her Whistledown alter ego just may ruin it for her. Unfortunately, it gives way to a very sappy resolution which leaves us wanting more.

There is also the elephant in the room – Colin’s blue-steel rake era which thankfully did not return in Part 2. While in the moment it felt cringe and awkward, in hindsight it strengthens the argument of Colin trying to be someone else to feel seen. Only for him to later learn that his true self is his best self.

He ends up being a foil to Francesca’s love interest, John Stirling who just may have become our favourite character with his quiet demeanour but wicked sense of humour. He stays true to himself while still venturing out of his comfort zone for the sake of love.

On to the production who definitely deserve a shoutout in bringing Bridgerton to the iconic level it is at. The visuals are just so impeccable. Colin has always been sweet but the so-called Bridgerton glow-up really gives him that dapper look which is all about accentuating his features like his jawline and giving him a more slim haircut.

Similarly, Penelope’s hair is darker and more sleek to show her mature side to symbolise her growth this season. Her clothes change from garish patterns and bright yellows to pastels and royal colours. It’s these little things that count like giving her a more flattering silhouette and reducing the frumpy headpieces.

And then we have Francesca who is a wallflower but she doesn’t mind being one. She may be the “Sparkle” and so she sparkles in her whites and Bridgerton blues, but she’s more subtle. Meanwhile, Kate too switches out her vibrant outfits from season 2 for Bridgerton colours which are pastels, whites and blues.

As for Eloise, it’s funny how they take advantage of Claudia Jessie’s broken arm to hide it with feathery and glittery props. While they are not at all Eloise’s style, they go with her Season 3 lackadaisical attitude of simply joining the winning side and going with the flow.

And it is hilarious how the two musical highlights of Bridgerton Season 3 were the orchestral versions of Pitbull’s “Give Me Everything” for that now infamous carriage scene and Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” for the wedding dance. But they set the tone of the scene and also represent the characters’ mood so kudos to the music department.

Well, the hype for the Netflix Original may be slowly dying down but Shondaland still have a couple of tricks up their sleeves to keep fans hooked. Bridgerton Season 3 is a pretty cool addition that uses its standard formula to give a new and refreshing take as we go from polished, sophisticated, lustful romance to a realistic ensemble story that gives the secondary characters a chance to shine and appreciate the different types of relationships one may have.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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