Bridgerton – Season 3 Episode 6 “Romancing Mister Bridgerton” Recap & Review

Romancing Mister Bridgerton

Episode 6 of Bridgerton Season 3 begins with the ton gossiping about Cressida being Lady Whistledown. Some are impressed while some find it crass. Pen is trying to write a diplomatic issue to denounce Cressida when Colin visits. He believes she is sick and promises to be patient with whatever it is she wants to tell him.

With Portia eavesdropping, Pen doesn’t reveal her secret. Instead, Colin gives her the engagement ring but notices ink on her fingers which she laughs off. 

As for Cressida, she is in trouble as Greer rescinds the proposal. Her father pulls back her dowry and he is blacklisted from his club. Queen Charlotte calls her but doesn’t believe she is Lady Whistledown as she tells Cressida to come back with proof. Lady Cowper knows her daughter is not clever enough to be Whistledown but figures they need to get the bounty to secure her a match somewhere remote like Wales.

At the Bridgertons’, Marcus stops by to get his hat but it turns out to be an excuse to see Violet. In the living room, the kids are causing a ruckus over macarons while Francesca tries to announce her engagement. John jokes that they wouldn’t even pay attention if he declared he had the plague. Finally, Francesca comes through and everyone is rejoiced to learn of their engagement.

She wants to marry instantly and asks her mother to get Charlotte’s blessing but Violet is hesitant. Eloise is distracted and asks Colin how he feels about Cressida being Whistledown. While he is angry, his hate has given way to love for Pen so he only cares about her. Eloise realises that the truth would hurt him and tells Pen to not tell him.

Cressida is her way out as Pen cannot be both a Bridgerton and Whistledown. While Pen is conflicted, Portia tells her about her own failed match with Mr. Featherington. All she wishes are for her daughters to do well and Pen is lucky enough to get security and love. Convinced, Pen burns her Whistledown issues.

Meanwhile, Will finally decides to sell his club. Danbury is relieved and tells him to get ahead by hosting a ball. To celebrate Kilmartin’s engagement and mourn the club, Will, John, Benedict and Colin get together. Colin is busy writing about his travels while Benedict feels aimless. Will still can’t let go of his club. The men believe John is about to get sentimental too as he says he is fortunate…only to reveal he has found them all more drinks! 

The next day at mass, a date is set for Polin’s wedding. As Colin tries to figure out what it is Pen wants to tell him, she reveals a secret – that she has loved Colin since the day they met. While Violet and the rest are overjoyed, Francesca looks on, envious. Nearby, Danbury sets Marcus up with a woman before he can approach Violet. Cressida tries to ask for Eloise’s help writing the issue but they end up trading insults and parting ways.

It is the day of the Mondrich Ball. Danbury continues to distract Marcus before he can get too close to Violet. Portia fusses over Pen which has the older two pregnant sisters getting jealous. Queen Charlotte arrives and is pleasantly surprised by Alice’s tricks on the dance floor.

Seeing her chance, Francesca keeps pushing Violet to talk to Queen Charlotte. As Mama Bridgerton refuses, Francesca realises that Violet doesn’t believe in their match and calls her out for her superficial support. Marcus sees that Violet is upset but Danbury stops him. He confronts her to understand the rivalry and she points out that on the day of her marriage, she had tried to escape. He had betrayed her by telling their father. 

Elsewhere, Tilley invites Benedict to dinner with Paul who is like her family. It is awkward before the men bond over teasing Tilley for her pickup lines. As they drink, Benedict wonders if there is something between Paul and Tilley. Paul finds him charming which surprises Benedict. The surprise doesn’t end there as he sees the two making out and inviting him to a threesome. However, Benedict awkwardly runs off.

Back at the ball, Cressida and her mother arrive and declare that they have a gift. A short Whistledown issue arrives announcing Cressida’s return as the columnist. The issue sounds exactly like the original columnist and we see that Lady Cowper has written it. Queen Charlotte is fooled as she awaits the next issue.

On the dance floor, Pen and Eloise panic which Colin notices. Oblivious to him, the two girls apologise to each other as they believe they have created a monster by allowing Cressida to take over as Whistledown. Pen explains that she started the column because she had felt powerless. However, she should have used her power for the voiceless.

Pen promises to fix it by publishing an issue before Cressida does. She quickly writes in her carriage and gives it to her publisher. Colin follows her and is shocked to learn that Penelope is Whistledown at the end of Bridgerton Season 3 Episode 6.

The Episode Review

Bridgerton Season 3 Episode 6 finds a good balance between the romance and the suspense factor. We did wonder what Part 2 would be like if Part 1 was all about Polin’s romance. Well, thankfully there is enough drama involving the main leads that keep us entertained. 

John turned out to be a complete dark horse. Is he about to become our favourite character? The bit about him not being heard amongst the loud and chaotic Bridgertons is so hilarious. Glad to see that Francesca has finally found her match. 

Oh and pretty sure the secondary girls having their own conflicts give this episode that added flavour. Francesca may be quiet and likes going with the flow, but she knows what she wants. Those small moments of her being envious of Colin getting their mother’s full support truly is a masterclass in how to write a fully fleshed-out character even if she is a minor one.

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