Bridgerton – Season 2 Episode 7 “Harmony” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Bridgerton Season 2 starts Lady Whistledown commenting on the current state of affairs. Unfortunately, she also throws shade at the Queen, claiming it’s her fault this has happened on such a grand stage. This is essentially akin to kicking the hornet’s nest, and the Queen doubles down on trying to find Whistledown. And she believes she’s found her.

The Queen arrives to see Eloise, calling her out for being Whistledown. She’s seen her at the printing shop and believes that they could team up together to change society. When Eloise rejects that, claiming that she’s not Whistledown, the Queen turns hostile and  decides to class her as a rival.

She gives Eloise three days to “come to her senses” and in that time she needs to decide what to do about this. If not, the Queen promises to crush her.

When Eloise heads back inside, she tells Penelope what’s going on. Her sneaking out and seeing Theo has been misconstrued, as Pen deciding to take matters into her own hands. Unfortunately, coming up against the Queen is not without its risks and Delacroix believes that the only way out of this to save Eloise is for her to write something scandalous about Eloise. That way, it would take the prying eyes of the Queen off of her. Only, Pen is conflicted over whether to throw her friend under the bus or not.

With this scandal still hanging over the family, the Sharma’s head out with Lady Danbury, keeping a stiff upper lip and brushing off any hostility or snarky comments from all those in attendance.

Meanwhile, the Bridgertons also head out and they too have the same intent, wanting to keep the scandalous wedding fall-out as nonchalant as possible in order to ride the wave of public opinion.

So naturally, an awkward afternoon ensues as Kate and Anthony do their best to keep their distance from one another. Eventually though, Kate whispers to Anthony that they should forget their kiss, believing it to be an awful thing.

Eloise shows up to see Theo that afternoon, wanting to get their story straight. Theo is worried, given what trouble he’s currently in with the palace. Eventually he tells her to head back to the palace, not wanting to engage any further.

In doing so, Eloise decides to out herself as Whistledown and lie, claiming to be an ally and buying herself some more time to find the real Lady Whistledown and “make her pay for her crimes.”

So naturally, Pen makes a bold decision to class Eloise as a “political radical” in her latest letter, deflecting the attention away from her friend. It’s a damaging blow for the family – and for Pen’s friendship which hangs in the balance. And from the brief shots of Penelope by the fire, throwing her papers in and crying, it’s something that pains her so.

That night, Anthony meets with Kate again and admits his family are on the brink of ruin. He’s found himself only able to think of Kate though. He’s completely and madly in love with her. The smell of lilies has consumed him and as they both look at one another, they end up kissing again. This time, getting hot and heavy, undressing one another and eventually having sex after some foreplay. Cor, what a steamy scene!

In the morning, with rain lashing down, Kate rides out on her horse to escape. Only, Anthony follows and watches in horror as Kate falls off her horse and smacks her head hard on the floor.

The Episode Review

Well that was always going to happen wasn’t it? The drama involving Kate and Anthony reaches fever pitch, with the pair eventually letting their passion out and upon one another. The scene has been building up for a while and that tension has finally unleashed into the pair getting together. Finally!

It’s actually quite an important scene too and not one of those throwaway sex scenes you find in so many shows that add absolutely nothing to the story. Here though it makes sense, having been built up much like the one in Cruel Intensions. I use that as a good example because you can really feel the chemistry between characters and after a lot of will they/won’t they game-playing, we finally get our reward.

Meanwhile, the drama involving Lady Whistledown is every bit as dramatic as one would have hoped, with Penelope backed into a corner and forced to make a difficult decision regarding the future. Will she out herself to the Queen in the end? We’ll have to wait and see.

For now though, everything is left on a precarious knife-edge leading into the next episode.

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1 thought on “Bridgerton – Season 2 Episode 7 “Harmony” Recap & Review”

  1. i so disgusted with eloise i almost stopped watching. little good it would do at the end of the penultimate episode.
    i can’t believe how they’ve spent 15 episodes building her up and then the ONLY SOLUTION is lie to the queen or scandal. seriously?? very direct, intelligent, long winded eloise can’t say “your majesty, i’m not lady whistledown. i’m flirting with a man beneath my station. please keep my secret, maam. he’s afraid to see me anymore so it’s over anyway. my family will be destroyed for nothing. if you want me to pose as lady whistledown or maybe start lady smacktalk i can do that with your patronage. maybe it will goad lady whistledown into doing what you want.”

    i know that’s not nearly dramatic enough and it’d cut out at least 5 mins of looking at penelope when we could be looking at anthony and kate *gasp* i hope the side stories get better because they suck the life and precious minutes out of the main story.

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