Bridgerton – Season 2 Episode 6 “The Choice” Recap & Review

The Choice

Episode 6 of Bridgerton Season 2 starts with Queen Charlotte dead-set on making this event the absolute best wedding it possibly can be. Part of that comes from the Queen trapping our author, intending to find Lady Whistledown and discover her true identity.

We’re up to the eve of the wedding and part of that comes from Anthony deciding to push up the date. You can sense he’s just trying to “get it over with”, slipping into bitter regret already. It’s also not helped by both Benedict and Colin being free to pursue their love interests. For Anthony though, it’s all about doing his family duties.

Meanwhile, Madame Delacroix arrives with news for Penelope. She feeds back that Theo Sharpe is the guy from the printing company and who Eloise was talking to last episode.

Penelope is worried, with the weight of Lady Whistledown’s identity in danger of being compromised completely. However, Eloise claims that she’s only seeing Theo for his “friendship”, although Penelope is not convinced.

In the morning, everyone prepares for the big wedding. While everyone just continues on like nothing’s wrong, Daphne knows better than most the notion of pretending to be in love. She calls out Anthony’s changed behaviour in private, needing to do right by the family and fighting for the Bridgerton name.

Daphne urges him to follow happiness and try to make the most of his life, going on to tell him the family pity his choices, given how much they pain him to make. With those words rattling around in his mind, Anthony arrives at the church ready to be betrothed to Edwina. Kate shows first, with Anthony watching on.

As the ceremony gets underway, Anthony can’t help but look at Kate and see her in the wedding dress rather than Edwina. When Kate’s bracelet snaps, Anthony bends down to help but their lingering look together causes Edwina to bolt out the room.

Edwina senses that their love for one another is pure, and with the whole room in uproar, Kate hurries after her sister. In private, she questions Kate’s feelings for Anthony, sensing that she’s in love but hiding it.

Everything goes awry, with Violet realizing that Daphne is keeping this very revelation a secret. Not only that, the Queen holds Lady Danbury responsible for this whole marriage messing up, concerned about Whistledown writing about the wedding and how poor her choice of diamond was. However, her plan to find Whistledown’s identity will continue on.

Meanwhile, Anthony speaks to Edwina and tells her it’s her choice whether to marry or not. There’s no love between them though, only commitment and necessary bonds that they’re both bound to. Kate also reassures her, telling Edwina that her destiny lies with this marriage and bounding their two families together.

Edwina bites back though, reassuring Kate that if she decides to go ahead with this marriage it’ll be because it’s what she wants for her own happiness, and not anything to do with her.

Speaking of scandal, while Lady Featherington continues to try and set Jack and Prudence up together, Jack ends up flirting with Lady Featherington in private. Another promising match-up is that of Pen and Colin, with the latter finally starting to understand Mariana’s words about Penelope several episodes ago.

Edwina is gathered before the royals but as she’s about to speak her piece, George comes bounding into the room wanting more fireworks. Edwina manages to talk him down but also brings up the notion of love and deciding that everyone deserves to make their choice in the face of great adversity. This leaves Edwina with a very difficult choice to make.

A letter is sent to both Kate and Anthony, urging them both to meet in the chapel in private. Edwina wants to call off the marriage. She can’t marry Anthony just for roles or for family prestige. Instead, she wants what he and Kate have – and that comes from calling off the wedding completely.

When Edwina leaves, Kate and Anthony finally let themselves feel what they’ve been feeling all season long – and kiss. Hooray!

The Episode Review

So Bridgerton returns with another good episode, this time with Edwina taking the spotlight and making the decision for her sister. She knows that the marriage is only going ahead for the purpose of making everyone happy. But the irony is, Anthony isn’t happy. Far from it.

Much like we were told earlier in the season, one’s love has a way of presenting itself for all to see and that has certainly come true here.

The way the wedding ended was pretty surprising, as I genuinely thought it would be Anthony who was going to call everything off while reciting his lines.

Bridgerton continues to deliver enjoyable drama though, and I’d argue that this season is better than the first, especially with the way it handles its characters. Either way though ,everything is left wide open for where this one may go next.

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