Breathing – Ben Bohmer | Album Review

Track Listing

In Memoriam
Breathing feat. Nils Hoffmann and Malou
Black Hole feat. Monolink
Wall Of Strings
Voyager 1 feat. Wood
Lost In Mind
Cloud 21 feat. Timo Jahns
Little Lights


With a blend of instrumental and vocal progressive trance, German producer and Anjunadeep DJ Ben Böhmer delivers a winter warming delight with Breathing, his debut LP. While there isn’t anything particularly groundbreaking or outstanding to note, Breathing is a decent album nonetheless, one that showcases some solid production skills and smooth Anjunadeep vibes.

Intermission is the perfect track to lay the foundation for what follows too. The smooth bassline and simple chords wash over you instantly, easing into the style of the album with a chilled instrumental beat. It’s just as well too because the next couple of tracks are easily the vocal highlights of the entire album. Anyone familiar with Ben’s work will instantly recognise Breathing and Black Hole, two excellent tracks that have been showcased across the Anjuna label and never fail to garner a big reaction from crowds in venues worldwide.

It’s not all vocal goodness though, and the follow-up track Walls Of Strings offers up the perfect heavy-hitting dose of dancefloor-destroying synths and strings. From here, the album swings like a pendulum between these vocal and instrumental tracks, closing things out with Cloud 21 and Little Lights.

The chilled vibes hanging over Ben’s album are the perfect remedy to chase away those cold, winter nights. I’ve found myself coming back to this album throughout the past week whilst writing reviews in the office, commuting and even colouring with my kids. It’s one of those albums that effortlessly translates across to a variety of different situations; one of those delightful albums that works both as a background pleaser and a focal attention-grabber.

Breathing is a compelling entry for Anjunadeep as while it doesn’t really offer anything substantially different or unique to the deep house vibes already on the label, it does solidfy Ben Böhmer’s spot as one of the forefront pioneers of this genre. There are some solid entries on the album too and Black Hole remains one of my favourite songs of the year. If you’re in the mood for some chilled and progressive trance vibes, you can’t go wrong with this solid showcase.


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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