Breathe Season 2: Into The Shadows – Episode 9 Recap & Review

Lights Out

Episode 9 of Breathe: Into The Shadows begins with Siya and Gayatri locked up once more after their antics last episode. However, the plan was not in vain as a street sweeper picks up the folded note asking for help.

Abha and Avi meanwhile discuss Angad’s daily routine together. As we soon learn, Angad had a pretty tough past and overcome a lot of demons to come out the other side a better man. This unfortunately leaves Avi conflicted over what to do as he realizes this man doesn’t deserve to die.

Later that evening J takes over and meets Shirley at the same hotel room as before. There, he talks to her about the boarding school he attended as flashes of the past, in particular times with Krishnan, come back to him.

Given the lack of substantial leads to go on, Zeba comes under fire for the recent murders given she’s the media face for the police. With tampered evidence in the form of the lip balm and no matches for the DNA on the pen, they’re at a loss over which way to turn.

This leads her and Kabir straight to Tejinder where they discuss the case in hand and how the media are making them out to be a laughing stock.

However, Siya’s note makes it to the police station and as Avi attends with Abda, they realize Siya must still be alive. Kabir however is fixated by the picture of “Bad Uncle”. This leads him to mull over whether this man actually has a limp or not.

At Angad’s meeting, Avi attends just as before but ironically runs into Meghna and Kabir outside. This immediately rings the latter’s alarm bells in the wake of seeing him there. Avi quickly slips away though and phones Abha, questioning their next move.

In the past, we see more of why J is targeting Angad and in particular the series of events that led J to want him dead. In college, Angad started a fire inside the dorm room and one of the other students, Himanshu, was trapped inside. When Avi saw this take place, in his shock he changed personas over to J as Angad is taken away.

In the wake of understanding what happened, Avi faces Angad and the two end up sharing a drink together. As Angad talks about his demons, Avi drives back to his house and watches as his lights remain on. It’s here he realizes the man’s weakness is actually darkness.

With time running out and his confliction over what to do ever-present, Avi finally makes his choice and goes after Angad. A flustered Angad sifts through his medicine before phoning Meghna, telling her about his “old friend” from college arriving which, of course, happens to be Avi.

Angad eventually hangs up and heads back to his apartment but Avi has got there first and cuts the lights. As Angad pleads for his life, Avi eventually injects him with a syringe.

In the aftermath of this, Avi sends the video file of the murder via Angad’s Facebook page. Just as he sends it, Avi slips out the room but passes Meghna on the way. When Kabir hears about this too, he races downstairs but Avi is nowhere to be found.

Sighing in defeat, Kabir phones Prakash and lets him know about the murder as they’re left reeling over what the next move is in this investigation.

Out of all the questionable murders this season, this one feels incredibly sloppy. Furthermore, there’s still no mention as to why J is making Avi kill all these people given his original motive is to keep Avi safe.

In a roundabout way you can understand why J believes killing these “threats” may help his other-self but it doesn’t explain Siya and why he’s keeping her captive.

It’s also not always initially clear which iteration of Avi is currently in control either, as mentioned in the previous episode, and this does sometimes add to the confusion. Having said that though the series is still enjoyable but you certainly have to suspend some belief going into this.

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