Breathe Season 2: Into The Shadows – Episode 8 Recap & Review


Bad Uncle 

Episode 8 of Breathe: Into The Shadows begins with Gayatri watching on anxiously as Siya continues to try and find a way out through the vents. As she keeps crawling, Siya finds light at the end of the tunnel and calls for help. Only, the couple who are on the other side don’t hear her cries over the roar of their motorcycle and for now, she’s left agonizingly close to freedom but still so far away.

Heading back down to their cell, Gayatri helps her write a note calling for help but they pretend to be crafting as a way of fooling “Bad Uncle” on the cameras.

At the police station, Avinash takes hold of the investigation and discusses the motives of the killer and the common link of attributes being used to kill. While Avi heads home, Prakash and Kabir talk to Natasha’s partner Divyanka and fill her in on the details of what happened so far.

After work Kabir heads out to Meghna’s birthday but there they start talking about the Ravan and it immediately gets the cogs whirring as he realizes this may link to the killer.

Rushing over to the computer, he does a quick search and looks at pictures of the Ravan, realizing this is a direct link to the killings so far.

Avinash’s next target is Angad and just like Natasha before, he heads to a meeting and watches from the crowd, studying his every move. On his way out, he runs into Shirley again but this time there’s no running away. She introduces herself to him and offers her services.

Sitting in a hotel room, Avi reveals his name is J and during this time, we learn more about Angad and the beginnings of just why J is after him. When Avi returns to the abandoned theatre he notices Siya passed out on the bed (something Gayatri intentionally devised with her to trick Avi.) Snatching her up, he drives them both out of the building and to the hospital.

En-route though Siya stirs and begins waking up, prompting him to turn the car around and head back. Just before they do though, Gayatri throws the note for help out the window.

There’s been a litany of little plot holes and contrivances along the way in this second season but this is the episode where you really have to question Avi’s motives here. Why didn’t he blindfold Gayatri on the way out the theatre?

Now she knows exactly where they are and worse, taking Siya out the base for medical attention completely contradicts the original crux of the drama here with Siya’s insulin running out.

As everything starts to unravel for Avi, so too does the main plot-line. Quite what’s next for our characters remains to be seen but one thing’s for sure – this one is far from over but whether it’ll end flat on its face or with a triumphant fist to the air remains to be seen.

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