Breathe Season 2: Into The Shadows – Episode 7 Recap & Review

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Episode 7 of Breathe: Into The Shadows begins with Kabir driving Meghna home as the two start to grow closer together. The duo talk about her positive attitude and as she looks him deep in the eye, he tells Kabir that this is not an act – she’s genuinely happy and he can let go of his guilt now.

As he drives away from her house, Kabir receives reports from the news about Natasha’s death. With the video recorded and the name Aarthi trending, Indians across the country are captivated by what’s happening, including Kabir who races to a video store and watches the news unfold.

Told to treat lightly, Tejinder allows Kabir takes the lead on the case when he arrives at the station. Alongside the previous video Abha sent, they manage to find a leaflet for Sunway Haveli and race up there together.

After taking to the receptionist, Kabir and the officers find the room and start looking around for clues. Within the messy clutter they find the lip balm that belonged to Abha. Avinash happens to be tagging along with them too and he realizes they’re getting closer to uncovering Abha’s true identity.

Realizing this could unravel everything, Avinash rings and explains that they’re going to trace it back to her and berates Abha for being so clumsy. However, he then goes on to tell her that someone got to Natasha before he could, confirming it was actually J in control the previous night.

This much is proven when Kabir and the other officers re-enact the scene up at the cliif and deduce that the man pushing the car had a limp. Next up they check the CCTV footage from the highway and find a black SUV.

As Avinash continues to help the police, we cut back in time and see the moments with J obsessing over the 10-headed Raven and using this to channel his alter-ego.

Seizing his opportunity while the officers have all stopped for lunch, Avinash tampers with the evidence and messages Abha, telling her he’s sorted it. As he settles down to sleep, J takes control just as Siya starts to squeeze through the gap in the wall.

Avinash (as J) arrives at a convenience store and happens to run into Shirley. He remains quiet though and maintains his distance before hurrying back to his cameras in the abandoned theatre and watching Siya with Gayatri.

It’s here we see that Pritpal was actually responsible for running over Avinash’s dog in the past which is why he targeted him in the first place. With two targets down, Avinash is given another to go after – this one a man named Angad Pandit.

With J and Avinash working at odds with one another, right now it’s unclear exactly how this has come about and what it means for both personalities going forward. There’s plenty to digest with this one though and the drama has certainly kicked up a notch as we near the business end of the season.

We’ll have to wait and see how all of this slots together but we’re definitely in need of some answers surrounding what the end-game is here and quite what J is up to.

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