Breathe Season 2: Into The Shadows – Episode 5 Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Breathe: Into The Shadows begins with Avinash arriving at the police station and approaching Kabir, telling him he may know who the killer is. Realizing he’s using the deadly sins as a tool for killing, there may be 10 in total to mirror that of the 10 vices.

In order to work around the police, Avinash makes a questionable decision and heads up to the station in a bid to work with the police. His reasoning for this comes from a desire to understand where they’re looking and work around that. It’s a risky plan for sure but one that he believes he can use to his advantage.

Using Abha to record a message on his phone as the killer, Avinash gives himself an alibi and heads home to greet him again. Only, the pen the police have from Pritpal has his blood on so it’s only a matter of time before it’s used to identify him.

Siya and Gayatri run into trouble partway through examining the hole she’s dug and lose a screw in their hastiness to close it when “Bad Uncle” returns. Thankfully they manage to use tape to keep it together and, more importantly, keep him clueless over what they’re doing.

Meanwhile, Meghna invites Kabir out while he sets the officers to work. At the funfair they eat food together before riding the Ferris wheel. Allowing himself to smile, Kabir watches as Natasha’s joy appears to warm his heart.

Abha arrives at Natasha’s house but within the pictures she has happens to be one depicting a young Avinash working at an ice cream parlor. It turns out they have a history together but Abha manages to keep her cool facade up despite this.

She keeps it together long enough to avoid suspicion and they head out together while Avinash follows behind in his own car. Unfortunately they hit a snag on the road as a toppled truck closes the entire route and puts a serious dent in their plan.

Instead the duo improvise and head up to Sunway Haveli, a motel they believe won’t have CCTV. While Avinash waits outside for his chance to strike, he receives a call from Kabir who calls him back to the station with urgent news.

Instead of killing Natasha, Avinash decides to travel back to Delhi but in doing so, rings Abha and implores her to keep this facade up for the time being. Once there, Avinash watches footage of a man the police believe is the killer but Avinash tells them the man’s too calm to be the one they want and leaves.

In the middle of the night, Abha awakens and starts going through Natasha’s phone. Unfortunately Abha accidentally films the room and sends it, much to her shock.

As the episode closes out, the killer returns to his hide-out which happens to be an abandoned theatre in parts unknown. As he removes his mask and watches Siya from behind the glass, we get our first glimpse of just who our killer is – it’s Avinash?!

The decision to reveal Avinash as the killer is certainly a questionable one and throws some serious question marks around just how and why he’s killing. I’d imagine we’ll find out more going forward but compared to the first season, this is definitely a far cry from the same quality.

There’s still an enjoyable enough drama at the heart of this one though but whether it will surpass season 1, remains to be seen.

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