Brazen Ending Explained: Who was the serial killer?

Brazen Plot Synopsis

Brazen’s story plays out like a standard murder mystery, centering on a popular author called Grace. She teams up with her sister’s next door neighbour, a cop by the name of Ed, to track down a serial killer that targets webcam workers.

These murders start with Grace’s sister, Kathleen, who works as a teacher by day and a webcam performer called Desiree by night.

So naturally, Grace and Ed team up together to track down the killer and stop him from murdering any more women. But time is of the essence.

Who Killed Kathleen?

The investigation jumps been several different potential suspects across its 90 minute run-time. This includes the misdirection including Kathleen’s estranged ex-husband, Jonathan. There’s a recurring throwback to him throughout the movie, something Grace is quick to point out.

When it finally comes down to it, it turns out Jonathan is not actually responsible. Nor does he hire someone to kill his ex.

When Grace watches recorded footage of the killer in a scuffle with Roxanne – one of the other performers whom he kills – she notices the killer murmuring the name of “Desiree.”

This revelation reinforces that whoever is killing, they’re doing so as a sort of deranged way of reliving their experience killing Kathleen.

One of the more suspicious characters here comes from Jerald, a student at the high school Kathleen taught at. He was obsessed with Kathleen and after a violent scuffle with Rand in the locker room, the latter informs the police that Jerald is the one who killed Kathleen and Roxanne.

Why did Jerald kill Kathleen?

Jerald’s overbearing mother Martha showed him no love growing up. Jerald was clearly starved for affection, and not getting that from his mother, found himself gravitating toward Kathleen’s kind demeanor, typified by those students at school devastated that their teacher had died.

Jerald soon found out about Kathleen’s secret life as Desiree, thanks in part to overhearing janitor Billy talking about her line of work.

Because of Martha’s lack of affection and dominating personality, Jerald was trigged by the dominatrixes, and decided to kill based off this.

Jerald even tried to frame Rand for Kathleen’s murder at one point too, showing a ruthless self-awareness and a need to cover his own tracks. It turns out he was the one that sent a Memoriam card to Kathleen’s funeral. If that wasn’t enough, Jerald had also planned to kill his own mother too, but obviously that never materialized.

How is Jerald stopped?

The ending of the movie sees Grace outsmart Jerald, dressing as Desiree and luring the killer to the attic, where she ends up receding a live show to force his confession.

Jerald’s anger clouds his judgment, as he removes his mask and reveals himself to be the killer. With Grace recording everything, Jerald admits to hating dominant women and attacks her.

During the scuffle, Grace grabs a gun stashed behind a mannequin but it’s Jerald who wrestles it from her. Just before he fires, Ed gets there first and shoots Jerald, saving the day and resolving the case.

How does Brazen end?

As the movie closes out, we cut forward to see the case all wrapped up with a neat little Hollywood-shaped bow. Grace moves in with Ed, finishing everything with a happy ending.

It’s also worth noting that there’s no mid or post-credit sequence here either.

It’s best not to think too much about the login behind this one, as we’d be here all day analyzing all the plot contrivances and illogical points! For now, it’s enough to know Jonathan wasn’t involved and instead, Jerald was the big mastermind behind everything.



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