Braveweather – Stay Here | Album Review

Track Listing

stay here
everybody knows
missing pieces
fake smile


Braveweather embrace their emotions on these seven songs in a great way. Tinged by melancholy, every part of this album has moments when hope has been sapped and every dream has been interfered by demons parading around. It’s a bashful listen also, but the crystal-clear vocals do not become suppressed. They grow and grow until they almost break through glass.

Lyrically, the band has certainly worked hard on crafting words which click in and resonate, and with Stay Here the act perfectly tells their stories. These fables describe insecurity and hurt, agony that generates through, and at times Stay Here can be an unnerving listen. It’s all about love turning sour, while the memories also rot away.

With rip-roaring guitars, Stay Here develops on, and keeps on growing until the music becomes a solid foundation. There’s no dip in quality at any moment, and while the style may be pop-punk at heart, there’s an emo undercurrent bubbling. This emo slant is not an impairment. It’s actually a component worth its weight in gold.

The thrilling ‘stay here’ starts the record. It’s a guitar driven song which tells tales of broken love. It’s a short and bittersweet opening. ‘everybody knows’ has a big chorus and the fundamentals to be the main attraction and it’s certainly a memorable contribution, delivering with emotion.

‘Missing Pieces’ again offers an emotional twist, and those lyrics spell out optimism for a slender minute. The crashing instrumentals showcase the band’s adeptness at playing.

Braveweather delivers an album brimming in emotion and cleverness here and their work definitely has merit.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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