Brave New World -Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


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Bernard awakens groggy and struggling to focus after his gunshot wound in episode 3 of Brave New World. John hasn’t handed them into the Resistance and instead, he’s actually helping them. With the guidance of his Mother, they set to work trying to patch Bernard up.

Unfortunately they have bigger fish to fry when Madysun shows up at John’s house still dressed in her wedding gear. She barges in and demands to know where the foreigners are. However, as things turn violent she pulls a gun on him. Before she can fire however, Linda plunges a knife into her chest and watches as she falls in a crumpled heap on the floor.

Given all we’ve seen from her thus far is a drunk, directionless woman mournful over the past, Linda suddenly bursts into life and rallies the troops. Madysun’s body is hidden while Bernard, John and Lenina seek refuge with Pope, Linda’s lover.

Due to the severity of the wound, Pope realizes he needs to cauterize the wound and gets to work doing just that. At the same time, Lenina learns that Linda used to be a Beta and explains that being abandoned is the worst feeling ever.

After a close call with the Resistance, Pope’s wife returns and throws a serious monkey wrench in the works. He urges them to leave and after scrambling into Pope’s truck, the group find themselves on the run from the Resistance.

John walks away until Linda follows after and admits she used to be a Beta Plus and his Father was an Alpha. This makes him a child of New London. Unfortunately a car incident prompts the group to head out toward the barrier on foot, with the Resistance eventually firing at them. Thankfully they manage to make it through to the other side and breathe a sigh of relief on the ship as it departs. Unfortunately as droplets of blood float lazily up in the air, John realizes Linda has been shot and subsequently passed away in the ensuing conflict.

Lenina and Bernard make it back to New London and after decontaminating, discuss what happened in The Savage Lands. Bernard though seems unphased and tells her they can now return to normality. Lenina however, remains torn over what the Resistance meant by being free and eventually pops her pill and heads back to her life.

A captured John paces like a lion in his room, desperate to see his Mother. After some deliberation, Mustafa eventually agrees to let John see her body.

The Review Write-Up

With some exciting and tense action dotted throughout this episode, Brave New World delivers a really good episode here as we see all of our character scrambling away from The Savage Lands and back to New London. While the plot itself is relatively straight forward, it’s the manner in which the acting and different characters come together that makes this such a good episode. 

There’s certainly a sad ending here for Linda though but big questions have been raised surrounding quite who her lover – and John’s Father – is in New London. I’m sure we’ll find out sooner rather than later but so far Brave New World has done a pretty good job creating an enjoyable sci-fi series.

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