Branding in Seongsu – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Branding in Seongsu Episode 3 expands from the previous one, where Eun-ho discovered the manufacturing unit’s animal experimentation facility. When he returns to Na-eon, he plays videos of the animals in captivity for her. She assures him, nonetheless, that they need to hide everything, and her attitude reveals her apathy in the matter. In light of his admiration for Na-eon, Eun-ho is deeply disappointed by this.

Following this, Na-eon visits CEO Jin-seok and shows him the dirt she found on him. Following that, she adds on an additional fee for damage control. She has become somewhat popular owing to the extension of her contract with XU Beauty and her role as its manager.

On the other hand, it is evident that the workers in the factory are not receiving fair compensation. However, one particular worker is causing a lot of trouble. With the pop-up store’s launch date quickly approaching, Na-eon is also trying to mitigate any negative publicity.

In the workplace, we learn that Na-eon is still being unkind to Yoo-mi, the intern. Consequently, this deeply upsets her. The situation worsens when Na-eon’s jealous coworker attempts to add salt to the wound.

After that, we cut to Na-eon, who has decided to confront the worker personally. The worker appears to be threatening her. However, Eun-ho rushes in to protect her, but he cuts himself on the worker’s tool. The worker gets himself into trouble since onlookers record everything. Following this, he is seen running away.

Last but not least, Eun-ho finds out that Na-eon had planned everything out and has been using him as a pawn the whole time. As the episode ends, we witness how Na-eon has achieved her goals by using Eun-ho as a tool.

The Episode Review

In the third episode, Eun-ho tells Na-eon about XU Beauty’s immoral acts. In addition to strengthening her contract with XU Beauty, Na-eon raises her fees. A worker of the shoe factory poses a threat to Na-eon’s plans.

In comparison to previous episodes, this one offers a much more polished, clear, and brisk plot. However, the plot fails to captivate viewers and keep them glued to the show. On top of that, the show’s characters don’t appear to be well fleshed out or compelling.

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