Brain Works – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Love, A Basic Instinct

Episode 8 of Brain Works starts outside the Seobu police station when Bum Soo shows up in bloodied clothes and confesses he had killed someone. Dr Shin agrees to stay since the case extended and accompanies detective Geum to the murder site. Bum Soo had allegedly killed a neighbour because he teased him about being in love with an AI. He lost it, followed the neighbour into his house, and hit him with a trophy.

The wife claimed that he witnessed the husband tussling with the neighbour when she came back from her workout and saw the husband kill him. However, the murder weapon also had Jae-sook’s fingerprints. The detectives investigate the murder scene and see that some of the evidence is not adding up to Bum-soo and Jae-sook’s narration of what happened. They decide to re-enact the scene.

The detectives deduce that there should have been blood splattered on their clothes, Bum soo did not have any. Captain Seol thinks Jae-sook might have been the murderer. They ask them to take a polygraph test but Jae sook refuses to say she has been under a lot of stress lately. Bum-soo agrees to take the test. The test shows that Bum-soo was telling the truth. However, the captain thinks he figured out how to cheat the machine.

Geum’s ex-wife gets a job at the neuroscientific investigation offices to install water purifiers. The detective sends her away and asks the subsection chief not to hire her since it makes him uncomfortable. Dr Shin finds a new plan to mess with the detective. He tells him to think that the ex-wife does not make him uncomfortable but the more he does, the more he thinks about her, and the more he is uncomfortable.

Forensics find a strange photo in the deceased phone. The photo showed that Jae-sook and the dead neighbour might have had an affair. It becomes a potential motive for both Bum-soo and Jae-sook. The detective asks Dr Shim to figure out a way to help know who is the killer.

Dr Shin had noticed the wife’s spasms which meant she was guilty of something end hence was extremely anxious. They lie to her that the husband will be sent to jail for murder and will get at least 35 years of prison time. The wife’s spasms spike and he tells her not to think about what happened that day. He knew it was a way to misguide her brain and increase her anxiety making her feel even guiltier.

The detective and the doctor are taking a walk outside Bum-soo’s apartment and they notice the wife walking out with a trash bag. They follow her and she empties the trash into the trashcan. Later, the detective goes through the trash and finds a possible murder weapon. However, the trophy is clean with no evidence of being the weapon. It only had Jae-sook’s fingerprints.

The forensics send in another report, they found a fiber underneath the victim’s fingernails. The detective recognizes it as matching the clothes the detective saw Jae-sook take to the laundry, which strengthens their suspicion.

Jae-sook is called in and when she is questioned about why she did not hand in her bloodied clothes, her spasms become severe and she claims her arm is numb. Dr Shin continues to play mind games and figures she has a convulsive disorder caused by extreme traumas, duress, or psychological conflict. He corners her into telling the truth.]

Jae-sook admits that she killed the neighbour. She met with the neighbour coming back from her workout and the neighbour tried to force her to get together again. She tells him it was a mistake but the husband overhears the conversation, follows the neighbour into the house and they start a fight. He calls her easy and her husband a loser. She went into a frenzy and hit him with a trophy. Bum-soo took the blame to protect his wife.

Ha-ru wonders why the captain’s love system is activated for detective Geum since he is beneath her in every way. It is obvious to other people but the detective has not caught on. Ha-ru calls him a fool and the captain asks for advice on how to approach that fool. Ha-ru bids them farewell and leaves and as usual, they send in the detective to beg him. He insists on leaving and the detectives feel sad. He wonders if he had grown attached to the doctor.

Ha-ru thinks love makes people weak and pathetic hence he does not believe in it. His aunt tells him that even if love ends painfully for some people, it still leaves memories that help the lovers move on for life. she wishes he would fall in love someday.

The prisoner doctor Hwang Don-woo is back in the scene. He is schooling a guard about love. The guard had broken up with a girlfriend and he comforts him saying another girlfriend will show up and he should be too heartbroken. Don-woo thinks love is the root of all evil and knows of someone who killed out of love.

Elsewhere, Dr Park is in his office having a drink and holding a photo. He says he wishes to forget but he cannot. He apologizes to someone in the photo.

Elsewhere, the detective bickers with her daughter since she was taking too long to get ready for school. She leaves without having breakfast. The detective feels raising a daughter is harder than catching killers. He is distressed about Dr Shin and wonders if he eats well since he had not called him once since he quit. He wants to call him when suddenly the captain calls and asks him to meet her outside the apartment. They are going on a hike. Yi-na gets late to catch the bus. Another boy is late too and grins when he sees her. He asks her out for movies after school. Some other older boys see their interactions at the bus stop.

In a flashback, it is revealed that Dr Shin had advised the captain that the secret to a successful love confession is confessing somewhere up and dangerous. All things that increase the heartbeat.

The doctor is on a run and upon seeing a couple on a bench, he starts to think about love. A lady taps her shoulder and he seems mesmerized. At the same time, the captain and the detective get to the top, she confesses, and the detective stumbles and falls off the cliff. In a distance, the siren of an ambulance is heard.

The Episode Review

The teams’ chemistry is unmatched and their bickering is something to die for, especially when re-enacting the murder scene. The episode delved deeper into love and it seems that love might be in the air for the characters.

Yi-na has a boy she likes, the captain confessed to the detective, and Ha-ru seemed drawn to the woman. However, will this lead to anything good? The strange boys eyeing Yi-na and the detective supposed fall off the cliff leaves one worried about what to look forward to in the next chapter.

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