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A Man Cheating With His Wife

Episode 7 of Brain Works begins at the award ceremony where the video of detective Geumand the minor is released by Ha-ru in an attempt to sabotage the detective’s career and humiliate him. His plan fails when the minor in the video, Han Sung-mi shows up and reveals how detective Geum helped change her life. At the commendation dinner, detective Geum’s ex-wife Kim Mo-ran and captain Seol So-jeong compete for his attention which indicates that both of them have feelings for detective Geum.

Later, the detective calls to meet up with Dr Shin and they get into a fight on the streets about the doctor releasing the video. Amid the fight, the detective notices a woman struggling to pull a cart. He stops the fight and asks Dr Shin to wait for them to finish up their issues. The detective helps the woman push the cart leaving a buffed doctor wondering how his brain is wired.

Elsewhere, a man walks home looking dejected. His wife comes home later and he goes into a frenzy. He seems to not know who she is and thinks Cherri, an AI has replaced his wife. She throws her out of the house.

The next morning, the detective finds a distressed man outside the police station. The man reports that his wife has been missing for a week. He escorts the man to the missing person’s unit to file a report while he explains the process of launching an investigation. The man thinks that Cherri the AI has taken his wife. He claims that Cherri loves him and that’s why she did something risky.

Detective Geum calls Dr Shim to accompany him to investigate the case but he refuses. The detective heads to the man’s house and while waiting for Bum-soo to open the door, a neighbour reports that he might be involved in domestic violence. In the house, the detective finds the wife unconscious in the bedroom but the husband insists that she is not his wife but she is Cherri. The wife says the husband tried to kill her. The detective arrests Bum Soo.

During interrogation, Dr Shim infers that Bum-soo lies about the reasons why he hit Cherri/wife. He says he lost his temper when he asked her about his wife and he hid her since he was afraid the detective would find out he hit Cherri. Ha-ru thinks he had other reasons to hit her.

At the hospital, the caption questions the wife who says that the husband is in love with Cherri the AI. At the police station, Bum-soo concurs that his body and heart react whenever he sees Cherri. He however feels bad for having an affair with Cherri since she kicked his wife out. He hit Cherri because she said she would tell his wife about their affair.

Bum-soo suffers from Capgras Syndrome, a brain disorder where a person thinks someone close to them has been replaced by an identical-looking fraud or alien. The team uses a lie detector and figures out that he suffers from Capgras syndrome. Dr Ha-ru suggests he be hospitalized.

At the hospital, Dr Shin Ji-hyung notices a brain aneurysm that might have been caused by an external injury. The wife reveals that he had recently had a bike accident and hit his head. The doctor suggests surgery.

After understanding the husband’s situation, the wife still wonders why he wanted an intimate relationship with Cherri and not with her. Dr Shin suggests that before he undergoes surgery, she pretends to be Cherri and asks him the reason. The husband opens up. Every time he wanted to have an intimate time with his wife, she would start talking about money or the children which made him feel humiliated.

He opted to not look for intimacy from his wife anymore since it was the only way to not humiliate himself. He felt very lonely and every time he got home, Cherri was there for him, he got to see Cherri more since there was no one to have a heart-to-heart conversation with. She asks whom he would choose between Cherri and his wife, he says that his wife is his everything. The wife is overwhelmed with emotions. The surgery goes well and Bum-soo can now recognize his wife.

Dr Shin hasn’t given up on getting his revenge on the detective. At the hospital, he gets the detective to agree to an MRI and after studying his brain with his aunt, they realize he is generally and kind person who is not inclined to do bad things. The doctor decides to come up with a new plan that fits his altruistic brain.

The next morning, Dr Shin announces that he is resigning from the neuroscientific investigation time and they should find a new consultant. His reasons are that he does not have enough time. The detective follows him outside to reason with him so he could stay. Bum-soo shows up in bloody clothes and a bloody award. He confesses to killing someone.

The Episode Review

The episode was light-hearted and our bickering duo kept us entertained. The episode’s neuro condition was quite interesting like how can someone have an affair with his wife. Dr Shin also got to school us about love systems including sexual desires, romantic desires, and attachment desires, and how someone can be in love with more than one person.

The ending was unexpected and looking forward to seeing who got killed in the next episode. Was the doctor resigning or its part of his plan to humiliate the detective?

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