Brain Works- K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

How To Be Saved Forever

Episode 6 of Brain Works starts at the Salvation and Heal ritual for the undercover detective Geum. Dr Shin, watching the video from the outside car, is concerned that Madam messenger might kill detective Geum. He says he should be the one to kill him. Next is Ji Yul’s ritual, but before madam messenger can start whipping her, someone dressed as the saviour in the cult’s photo shows up. Madam messenger and her assistant are confused. The believers in the room believe he is the saviour.

The dressed-up man in Dr Shin. He takes Ji Yul away since Madam messenger cannot refute that he is the saviour in fear of the believers figuring out. Captain Seul and detective Geum cause a distraction to allow Dr Shin to escape with Ji Yul and the mother. They later arrest madam messenger for special assault and causing bodily harm.

At the police station, we get another shot of a flirting situation between the detective and captain Seul. Subsection chief Kim interrupts the ointment-applying scene and implies that love is in the air. He also updated that a lawyer had shown up and gotten madam messenger released.

Soon as she is released, madam messenger asks if her assistant has found Ji Yul and her mother. Ms Yang is locked in Dr Shin’s observational room. She believes he is the saviour, so Dr Shin is confident she will not cause trouble. The next plan is to empty Ms Yang’s mind to liberate her brain. Madam messenger’s assistant is seen outside Dr Shin’s home. Madam messenger directs him to watch the doctor’s every move, but he does not get the chance since the detective and the captain show up, and he flees.

Ms Yang begins to open up to the detective when he tells her the story of raising his daughter on his own. They have a hearty talk about single parenthood’s difficulties and breakdown. Dr Shin and Captain Seul are impressed by the detective’s ability to empathize with others. Dr Shin walks in and promises to uncover what is wrong with Ji Yul at the hospital. The mother promises to disclose what happens on the rooftop if he succeeds.

Dr Shin runs tests with the help of his aunt. They found out she had a white blood cell count and suffered from brain inflammation. A tumour in her ovary causes inflammation. With the help of a gynaecologist, Dr Shin can treat Ji Yul. Her mother still does not believe it, but she has no option but to believe when Ji Yul comes out of the operation room awake and able to talk.

Just when MsYang is about, to tell the truth, madam messenger shows up with her congregation. They make a fuss at the hospital, demanding to see Ji Yul. A fight for MsYang’s mind happens as Dr Shin and Madam’s messenger fight to convince her whom to believe since she is highly dependent on someone to believe in, a saviour.

Finally, Ms Yang tells the truth about what her husband had told her before he died. Madam messenger had threatened him with a knife, and he fell as he tried to escape. He had requested the wife to break free from the cult as it was the only way she could save herself and their daughter. Madam messenger is arrested for murder. The next scene shows how Ji Yul’s father was killed and how madam messenger convinced the mother to lie and blame it on Ji Yul.

Regardless, there is inadequate evidence to charge madam messenger with murder. Ms Yang gives them proof of something else. The detectives, subsection chief, and other police officers are seen digging in a forest, and the detective finds a human skeleton. It is reported that the skeleton belonged to a teenage student who died during an exorcism. As madam messenger is led away from the police station in handcuffs, believers are still seen outside, concerned about her.

Captain Seul believes there will always be cults since humans are weak and emotional. They yearn for something to believe in, and cults feed on this weakness. Dr Shin admits to experiencing weakness and emotions but has developed superior metacognition skills that help him refrain from certain behaviours.

Chief Kim informs the team that detective Geum will be awarded for the article on good deeds. Dr Shin is furious, and he leaves. Chief Kim then goes to brief the reporters on the case of the cult leader. Suddenly, everyone’s phone receives notifications. It is a video of Dr Shin at the hospital and how he saved Ms Yang from the cult. During a prison visit, Shin shows the video to Hwang and is proud of how he saved Ms Yang. Hwang says something that makes him doubt. He tells Shin that he might have led to the demise of Ms Yang since he took her away from the only people she found solace in. She was born a dependent, and without that, she will keep thinking about her foolishness and how she caused the death of her husband. Hwang calls Shin a megalomaniac.

At the precinct, Dr Shin finds Ms Yang has brought food to thank them. What Hwang had said comes true as Ms Yang repeats the same sentiments to Dr Shin. She requests that he allow her to put her faith in him. She asks him to save her. Dr Shin comforts her and asks her to do anything he says since she believes in him. He tells her to believe only in herself, love and trust herself, and live a long, happy life.

At detective Geum’s home, the ex-wife is having dinner with them. He talks passionately about Dr Shin, intensifying the wife’s worry that he might be into him. She tries to seduce him, but it does not work. Captain Seul is thinking about the detective at the office, and she seems to admire him. The next day, she buys him shoes and asks Geum to wear them to the award ceremony. She asks him to think long and hard about whether she bought him the shoes when she did not have to. The detective is clueless and terrified. Geum has a flashback to when they were undercover; he, however, does not believe that the captain might be into someone like her.

Dr Shin walks in, and he hurriedly hides the shoes. When the detective walks out, the doctor goes through his desk to figure out what he has hidden; he finds a tablet. There is a video with the detective and some young girl. The conversation sounds sexual. He shows it to his aunt, who wants to report him. However, Dr Shin wants to humiliate him first and says he has a plan.

Dr Shun shows up at the detective’s award ceremony for the model detective award. He casts the video on his phone to a screen for everyone to see. The episode ends as the two glare at each other.

The Episode Review

Nothing much happened in this episode. I was relaxed as it explored Ji Yul’s case, and the team saved the mother from a cult. Dr Shin’s empathetic and emotional side is demonstrated again as he comforts Ms Yang and urges her to believe in herself.

The video about the detective might be another far-fetched try at humiliating him. We will see what happens in the next episode.

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