Brain Works – K-Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

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Episode 4 of Brain Works begins in Lee Jong Koo’s freezer, where the detective and the doctor are still locked in. They almost pass out just as Lee Jong Koo comes to their rescue. Fortunately, Lee Jong Koo had installed a CCTV camera, and they checked to see what had happened.

A woman is seen coming into the compound after Lee Jong Koo left. Then the detectives show up. The woman is the one who locks them in and then later turns off the freezer. She did not intend to kill them but only to buy time. They think she was looking for something, and Thoung had sent her and might be helping her flee.

The detectives visit the sister’s husband. He says she had left with the niece and turned off her phone. The subsection chief calls the detective. He asks about the DNA, and the detective tells him they were looking for the baby since she was the most irrefutable evidence. They stake out the sister’s place.

At the airport, it s revealed that the woman they saw was Thoung herself, and the sister was waiting for her at the baby lounge with her baby. She has a wig on, which makes her look like her sister. She talks about what she did to Hoai and breaks down. The sister comforts her and tells her to leave the country before she is banned from travelling. She passes through the receptionist, but the detectives get to her before she boards the plane. They arrest her for murder and abuse of a body.

During questioning, Thoung admits to burning her body but says she did not kill Hoai. She found her dead in the closet. She used the opportunity to escape her abusive husband by burning her so she could not be recognized and planting evidence. She could neither report nor divorce him since he had threatened to kill her if she chose to run away. Her only choice was to escape through death.

Thoung says that Hoai’s boyfriend killed her since they fought a lot over other women. The chief’s theory is that the boyfriend killed Hoai accidentally after a fight since they had gone on a date the day she died. The detective thinks that the husband might have killed her. He looked for Thoung, saw Loc and Hoai kissing, and thought it was Thoung, so he killed her. Dr Shin suggests they call in both the husband and the boyfriend since none of them knows that Thoung is still alive. He intends to use their brain to reveal who the killer is. The boyfriend is with another lady.

In the interrogation, the Thoung is brought in front of her husband. She is wearing the earrings he had bought her. On the day of the murder, Hoang borrowed those earrings to go on a date with Loc. When the husband looked for Thoung, he saw someone with his wife’s earrings kissing another guy. Since he could not recognize faces, he thought it was Thoung, and he was furious. He confesses that he killed her. The husband is charged with murder, and the wife is charged with abusing a corpse.

Dr Shin still holds that detective Geum is a corrupt cop. He vows to find evidence at all costs. He believes his judgment of character is never wrong. On the other hand, detective Geum thinks he has a personality disorder because of his trauma. His parents passed away when he was six because of the accident. Dr Shin does not remember the accident. The detective sympathizes and feels guilty for getting him fired.

The ex-wife visits while Yi Na and the detective are having a meal. Captain Seul has woken up and asks to see the detective at the hospital. The ex-wife thinks that the detective is seeing someone. Yi Na thinks that her father has a crush on Dr Shin. Captain Seul had called the detective to brief her about the case of Hoai. She seems different. She talks more confidently; even the detective seems afraid of her.

Hwang Dong Woo waits to get a letter from Dr Shin. The guard says he has not received any letter yet. He is reading one of Dr Shin’s books, “Dissecting Violence: The psychopathic Brain.” Ji Hyung has the letter he sent to Dr Shin. It is revealed that Hwang Dong mentored Dr Park in med school. He, however, does not like recognizing that connection. He says that Hwang Dong is a destructive and evil person. Those who get into contact with him end up either killing themselves or becoming murderers. He is worried Dr Hwang is dangerous to Dr Shin. Dr Hwang calls Dr Shin, but he does not answer. He sends him a text.

In a stunning turn, captain Seul arrives at the police station. She is different, and the detective cannot recognize her at first. The subsection chief comes to check on her, and he, too, is stunned. He provokes her, and she stands up for herself. Chief Kim gets angry and hits captain Seul. She retaliates, hits him back, and directs the detective to give internal affairs the statement that the chief assaulted her, and she hits back in self-defence. Dr Shin, who happens to have just walked in, says he will also give his statement.

Dr Shin takes a brain scan and realizes she has undergone a brain remodeling after the accident. He reports that she has the potential to become a psychopath, or the condition might be temporary, and she will recover. They should be worried if she fails to since her anger towards the subsection chief might not end with a report to the internal affairs. Detective Geum advises chief Kim to apologize to the captain.

Dr Park visits Dr Hwang in prison. He tells Dr Hwang that he has broken a promise and wants to know why he contacted Dr Shin. Hwang tells him that he was heartbroken when he discovered Dr Shin was fired from Brain Hub. He thinks he did nothing wrong when he smuggled s psychopath’s brain. After reading his book, Hwang became interested in his work and decided to help with the psychopathic brain-rebuilding project.

Park suggests that Hwang donates his brain to Brain Hub, and they will rehire Dr Shin. Hwang gets curious and wonders if Dr Shin is unaware of his parent’s accident. The questioning gets Dr Park nervous. Park mentions an audio file in Hwang’s phone. Hwang gets angry. Park says he is not threatening Hwang but asking for a favour.

He begs Hwang to leave Dr Shin alone. Just as Dr Park leaves, Dr Shin enters the prison to visit Hwang. Hwang wonders if he will recognize him. The episode ends with Dr Shin and Dr Hwang seated across each other in the prison’s visiting room.

The Episode Review

The episode provided more details about the back story surrounding the characters. We understand more about who Dr Hwang is and his connection to Dr Park. However, there is still more we are yet to know, such as about the accident that killed Shin’s parents and how it is connected to Dr Park and Dr Hwang.

Did Park kill Shin’s parents, or was it, Hwang? How is Hwang connected to Shin? It seems Shin knew him when he was a little boy. Why was Hwang furious with Dr Park for acting like he was Shin’s father? I was thrilled about the brain remodeling, captain Seul got a stunning makeover, and her confidence is off the charts. Dr Shin rained on my parade, though; I am worried about the possibility of captain Seul becoming a psychopath.

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