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The Most Brilliant Moments

Episode 2 of Brain Works starts with a confrontation between Dr Shin and detective Myung-Se. Dr Shin is furious that the detective provided the reporter with the information that led to his being fired, and he vows to take revenge. The detective is reluctant to work with Dr Shin since he said he would make his life miserable.

The doctor plays innocent and plays a sympathy card with the captain, and she responds by telling the detective that he is very harsh. The detective still holds that he cannot work with someone fired for a moral reason but is informed that the subsection chief has already agreed.

Dr Shin is to help solve the case of the deceased artist, Kim Jae Won, and he offers his first insight into the case, saying that the wife was not the killer. The detective agrees to collaborate with the doctor. Dr Shin asks the captain to bring the wife back for questioning the next day. The captain pleads with detective Geum to work well with Dr Shin to help her do a good job leading the team to prove to the subsection chief that his prejudice against her is wrong.

The detective is at home having dinner with his daughter. She scrolls through her phone, searching for Dr Shin, as the detective complains that he has a dual personality. The daughter thinks he is handsome and wants to put a photo of him on her wall or have a tattoo of him. Detective Geum threatens to take her phone away if she keeps admiring and defending him.

Next, Dr. shin is at home having dinner. He admits working as a police consultant to get on the media’s good side and teach the detective a lesson. He thinks detective Geum is a dirty cop since he saw him take money from someone and is intent on getting evidence and humiliating him.

Outside the police station, fans of Kim Jae Won are protesting, demanding that his murder case be investigated thoroughly. Dr Shin meets with detective Geum just outside the police station, and they get into another confrontation.

The doctor asks the detective random questions, teaches him how the human brain functions, and says that his brain capacity is shallow. The captain cleaned and organized the office since she noted that the doctor was bothered by the messiness. The doctor is impressed.

The team meets for a briefing about the murder case. He questions if the captain and the detective are sure that the wife’s confession is valid and waits for her to arrive for questioning. The doctor observes as the detective and the captain question the wife. Later the doctor joins the investigation and acts as if he knows the wife. He tells her a story, and the wife seems to run with it as if they know each other.

Back in the briefing room, the doctor revealed that he had never met his wife and that everything he had said was made up. The wife agreed with him since she suffers from a condition called Wernickle-Korsakoff syndrome. A brain condition where the patient makes up stories. Therefore, her confession was a story she made up. Detective Geum is reluctant to accept Dr Shin’s theory. They take a bet that if the doctor proves his theory to be fact; the detective has to compliment him.

The team takes the wife for a checkup, and the doctor confirms that she suffers from Wernickle-Korsakoff’s condition. Dr Shin deduces that her condition is because she is an alcoholic, causing thiamin deficiency. Her confession, therefore, would not be admissible in court, and they have to reinvestigate. Dr Shin demands a compliment from detective Geum. The detective cannot dish a compliment, and Dr Shin hits him instead.

Back in the office, Dr Shin is pacing, which annoys detective Geum. The doctor tells him that walking clockwise helps one think, and the captain joins him. Dr Geum remains seated. The captain proposes a new theory that someone else activated the bracelet app. Detective Geum wonders how it could have been since they had looked into the CCTV footage and no one else looked suspicious.

Suddenly, detective Geum realizes that someone else knew of Jae Won’s illness. The doctor confirmed that actually, two people were aware of his condition.

They bring in Mr Oh for questioning. According to the CCTV footage, he was on the phone talking to his wife outside the venue at the time of the incident and turned in his phone. The doctor asked him if he knew of Ms Jung’s condition, and he responded that he had no idea what the condition was.

Back at the briefing room, the detective has handed over Mr Oh’s phone to forensics. Dr Shin and the detective get into banter about whether or not the detective believes that Mr Oh is the killer. The captain asks them to look into the next suspect, to which the doctor asks if anyone in the force can read lips.

The detective and the doctor visit Kim Jae Won’s doctor, who happens to be the next suspect. They showed her CCTV footage of her whispering something to Ms Jung and asked what she had said. The doctor seems not to remember, but the detective informs her that they consulted a lip reader, and she had said, “you killed him.” The doctor says it was just a resentful comment.

Dr Shin commented that she had made a suggestive comment since she knew the wife had a brain condition. She wonders what she would gain from making Ms Jung look guilty. The doctor suggests that she did it for love. She disagrees with having a relationship with Kim Jae won but only loves him as a fan. A patient who could not speak and was seated next to their table began to laugh. Dr Shin knows what the laugh meant.

The patient could deduce that Kim Jae Won’s doctor was lying. She becomes angry and says she had nothing to do with Jae Won’s death. When someone loses their speech, they become a lie detector, and the patient noted the awkwardness in the doctor’s voice, confirming that the doctor was in a relationship with Jae won. The doctor is devastated and drives to a bridge; she throws her phone away, which had photos of her and Jae won.

In the interrogation room, Ms Jung confirms that she knew of her husband’s affair. She was not angry since she knew Jae Won was hers. Mr Oh also confirmed that he knew of their relationship. He provided footage of Kim Hee Ju tossing her phone into the water at the bridge. He says he had been suspicious of her and following her around.

Detective Geum wants to bring the suspect in, and Dr Shin offers to tag along since they are short on time and he is a better driver. They arrive at the doctor’s apartment and find that she was stabbed and Ms Jung is holding a knife. Ms Jung is arrested, and Dr Kim is taken to the hospital.

The captain thinks Dr Kim is their prime suspect since she has the most information about the deceased’s health and throws away her phone. As the captain and the doctor discuss who might be the killer, Dr Shin is thinking about it too. Suddenly, detective Geum’s ex-wife calls just as he mentions him, and he wonders loudly if she has installed a spy app. The statement gives Dr Shin an idea.

Dr Geum’s ex-wife visits their daughter and asks to take her out to eat. Yoo Na does not want to and is angry at her mother. She wants to take her shopping since girls like wearing pretty clothes. Yoo Na confronts her mother, saying, unlike her, she has no guys to impress and is, therefore, not interested in lovely clothes.

Dr Shin has figured out who killed Jae Won. He asks the detective to help him catch the culprit. They visit Mr Oh’s office. Dr Shin plays the mind game with Mr Oh, asking him to choose one thing from a list of choices he provides. His choices prove that he was trying hard to lie, as he worried they would connect Jae Won’s murder to him. Mr Oh had bought a phone similar to Jae Won’s so he could copy the high-frequency app on it.

He made a call to his wife using one phone and pocketed it using earbuds to talk to her while operating the high-frequency phone on the other. He made the call outside, where he was confident there was CCTV, so he could create a perfect alibi.

Dr Shin and the detective had fooled Mr Oh, and their phone was not his. They pretend to have left, and he rushes outside where he had hidden the phone to check if it is still there. He realizes they have fooled him, and just then, Dr Shin and the detective appear as he is holding the phone used to activate the high-frequency app.

Mr Oh panics and tries to run away. the two collaborate and arrest him. Turns out Mr Kim had been researching possible projects to start in Kim Jae Won’s name after his death and hence was guilty of murder. Ms Jung arrives at the police station just as Mr Oh is being led out. Seeing her, he becomes emotional and breaks down.

Outside the police station, Dr Shin interrupts the subsection chief’s briefing. The reports run after him and ask him about the project that got him fired. He says he was adamant about ensuring his project’s success that could help cure the brains of psychopaths. Someone in prison clothes is watching his briefing. He calls Dr Shin his child and says he has grown so much. The guard addresses him as a doctor. He asks for Dr Shin’s number.

Dr Park calls Dr Shin for a tennis game. He advises him not to do anything silly as he tries to get a consensus to salvage his career. The next day, Dr Shin witnesses detective Geum taking money from someone else outside the police station. He takes photos as he thinks he is taking money for bribes.

He calls a reporter and tells him the story of a dirty cop who still takes bribes. The reporter texts him and says he has posted an article about the dirty cop. Dr Shin is at home, and detective Geum is at the office. They both read something that bewilders Shin while the detective finds it funny.

The Episode Review

Dr Shin’s and Detective Geum’s confrontations are one to look forward to since they give the series a comedic stance. In the case of Kim Jae Won’s murder, I like that the killer was not an obvious person. I could never have guessed the manager was the killer until Dr Shin explained it.

The inability to guess what happens next enhances the wow factor. Still curious about what happened in Dr Kim’s apartment. Did Ms Jung stab her since her mental disorder convinced her that she was the killer? I am also curious about Dr Park, wondering if he has Dr Shin’s best interests. The big cliffhanger was who is the doctor in prison?

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