Brain Works – K-Drama Episode 13 Recap & Review

A Teenage Brain VS A Psychopath Brain

Episode 13 of Brain Works starts with Yi-na standing over her friend in her room. At the restaurant, the detective and Dr Shin are having a relaxed time when suddenly parents start to approach him, giving grievances about their children possibly being psychopaths. The doctor tells them their children are not psychopaths but have teenage brains.

The detective pretends to be drunk forcing Dr Shin to take him home. When she hears her dad, she locks herself in the room with Jung Eun-ho still lying on the floor. The detective and Dr Shin notice something is off in the kitchen and they force their way into her room. Eun-ho is still alive and Yi-na had called the police. Eun-ho is taken to the hospital.

Yi-na is questioned by her dad in the room. The captain and Dr Shin watch the interview. She tells the story of how she had planned to meet with Eun-ho but he ended up coming with a bunch of other schoolmates, who forced their way into her home. She was forced to drink a glass of beer and she passed out. When she came to, Eun-ho was lying on the floor.

Dr Shin deduces that Yi-na was not lying in her testimony but the other kids matched up their story meaning they most likely were lying. One of them messed up since he mentioned that Yi-na might have pushed Eun-ho and he fell to the ground. The details were not out to the public yet and the interrogating officer had not mentioned it.

One of the girls says that Yi-na texted her and confessed to having pushed Eun-ho. Yi-na is certain she did not text her and hands in her phone as evidence. The cyber team shows that she actually sent the messages and therefore the police decide that she is a suspect.

Dr Shin gets s call from Yeon-hee that Kang In-ho had agreed to his request. However, Ha-ru is lying to In-ho and has no intention of getting him a lighter sentence in return for donating his brain. He manipulates Dr Park into writing a petition for In-ho’s brain donation saying he will not visit Dr Hwang anymore. Dr Park agrees.

Yi-na is distressed since when she passed out, the other students took embarrassing photos of her. She locks herself in the bathroom crying. Detective Geum blames himself for what happened. Mo-ran is dejected too. He calls Dr Shin and advises him to look into the evidence again as a detective and not be afraid of the outcome as a father.

He goes home and takes a look into the evidence and realizes that the text might be manipulated and sent by the other kids before they left her house when she was unconscious. After discussing it with the team, it seems that it might be a possibility, and captain Seul offers to talk to the officers in charge of the case.

Elsewhere, Dr Hwang has managed to manipulate Kang In-ho into taking his own life. Back at the station, Yi-na changes her statement and thinks she might have sent the text. Eun-ho’s mother requests that her case be transferred to another station. The other four boys are called in for questioning and their behaviour scares the policewoman.

After having a confrontation with the boys, Dr Shin realizes that they might be blackmailing Yi-na with some photos. He decides to do some unique torturing to get the truth out. He visits Yi-na and helps restore her confidence through neuroscience. He reminds her that they are the ones who wronged her and therefore she should act dignified by not crying but revealing what happened so she could be helped.

Yi-na opens up to Dr Ha-ru. They were blackmailing her with weird photos they took of her and told her to confess or pay them 1000 dollars to get them back. She was worried about embarrassing her dad and did not know what to do. Dr Shin offers to sort out the issue for her.

He tells her to text the gang leader. She did not have money to pay but had something else to offer. He rushes to the location, excited that Yi-na was finally giving in. To his surprise, he finds Dr Ha-ru ready and set to torture and teach his brain a lesson.

The Episode Review

It is annoyingly sad to see to what lengths teenagers are willing to go to bully others. I felt like diving into the screen and smacking their heads several times and knocking some sense into them!

The victims end up suffering, thinking they are the ones at fault like Yi-na. I am looking forward to seeing Dr Brain in a full psycho mood and not for himself but to help a friend in the next episode.

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