Boy Swallows Universe – Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Boy Meets End

Boy Swallows Universe is the story of Eli and the troubles his family faces while living in a region that’s notorious for drugs and violence. Eli’s mother, Frankie, used to be an addict and has been sober for years. Frankie has married Lyle Orlik, an erstwhile drug dealer. Eli also has a brother, Gus, who, for some reason, doesn’t speak much.

Everything was going well for Eli’s family until Ivan and his men showed up at his doorstep and kidnapped Lyle. Things only went downhill after that: Frankie is arrested, and Slim dies because of a heart attack. Eventually, Frankie is released and now lives with Robert and her sons. However, Eli’s story is still not over, and continues in episode 7, “ Boy Meets End.” 

How do things start to look up for Eli and family?

Things finally start to look up for Eli and his family. Robert and Frankie have reconciled and put their differences aside. Robert is no longer a drunkard, and Bermuda has made sure that Kallas doesn’t bother Frankie anymore. Robert even sells his lot of novels to a bookstore owner, and the latter also offers him a job to look after his shop three days a week.

Even though Robert suffers from acrophobia, he reckons he can manage, given the bookstore is in Dara, a few blocks from his house. Eli also manages to snag a job at the newspaper agency by writing a nice piece on Alex Bermuda, informing how he plans to get his life on track now he’s a free man.

Alex wanted to be hired as a crime assistant reporter, but he happily settled for less. As for Gus, he and Shelly earn recognition for their efforts to raise money for disabled school children. They’re selected as Queensland’s champions and will receive an award from Tytus Broz. Eli wants to receive Tytus, but the editor refuses, advising him to cover other important stories. But why does Eli want to interview Tytus Broz? 

Why are Caitlyn and Eli investigating Tyrus Broz?

Eli and Caitlyn believe that Tytus Broz is somehow connected to all the drug dealing in the town. Broz was in business with Bich Dang, a big-time drug dealer. Moreover, Broz employs all kinds of ex-criminals and current criminals in his factory under the guise of giving them a better life.

Plus, there is proof that Broz was transferring money to an offshore company’s account owned by Ivan Kroll. What if Broz is using his prosthetics company and his philanthropic image as a smokescreen for something sinister? When asked, Mr. Leary, Broz’s ex-employee, reveals to Caitlyn and Eli that Broz is something that’s much more dangerous than drugs.

When Broz and Ivan learn about Eli’s investigation, they start to take care of the loose ends. The first one to disappear is Tim Cotton, a detective. As for Eli, he’s called to take a face-to-face interview with Tytus Broz.

What does Eli and Caitlyn find in Broz’s laboratory?

During the interview, Broz subtly hints that if Eli continues to dig further, he’ll end up just like her stepfather. However, Caitlyn and Eli decide to sneak into his warehouse once everyone has left the building, not knowing that Ivan is on his way to kill them on Broz’s orders. In the warehouse, Eli and Caitlyn find a trap door leading to a laboratory that houses all sorts of Skeletons and animals.

Broz is probably using the laboratory to carry out some kind of experiment. Eli and Caitlyn realize that Broz is using the laboratory to farm limbs. Eli also finds Lyle’s dismembered head in one of the glass boxes. Ivan arrives at the laboratory, aiming to kill them, but Eli and Caitlyn escape. 

Did Eli survive?

Eli and Caitlyn manage to make it to the award ceremony and show everyone Lyle’s head, claiming Broz is a murderer, leading to his arrest. Unfortunately, Ivan catches up to them and stabs both Eli and Robert. Eli climbs to the clock tower, and Ivan follows suit. This is what Gus saw in one of his visions, and thus, he knew where Eli and Ivan were going to be.

Ivan tries to end Eli’s story for good, but Gus intervenes and pushes him to his death.  So, does Eli survive? Yes, he did; towards the end, Eli wakes up in the hospital, expecting to make a full recovery. Robert is also saved after he was taken to the hospital before bleeding out. 

The Episode Review

The last episode of “Boy Swallows Universe” does a fantastic job tying up all the loose ends and explaining those lingering mysteries – it’s so well done that it deserves some bonus points. The only hiccup, and of course, this is just a personal feeling, was our hope that Lyle would turn out to be alive.

Unfortunately, the contents of Broz’s laboratory shattered that dream. In the final episode, we finally get the lowdown on how Broz is connected to all the drug dealings and other crimes in town, and we learn about his relationship with Ivan Kroll and Bich Dang. If you’re on the lookout for a show to make your weekend awesome and entertaining, you can catch Boy Swallows World on Netflix.

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