Boyhood – K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

My Dear, Do Not Cross That River

Episode 2 of Boyhood titled ‘My Dear, Do Not Cross That River’ begins with a flashback of Byeong-tae constantly getting beat up as a kid. At present, as Mr. Park and Hak-su bicker, Ji-yeong helps Byeong-tae eat fish. Before he leaves for school, he gives her a Yakult and she blushes.

At school, the thugs act as his bodyguard. During a football match, they clear the path for him but the arcade kid, Hok-su interrupts and he falls. One of the thugs, Dae-jin laughs and loudly wonders if Byeong-tae is a fake.

Hok-su apologises but asks about the arcade incident. He is interrupted but Dae-jin starts doubting Byeong-tae. He corners him in the bathroom and offers a cigarette as White Tiger is a smoker. Poor Byeong-tae coughs but before Dae-jin can confront him, the other thugs show up and say they know. Byeong-tae looks relieved but turns out Cheol-hong is angry at Dae-jin for doubting him.

However, Hok-su finds out the truth as they are neighbours and he overhears Byeong-tae telling his dad about his old bullies. He threatens Byeong-tae to be nice to him and a curious Dae-jin intentionally picks a fight with Hok-su. Byeong-tae stops him but gets scared and Dae-jin realises he is a fake. 

They take the fight to the barn and a couple of the thugs secretly watch from outside. Hok-su shows up as well and they decide to mess with him while Dae-jin and Byeong-tae are talking. That is when Dae-jin starts beating the living daylights out of poor Byeong-tae. Byeong-tae accidentally knocks him out and of course, that is what the thugs notice. They see him pick up Dae-jin’s cigarette but not his rookie coughing as they rush to the barn. 

To apologise, they treat him to a meal. He gives a huge speech on how they shouldn’t punch people but they take it as a scolding from the great White Tiger. He realises he has lost his last chance to tell the truth but enjoys his new identity, stalking the streets and drinking.

They come across Seon-hwa getting embarrassed over Pliers, her situationship giving her a fake Nike wallet. To rescue Seon-hwa, they push Byeong-tae to take on Pliers but the fake White Tiger starts roasting him. He uses the momentum to slap Pliers who runs away.

Byeong-tae treats Seon-hwa to a meal who is grateful. As they head home, the guys all playfully tease Byeong-tae for getting Seon-hwa’s attention. Before the last boy, Yeong-ho departs, he and Byeong-tae come across Ji-yeong aka Black Widow, the best girl fighter around. Left alone, Byeong-tae watches as she takes on a girl gang.

At home, he tries to threaten her to get a favour but she just smacks him. But she hears him out as he says he wants something. At the end of Boyhood Episode 2, Gyeong-tae wakes up.

The Episode Review

Oh boy, with the way Boyhood Episode 2 begins, more and more boys are going to catch on that Byeong-tae isn’t the White Tiger. Hope they end up bonding and don’t turn on him when the truth gets out. The funny part is that Byeong-tae doesn’t even want to be the White Tiger and he tries his best to tell them.

He isn’t overtly trying to hide who he is but it is just a comedy of errors as the thugs keep misunderstanding his actions. The fight with Dae-jin is so hilarious that you will be laughing the whole time. Im Si-wan absolutely steals the show as poor Byeong-tae who is just trying to survive with his wits. And man does he have a tongue, he is roasting people into tears so that he doesn’t have to fight them. 

We also get our second actual fight but this time with Ji-yeong and she is so cool. Seon-hwa is cute but Ji-yeong has definitely stolen our hearts. We can pretty much guess what the favour is though, Black Widow teaching the fake White Tiger how to fight and hide his identity. Though Gyeong-tae being added to the mix now will totally mess up the equation.

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