Boygenius – The Record | Album Review

Track Listing

Without You Without Them
Emily I’m Sorry
True Blue
Cool About It
Not Strong Enough
Revolution O
Leonard Cohen
We’re In Love

Letter To An Old Poet

American indie supergroup Boygenius consists of 3 talented musicians in Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus, and their album The Record is a masterclass in storytelling. From the beginning of this LP, the listeners have the chance to fall into sonic relevance, and they have the opportunity to respect the musicality that has been put on show.

The Record throws down the gauntlet, and to be perfectly honest it is an album that totally blows away the cobwebs in terms of lyricism and musical intent. It’s also satisfying when these 3 voice’s power in and conquer, providing a backbone to an original record. The lyrics often point to life and the pitfalls it brings, and these 3 musical stalwarts engage wholeheartedly and do not cover over the cracks.

There’s 12 songs to consider, with ‘$20’ telling it as it is, with pristine voices and guitars played with precision. The melody is harmonic and there’s no denying that it’s a powerful track.

‘True Blue’ is a lyrical behemoth, supported by 3 voices that have the power to change the landscape of their lives. Musically, everything surges, and the guitars engage while the melody connects.

Another stand-out track is that of ‘Not Strong Enough’, which starts with an acoustic chime, and the 3 musicians give lyrics that feel sadder than most, trying to disconnect from all that is cruel. It’s a beautiful song, weaved with magic.

This LP is a well-rounded embrace, and every song has an emotional connection. From the onset, you know you’re in a for a lyrical ride, and it’s one well worth taking.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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