CEO-dol Mart – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Hyeon-yi’s Parents Take Over Boram Mart

Episode 10 of CEO-dol Mart starts after Ho-rang opens up the hidden room. They wonder who decorated the room while Ye-rim notices a framed picture of the Marts’ original owner, Ji-wook, and Hyeon-yi.

They wonder why Hyeon-yi is in the photo, and Ho-rang starts looking for clues in the room. He finds Hyeon-yi’s lyric journal in which he refers to the landowner as his grandfather. In a flashback, the Chairman sits outside the mourning hall, observing the boys try to be strong for Hyeon-yi’s parents, family, and each other. 

Chairman Lee is then seen at the mart writing in Hyeon-yi’s lyric journal and setting up the secret studio room for Thunder Boys. He writes that he intends to bestow Boram Mart upon Hyeon-yi’s friends who cherished him. He hoped the boys who were separated because of Hyeon-yi’s death could reunite in Boram Mart. The boys realise that they have to defend the Mart at any cost. 

Who are the Boram Mart heirs?

Just then, Ji-wook walks in as they talk about having evidence. He wants to smash Lee-joon’s laptop when CEO Yoon arrives with news that Ji-wook is not the Mart’s heir. Chairman Lee left the Mart to Song Min-cheol and Kim Seon-jin, and they intend to accept the inheritance. Ji-wook tells CEO Yoon that he will not get any cut if he continues to derail his plans. 

The heirs are Hyeon-yi’s parents. CEO Yoon clarifies that Chairman Lee is Hyeon-yi’s maternal cousin. If the heirs do not show up, the Mart will end up with Ji-wook if the video evidence is insufficient to lift the suspension. Ho-rang thinks it is better if they look for Hyeon-yi’s parents so he can be at ease. CEO Yoon is curious about how they will find the parents, but they cut him off, saying they do not share information with spies. 

Ho-rang is outside in his truck when someone requests one of their old songs on the radio. He calls PD Song and asks if she could read a story for him on the radio. PD Song asks him to come to the show instead. The boys make an idol entrance to the radio station, catching the attention of all onlookers.

The radio listeners and viewers move the boys with their overwhelming support. Sang-woo requests Hyeon-yi’s parents to help defend the Mart. 

The Boys head back to the Mart, and some customers come in to encourage them after listening to them on the radio. Hyeon-yi’s parents also show up while Ji-wook sees the evidence of him at the shop. He gets angry and storms out. He goes to Boram Mart and watches from afar as the boys interact with Hyeon-yi’s parents.

He takes a photo from his wallet of himself, Hyeon-yi and his parents and remembers wanting to stay with them instead of going to America to live with his stepfather. The memory seems to hurt his feelings.

Inside the shop, Hyeon-yi’s parents defend Ji-wook, saying he is not the kind of person the boys describe. 

Do the Thunder Boys take back the Mart? 

Later, Ho-rang treats the boys and Ye-rim to dinner. He wishes to discuss something with them. He asks Lee-joon for the original video copy and tries to destroy it. He tells them that after meeting with Hyeon-yi’s parents, he thinks they should return the Mart to the family. Ho-rang says it is enough for him that they reunited and got to work together again, and Sang-woo has similar thoughts. He adds that the Mart is a place filled with family memories, so they should give it back. 

Young-min and Lee-joon think the parents would be happy to see the studio, and Ye-rim is okay with losing her part-time job. Tae-ho understands their sentiments but is hesitant to lose the customers he has grown fond of and asks them to give him some time to think about it. Tae-ho heads back to Boram Mart and reminisces about his memorable moments there. 

What happens to Boram Mart?

The boys meet with Hyeon-yi’s parents at Boram Mart next, and they give them Hyeon-yi’s lyric notebook and the video they can use to lift the suspension.

Ho-rang asks them to protect the Mart, and the camera has the video they can use. Ji-wook walks in with his men and asks for the original video. Hyeon-yi’s parents try to get close, but he pushes them away and asks his men to get to work. They cut the electricity in the chop and start packing up. 

Hyeon-yi’s mother asks to talk to him and requests he leave the Mart as it is since it holds their family memories. Ji-wook says he is not part of the memories. Hyeon-yi’s father hands him the original recording, which surprises the boys and Ye-rim. He asks that he help them keep the Mart alive together.

When Hyeon-yi’s parents ask if the boys will be okay, Ho-rang assures them they agreed unanimously so that they will be okay. Tae-ho requests that they allow them to have a goodbye sale for their customers. Our granny, Lee Bok-soon, is sad the most to see Tae-ho leave.

After the goodbye sale, the emotions of being done with Boram Mart hit the boys and Ye-rim hard. Outside the Mart, the boys say they will not become strangers after that and will go to cheer on Sang-woo during the auditions.

Is Ji-wook arrested for his Wrongdoings? 

CEO Yoon comes into Boram Mart with two police officers to arrest Ji-wook for theft and trespassing. He tells him he had recorded his confession and reprimands him for looking down on people. Hyeon-yi’s father asks him to be truthful and cooperate. He will wait for him outside the police station, and they can have his favourite food after he is done. Ji-wook is emotional as he gives them back the camera and says he does not need it. The police officers lead him out. Later, he becomes a cashier at Boram Mart, helping Hyeon-yi’s parents run the shop.

What Happens to Ye-rim?

Ho-rang asks if he could talk to the new bosses on Ye-rim’s behalf and ask if they keep her as a part-time employee. Ye-rim tells him she has a new job, which Ho-rang will be surprised to learn about. He wonders if she became a boss. Later, she is seen talking to Mr Park about their Uglies Business while Tae-ho and Ho-rang help her offload sweet potatoes at Mr Park’s store. She becomes a boss. 

What Happens to the Thunder Boys after giving back Boram Mart? 

The next scene is at Sang-woo’s audition. The judge asks if he did anything else after Thunder Boys. He says he is a former boss at Boram Mart’s beverage section, and the experience helped him grow and encouraged his dream. Meanwhile, Tae-ho and Ho-rang offload sweet potatoes at Mr. Park’s shop. Ye-rim is their boss. Tae-ho notices that Ho-rang and Ye-rim like each other and step back when they ask him to join them for a meal. 

Elsewhere, Gina and Young-min are having a meal. Tae-ho has a meal with his sister and thanks her for caring for him. He also gives her the makeup present he has been carrying around, but it is used. He tries to remember when someone used it and remembers the boys acting suspiciously during the radio interview. Lee-joon, now famous Youtuber Joony J, is talking about colours on DJ Noona’s show.

How does CEO-dol Mart end?

Ho-rang buys rice cake soups for the boys who are waiting outside the Mart to celebrate the new year. Everyone is unemployed, and Joony J’s channel has over 10,000 subscribers. As the boys walk from Boram Mart after having the rice cake soup, CEO Yoon calls Ho-rang and tells them about a wedding hall under their name.

The final episode ends with the boys shouting together, “It’s a deal”, about the wedding hall, and happily hugging outside Boram Mart. 

The Episode Review

The final episode of Boss Dol Mart wraps up perfectly, as it was intriguing until the end without lagging or becoming predictable. After episode 9, one would have predicted that episode 10 would be about the boys getting back the Mart and Ji-wook being arrested. However, the script brought surprises, giving the series an even better ending.

Even though the boys are into different things, they still find time for each other, which shows that their bond has been rebuilt throughout the series. Does the call about the Wedding Hall mean there might be a season 2?

I would be excited to see the boys grace the screen again as they battle running an events management business. A wedding Hall would bring even more exciting business challenges for the boys to solve. 

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