CEO-dol Mart – K-Drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Healing From the Past Misfortunes

Episode 9 of CEO-dol Mart starts at Boram Mart with the boys rushing in, calling out Sang-woo, who is hiding in the back room. Tae-ho says that Grannie Bok-soon called and informed him about Sang-woo fainting. Soon after, Ho-rang, whom the boys had left at the hospital, arrives to check on Sang-woo. The boys are surprised since they just had Ho-rang admitted to the hospital after the accident. 

Sang-woo apologises to the boys. The boys wonder what he means, and he confesses that he has been afraid of snow since the day of the accident. In a flashback, Sang-woo asks Hyeon-yi to hurry up so they can go to Seoul together. Hyeon-yi asks him to leave first since he has to do an interview.

Hyeon-yi had changed the order of the interview, so Sang-woo goes first and get to Seoul in time to rest before the broadcast. Sang-woo wants to wait, but Hyeon-yi insists. Hyeon-yi gives him a guitar as a Christmas gift. Hyeon-yi plans to go on a trip with them on his birthday, and Sang-woo leaves. 

Hence, Sang-woo blames himself since he was supposed to stay instead of Hyeon-yi. He blames himself for the accident. The boys comfort Sang-woo. Meanwhile, Lee Ji-wook is furious that the boys are not afraid of his threats about the seizure of Boram Mart.

CEO Yoon tells him that the boys have nothing to lose. Ho-rang will not give up, especially if he is protecting the members. Ji-wook decides to make Ho-rang his main target henceforth. 

CEO Yoon secretly records the conversation and asks Ji-wook why he would not let them sell Boram Mart. He says the Mart cannot be sold before it becomes his. CEO Yoon tells Ji-wook about Ho-rang visiting him to ask about Chairman Kim Young-soo. CEO Yoon is still recording the conversation when Ji-wook admits to tearing down the CCTV, wondering how Ho-rang knew he was wearing a funeral garment. 

Ho-rang carries Sang-woo so he does not step on snow as the boys head home. Young-min feels guilty that he did know that Sang-woo is suffering and wishes he had done more. The boys then visit Lee Hae-young, the administrative clerk, for help with the business suspension. She offers to do her best to get the suspension period reduced, but Ho-rang says they need to be found not guilty.

Hae-young thinks it will be difficult since the inspection squad found the expired items on the shelves. Due to a lack of evidence on the perpetrator, their best option is to sign petitions and apply for a reduction in the suspension period. 

Do-yoon approaches Lee-joon while he is out, asking customers to sign petitions and offers to help. As a reward, he asks Lee-joon to help him edit a video for a vlog he filmed. Do-yoon says he diligently filmed Granny’s birthday banquet and took the camera into the store. Meanwhile, Ye-rim swoons over Gina and Young-min at the Mart when she comes to deliver the signed petition.

Tae-ho lost the game and is tasked with getting signatures from Jinsung Mart. The owner tortures him to peel onions in exchange for signatures. Mr Park brings a carton of sweet potatoes to Boram Mart and asks Ye-rim to share it with the bosses. In exchange, Ye-rim gives him a box of “Uglies”. They are unsellable vegetables they stock at the Mart to sell cheaply to customers.

Mr Park is intrigued by the idea and gives Ye-rim his card. She is to call him when she comes up with good sales ideas. The boys arrive, and Mr Park asks Ho-rang if he made a decision. Mr. Park tells them about his offer for Ho-rang to take over his shop since Boram Mart is in trouble.

Ji-wook calls his Attorney to remind him that Ho-rang is their target. The Attorney arrives while the boys gather around, ganging up on Ho-rang for considering Mr. Park’s offer. He asks to have a meeting with Lee-joon. They go to a café where he tells Lee-joon that he is subscribed to his YouTube channel.

The Attorney mentions that if Lee-joon does not concentrate on posting more videos, he will lose viewership. He pays him half the moving fee and asks him to sign a renunciation so he can wrap up the business with Boram Mart and make fun content. He needs to succeed and go back to the entertainment industry. Lee-joon is shocked when he sees the money. 

Next, the Attorney meets with Young-min. He gives him 10 Million won to start a speciality butcher shop. Young-min turns him down. Sang-woo turns the Attorney down, too, while Tae-ho tells him Boram Mart is a special place for them and they cannot give it up for a mere ten million Won.

The Attorney reminds him that Ho-rang paid debts worth 50 Million Won for the Mart and gave up his dream. If the Mart is seized, they cannot repay him. Tae-ho seems to consider the Attorney’s words. 

The Attorney heads back to the shop and leaves Ho-rang’s share of the money on the counter and leaves. The boys come back and tell him they are considering signing the renunciation and taking the money. The boys are frustrated to give up the Mart but also burdened with Ho-rang having to give up his investment if they lose the Mart. Hence, they want to take the money and pay him back. 

After an argument, Ho-rang storms out, and Ye-rim follows. She gives him a Thunder Boys Photo card as a luck token. Ho-rang stares at it in disbelief. She tells him always to look at the photo card when the days get hard and cheer up.

Meanwhile, the Attorney calls CEO Yoon and asks him to hand over the Mart as the contract stipulates. He also mentions that someone else will become the owner since the Chairman changed his will before his death. CEO Yoon is surprised. 

Elsewhere, Lee-joon is watching the vlog video for the birthday banquet made by Do-yoon. He texts the other boys, reminding them to make up or do the I Love You challenge by midnight. He sees something in the video and is surprised. Meanwhile, San-woo tries to make Ho-rang, Tae-ho, and Young-min reconcile on the shop’s rooftop as they roast sweet potatoes.

Ye-rim arrives with chicken and beer. Sang-woo whines about the boy not eating his roast potatoes when he spends an hour making the fire. Lee-joon arrives after midnight, and since the boys did not make it, they have to do the penalty. Hold hands and tell each other, “I Love You.” 

Ho-rang apologises for choosing to disband after Hyeon-yi’s death. He tells the boys that when he thought of dancing and smiling on stage without Hyeon-yi, he could not do it and decided to disband without informing the boys. Tae-ho tells him that they disbanded because none of them could go on without Hyeon-yi. Lee-joon finally gets the chance to tell them his big news. He’s got the evidence on his camera, and they are not guilty. 

In the video, Do-yoon goes into the shop during the banquet while filming. He hears the people singing upstairs and leaves the camera on the counter and leaves. The camera is still filming and captures Ji-wook at the shop that night. His laptop dies, which makes them look into the locked room behind the shelf.

Somehow, Ho-rang knows the code to open the padlock, and inside are photos and other merchandise of the Thunder Boys. The episode with the boys and Ye-rim perplexed at the door.

The Episode Review

There is only one episode left, and this chapter did a great job of wrapping up the suspense. The boys have indisputable proof to help them get the Mart back. Their relationship is better than ever, with the boys opening up about their regrets about the past and accepting their present. They treasure the Mart since it brought them together. 

The relationship between the bosses has developed over the episodes, and in this one, they trust each other enough to discuss the difficult topics about Hyeon-yi’s death. It seems that they are finally healing from that incident. Will they get the Mart back since they have the video proof? What did the Attorney mean when he said someone else would inherit the Mart since the Chairman changed the will?

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