CEO-dol Mart – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Boram Mart’s Business Suspension

Episode 8 of CEO-Dol Mart starts with the boys finding the note telling them to hand over the Mart. The words are written on the real estate transfer agreement. Ho-rang had asked CEO Yoon for the contract but said he lost it. The clause underlined in red states that the real estate transfer agreement will be terminated when the business is fined or suspended. Hence, they will have to transfer the Mart to the original owner. 

Ho-rang visits CEO Yoon to ask about the clause. He realises that CEO Yoon had something to do with the expired products when he mentions them without Ho-rang telling him first. Ho-rang says Boram Mart reunited the Thunder Boys, proving they worked hard for five years. It demonstrates that Hyeon-yi is with them, and he vows that they will protect the Mart. 

Ho-rang and Tae-ho visit the police station and learn that business suspension also attracts a 30 million won fine. Back at the Mart, Lee-joon finds the camera he used the previous night, and they have an idea to check the CCTV for evidence. Ho-rang and Tae-ho go for a meal after visiting the station. Ho-rang promises not to keep secrets. Back at the shop, they check the CCTV cameras and notice a man in the shop while everyone else is out. He throws something at the camera, and they cannot figure out who it is.

Someone calls them out to the shop, and they find Lee Ji-wook and his men. He tells them he is the landowner and is there to repossess the Mart per the contract. They are to move out, and he will pay them the moving money. His lawyer instructs that they take the CCTV footage’s hard drives. Lee Ji-wook also tells them he will demolish the Mart and build a new building.

The bosses and Ye-rim stand outside the Mart, overlooking the sign of suspension. Do-yoon asks them what suspension means, and Tae-ho tells him they might be unable to sell him ramyeon anymore. Ho-rang is frustrated and tries to wipe the suspension sign off the glass, but it does not come off. 

Ji-wook calls CEO Yoon and tells him to provide Attorney Park with information on the Thunder Boys. CEO Yoon is concerned about Ji-wook’s plans and thinks of calling Ho-rang, but changes his mind. Later that night, the Jinsung Mart owner comes to the store to mock the boys. He tells them to sell him the leftover products cheaply after they close. 

Mr. Park calls Ho-rang to sell him a sweet potato at the Mart. The boys and Ye-rim decide to continue with business as usual. Ho-rang turns down the sweet potatoes gift and tells Mr. Park about the business suspension. Mr Park tells him about handling similar cases where fraudulent people put rocks in his products and reported him. He says he checked his CCTV footage and reported all the fraudsters. 

Ho-rang heads back to the shop to recheck the CCTV. He notices a locked room hidden behind a movable shelf. Tae-ho arrives, and Ho-rang asks him to help carry the monitor back to Ye-rim’s house. All the boys gather around to watch the CCTV footage. They decide to spend the whole night going through CCTV and find more evidence that Ji-wook staged the expiry goods. 

The following day, Young-min notices something strange. Ji-wook had come to the shop a few days back wearing a funeral garment. Ho-rang confronts Ji-wook with this information at the shop, which makes him angry. He instructs his men to cut the electricity for the freezers. 

Tae-ho comes with information about a possible way to help them out. While delivering goods that morning, the customer had told them about looking for an administrative verdict. It could get the suspension lifted earlier, and they might even be found not guilty. Ye-rim suggests getting petitions signed by customers before visiting the administrative clerk. Sang-woo offers to get the signatures. He wants them to continue doing business together for a long time. They get some fighting spirit on and are ready to protect the Mart.

Suddenly, Ho-rang gets a call to go to Mr Park’s. He fell while unloading the trucks. He did not call Ho-rang to help since he knew he was opening his business. Ho-rang tells him they have not opened for two days. Mr Park suggests that Ho-rang take over his sweet potato business, but before he can respond, the truck driver calls him to finish offloading.

Later, Ji-seong visits the boys while they are packing the meat to send back to Young-min’s farm. She apologises for the interview, saying she was unaware of the concept chosen by the seniors. The boys had no idea about the concept, and they ask Ji-seong to tell them about what had happened that day. 

She tells them that her superior kept asking about Hyeon-yi. He said that talking about him would be the only reason the show would be aired on TV. In a flashback, it is shown that the concept chosen was “The Unfortunate Group That Disbanded after Losing a Member in an Accident.” As the boys ponder the information at the Mart, they get a call from Mr Park saying Ho-rang got into an accident and an ambulance cannot reach him due to the snow.

The boys all rush out to go to Ho-rang. However, Sang-woo suffers trauma from the day they got the news about Hyeon-yi. He is afraid of stepping into the snow, and when he forces himself to, he faints outside Boram Mart. At the end of the episode, Tae-ho, Lee-joon, and Young-min run to help Ho-rang. He sprawls on the ground with snow falling and loses consciousness. 

The Episode Review

Hyeon-yi’s accident has been a mystery all through the series. This episode reveals how seriously his death affected the boys, leading to their disbandment. The juxtaposition of the accident from five years ago with Ho-rang’s accident in the present helps the viewers better understand the boys’ emotions and feel their pain and concern.

How will a similar accident in the present affect the boys and their business relationship? Will Lee Ji-wook succeed in repossessing the Mart, or will the boys manage to prove his dirty schemes? Will the boys finally be able to overcome the trauma of losing Hyeon-yi? What is in the locked room at Boram Mart? Let us look forward to getting more answers in the next episode of Boss Dol Mart. 

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