CEO-dol Mart – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Granny’s 80th Birthday Party

Episode 7 of CEO-dol Mart starts with the Thunder Boys getting ready for the interview outside Boram Mart. They head inside the store to check on Ho-rang and walk in on him, telling the interviewers that they will not appear on television. He also tells them he does not feel bad about refusing their offer. He asks the reporters to leave. 

Afterwards, the boys want to know why Ho-rang asked the reporters to leave. He says the recording will be on Saturday, affecting the Mart’s weekend business. However, they are not convinced, and Tae-ho storms out.

The following morning, Ho-rang wakes up and realises Tae-ho never went home. He goes to the Mart and tells Ye-rim he is heading to Busan on a business trip. Tae-ho arrives and is still angry about Ho-rang refusing the interview. He thinks Ho-rang is going for the construction job in Busan and says he does not care.

Our favourite Granny comes to the Mart, buys goods worth 78,500 won, and pays in full. Tae-ho gives her ten stickers, while Ye-rim watches Tae-ho admiringly as he interacts with Granny. Meanwhile, Ho-rang arrives at the seafood market in Busan to buy dried seaweed. 

Granny calls the Mart and asks Tae-ho to head to her house. On arrival, she tells him to return the goods she had just bought and refund her. Tae-ho asks why she is angry when she is just happy while purchasing the goods. Granny says she is turning 80 this year, and Tae-ho says it calls for a party. On the calendar, the birthday party is marked for Friday. Granny says she can no longer have a party since her two sons and daughter will not attend. She cannot have a party alone. 

On impulse, Tae-ho tells Granny to come to the Mart on her birthday and spend it with them. She asks for a banquet and a celebratory song. He takes the goods Granny bought and heads back to the Mart. He sees Ho-rang checking goods delivery and learns he had gone to Busan to buy seaweed. Tae-ho asks that Ho-rang does not take up all his responsibilities and inform him the next time. He bought seaweed since CEO Yoon said it would be the next ingredient on Go Sa-ri’s show. 

CEO Yoon had told all the boys about the next ingredient, and they meet outside the Mart, all carrying seaweed. Tae-ho comes up with an idea to promote the seaweed and increase sales. He suggests opening a seaweed marketplace on the roof. They can cook seaweed soup like they did the grilled mackerel. Lee-joon says that although Tae-ho’s idea is good, he is selling it like a peddler. Ho-rang wonders if he was scammed again.

Just then, Granny arrives to ask about his 80th birthday party. The boys wonder when they agreed to hold a party for her and realise why Tae-ho came up with the seaweed marketplace idea. Granny is pitiful, which makes Ho-rang ask that she join them for Friday lunch. Granny says she invited 20 friends since they heard a performance will happen. The boys are not worried about cooking seaweed soup but about the performance. 

Someone calls Ye-rim to offer her a job, and Ho-rang overhears the conversation. Gina arrives at the Mart and asks Ye-rim where she can find the handsome butcher just as the boys arrive back at the shop after their meeting about the party. Young-min tells Gina that if she keeps coming to the shop, he will run away again. Gina says she does not care about the pictures, and if Young-min runs, she will go and find him again. 

Young-min says Gina dazzles while he is pathetic; hence, they do not fit together. Gina thinks otherwise. She might be all flashy on the outside but miserable on the inside. Only Young-min cherished her pathetic self, and she could not forget him. Young-min tells her not to find him. He will be the one going to her. He walks toward and hugs her as the Boys and Ye-rim stand in awe. 

It’s Friday, and Boram Mart’s dried foods marketplace is officially open on the roof. The boys are ready and dressed up for business. Later, Tae-ho goes to pick up Granny’s birthday cake from Ye-rim and accidentally touches some with his fingers. He tries to get close to Ye-rim and give her the gift he has been carrying for days, but Ho-rang interrupts. Tae-ho notices that Ye-rim smiles when she has similar interactions with Ho-rang but not when with him.

While everyone is celebrating and singing Granny’s birthday song, Do-yoon notices the strange man, Lee Ji-wook, and sees into the Mart while everyone else is on the roof. Granny asks the boys to sing more songs, and they panic for a second since they have not prepared anything else. Lee-joon tells the people that Sang-woo will be singing the encore, but he gets so nervous to get on stage alone. Ye-rim gives him some liquid courage. 

As Sang-woo gets ready to sing, Lee Ji-wook is inside the store doing something strange. Ji-seong mentions to Ho-rang an audition she had informed Sang-woo about, but he has yet to respond. As everyone applauds Sang-woo after his performance, Ji-wook calls the food safety and sanitation department to report Boram Mart. 

At the end of the party, Granny thanks Tae-ho by giving him her points sticker. She asks him to get something good to eat since he says he needs to pay for candy. She asks him to thank the other bosses on her behalf.

Meanwhile, Ho-rang asks Sang-woo to apply for the preliminaries. He knows Sang-woo still wants to do music, and he tells him to stop thinking about it and apply for the audition. Ho-rang is okay with living without a big dream. He asks Sang-woo to follow his and stop thinking about him and the other bosses. 

Officials from the city’s food safety and sanitation department arrive at the shop. They’ve come to investigate a report that the shop is selling expired goods. They find a lot of expired goods on the shelves, violating article 44 of the Food Sanitation Act. Tae-ho says he removed all the products the day before for return, but the officers found them on the shelves hidden between the unexpired goods. Young-min tries to plead with the officers, but they ask the boys to head in for police interrogation the next day. 

Sang-woo is sure that he took the expired milk out for return. He thinks that something happened while they were out of the store. A business suspension would mean they can no longer do business at Boram Mart. They believe someone intentionally mixed in only the products with expiry dates on the shelves. Suddenly, the lights at the Mart go off, and Sang-woo notices that Tae-ho’s drawing of the scammer is torn into pieces. A note in its place says, “Hand Over the mart.”

The Episode Review

This episode was about the boys making peace with their past and accepting their present. They get upset about Ho-rang’s decision to cancel the TV appearance, but the next day, they all arrive for work carrying seaweed. As Sang-woo says, they have grown attached to the Mart. It is also about encouraging Sang-woo to continue his dreams of becoming a singer.

The question left on the viewers’ minds at the end of this episode is: who is Lee Ji-wook? Why is he desperate to make sure Boram Mart’s business fails? 

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