CEO-dol Mart – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

Salting and Grilling the Mackerels

Episode 5 of CEO-dol Mart starts with Gina making a scene at Boram Mart, shouting for Young-min to come out, just as people start taking pictures. On the way, Ho-rang tells her never to come back to the store. Ye-rim starts questioning how Ho-rang knows Gina. She throws a necklace to the floor, and Young-min has a matching one. 

Lee-joon arrives with many boxes of mackerel to be bought at a discount, but they are leftovers and weak. Young-min is not responsive to their questions on whether or not they can sell the fish. When Lee-joon learns that Gina came to the store, he says Young-min will be out of it all day. They still decide to try it, but Lee-joon has no idea how to prepare the fish for the customers, and they do not make any sales. 

The boys discuss the losses from the failed fish sales, and Tae-ho makes Lee-joon think he is not cut out to do business. Tae-ho refuses to comfort Lee-joon. Sang-woo runs after Lee-joon and runs into the music producer Ji-seong. She enquires if he has any plans to produce music again. She tells him about an audition in her company and asks him to think about singing again. She also knows the other members who work at Boram Mart. 

The lights at the store go off while Ho-rang and Ye-rim are cleaning up after the close of the day. Ye-rim trips on Ho-rang and says she hates romantic clichés, but the romantic cliché happens. Ho-rang thinks she likes the clichés. On the way home, Ye-rim asks Ho-rang how she knew Gina, and he says he knew her briefly when they were younger. He says first love should remain as a memory; that is why he told her not to come to the mart again. He returns her photo card to Ye-rim. 

The following day, Lee-joon does not come to the shop. Ho-rang tries to call him, but his phone is not getting through. The rest decide to start the day. Ho-rang goes to the real estate agent, takes Boram Mart off the market, and then calls Min-soo. He knows about Ho-rand impersonating a manager. He tells him to do his best to keep the mart and not end up blaming someone else when he loses it. 

The idol trainees come to meet with Sang-woo so he can teach them the dance moves. Ho-rang happens to watch from afar, and Tae-ho is swindled. Ho-rang visits Mr. Park, and he gives him some advice. Business is about looking into the future, controlling emotions, and not relying on tricks. The only thing to trust is the product and the people he works with who share the same goals.

Ye-rim encourages Tae-ho and tells her there is nothing wrong with working at a mart. His sister is wrong to make him feel bad. Sang-woo calls Ho-rang to tell him Lee-joon did not come to the mart. Meanwhile, Lee-joon is recording his YouTube video. Ho-rang visits him and brings fish gifts. He asks him to report to work the next day. 

Tae-ho asks Ho-rang to help with the grill he is swindled to buy. They take it back to the shop and find Lee-joon learning how to prep the mackerel. The rest of the boys join, and they reconcile, ready for another day at the mart. 

The following morning, Young-min grills some mackerel on the swindled coal grill, and Tae-ho starts complaining. A customer comes in and sees the grilled mackerel and a new business opportunity opens up. Buy the mackerel, and they grill it for you at an extra cost. Customers line up waiting to get their grilled fish. A strange person observes lee-joon prepping the fish for customers and soon after, Do-yoon hands Ho-rang a white mask he collects from the ground. In a flashback, Ho-rang remembers the masked man who came to the store. 

Gina comes back to get her necklace, and Young-min tells her that she threw it away and they need to end it at that. She asks if he missed her and why he still wears the necklace. Young-min is unable to continue grilling, which almost affects business, but Tae-ho takes over the grilling.

Tae-ho’s noona kicks him out for using her card to pay for the grill. He goes back to the shop and comes across the lease contract between Ho-rang and Ye-rim. He smirks, saying he has a place to stay. He goes to the address and finds Ho-rang and Ye-rim dealing with the burnt mackerel issue in the house. The episode ends with Tae-ho asking if they are together.

The Episode Review

Although it was quite predictable, it was amazing watching the boys turn a misfortune into a moneymaking opportunity with the mackerel. Mr. Park gives great advice about business, and the boys continue to value each other more and more in each episode.

The past keeps creeping in, starting with the past relationship between Gina and Young-min and the producer who keeps running into Sang-woo. It also introduces the possible romance between Ho-rang and Ye-rim and the possible love triangle with Tae-ho. The episode is easy-going, with some mysteries about the masked man and CEO Min-soo’s unknown motive regarding Boram Mart. 

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