Boss Dol Mart – K- Drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Hidden Past Starts Catching Up

Episode 4 of Boss Dol Mart starts at Ye-rim’s house. She wakes up late and has to attend the interview by 9 a.m. Ho-rang is waiting outside to sign the lease agreement, and she asks him for a ride. On the way-Ho-rang tells her she agreed to give him the room if he hired her, but Ye-rim does not remember. She does slightly remember the conversation of the night before though.

Ye-rim shares some insights with Ho-rang about some changes that could be made in the Mart to enrich the customer’s experience. Next, Ye-rim arrives at Jeongseong F&C for the interview. During the interview, the interviewer asks about a product line she thinks they should include, and she remembers the ugly sweet potatoes at Boram Mart.

The interviewer insults her response since it is not based on some academic journal and tells her that if she fails the interview, she can go back and do more research at the Mart. Ye-rim does not wait for the interview to end but walks out, telling the interviewer she will be heading out to do more research. 

During their morning assembly, the boys deliberate the bait product to use for Boram Mart reopening. Elsewhere at Jinsung Mart, someone recognizes Sang-woo as a member of the Thunder Boys and gives him her business card. She is a music producer. Ho-rang and Ye-rim sign the lease agreement, and she tells him she will start work the next day. 

A young boy walks into Boram Mart and buys ramen. Tae-ho gives him rice and tells Ho-rang he is an expert when it comes to kids. Ho-rang tells him to pitch an idea about child customers, and after looking around, he says that the snack corner is too far. Ho-rang remembers Ye-rim telling him the same thing.

Ye-rim arrives at work the following day and is amazed at their teamwork. Despite coming from different backgrounds, different hometowns, having different personalities, age differences, and always fighting, they work together harmoniously and in-sync. She wonders what they did in the past. 

Ho-rang meets with Min-soo to talk about Go Sa-ri, one of the celebs he manages who hosts “Food is Power.” Ho-rang asks for some information, and Min-soo tells him that in exchange for the info, Ho-rang has to go to the real estate agent and tell them he is not selling the Mart. He will give him the information once he takes the Mart off the market.

However, Ho-rang does not come to ask for a favour but to know Go Sa-ri’s schedule, and he sees it written on the events table in Min-soo’s office. Tae-ho and Ho-rang go to Go Sa-ri pretending to be assistants sent by Min-soo. Someone recognizes Ho-rang while Lee-joon contemplates telling the bosses they need to include a seafood section. He does not like the smell of seafood, and he knows that mentioning seafood would put him in charge of that section.

Going to a broadcasting station brings odd feelings for Ho-rang and Tae-ho. Yoon Tae-ha, the person Ho-rang comes across, posts the selfie he took online. Tae-ho gets angry, and Ho-rang wonders what he should have told him if not that he is a manager. Tae-ho says he should have said he is the boss. Ho-rang does not care what Yoon Tae-ha thinks, but Tae-ho does. He says he will break Tae-ha apart in hate comments. 

Ye-rim puts Gina’s posters in the shop, and Young-min seems anxious. Lee-joon says Young-min knows Gina better than anyone, but Young-min refutes. Ho-rang and Tae-ho come back, but the information they found out cannot be implemented.

The secret ingredient is Mackerel, which has never been stocked in Boram Mart. Lee-joon finally gains the courage and goes to get Sang-woo. He tells Jinsung, the owner, that Boram Mart will become the number one Mart in the neighbourhood. The music producer sees them leave.

Tae-ho’s sister comes to the Mart after it reopens and wants to drag him away. She says she cannot let her brother work in such a place. Ho-rang stands up for Tae-ho, saying he is crazy about money and therefore makes a good cashier for the Mart, and they need everyone.

Granny arrives and insists that she only trusts Tae-ho to ring up her products. Tae-ho tells his sister that working at the Mart, he no longer feels lonely while serving customers and bickering with the boys. He wants to be happy before he turns 30 rather than be successful.

Some fan girls of Tae-ha come to the Mart bearing gifts for Ho-rang to give to his “best friend” Tae-ha. Ho-rang wonders how they knew about the Mart, and Tae-ho shows them his hate comment. He left the Mart’s address in the comments but did not know anyone would come.

Soon after, another group of fan girls arrives. Ye-rim swoons over Gina on a commercial, and coincidentally, she arrives at the Mart. She gets ice cream next to the meat section and sees Young-min, but he hides in the inner section. She starts calling Young-min, desperate for him to come out at the end of the episode. 

The Episode Review

The self-esteem of the boys is tested here. They interact with people in the industry they quit, and it is a test of their self-confidence in becoming Mart owners.

Their past also starts to catch up with Gina coming to the Mart and the producer who recognized Sang-woo. It seems that she had a history with Young-min. Boram Mart is officially open for business, and more challenges are in store for the Thunder Boys in coming episodes. I am still curious about what their former manager, CEO Yoon Min-soo, has in the plans about demolishing the Mart and building something else. 

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