Boss Dol Mart – K- Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Episode 3 of Boss Dol Mart starts with Ho-rang receiving a call about the Busan job and turning it down, which means he agrees to run the Mart with the Thunder Boys. Elsewhere, Min-soo gets a call and is told that the boys are running the Mart and not selling it. Next, Ho-rang visits Mr. Park and gives him the market price of the sweet potatoes he took from his farm.

He tells him that he will be running a business with his friends and will, therefore, be visiting Mr Park regularly to get pointers. Lee-joon is watching a video of Thunder Boys’ first interview after debut when Tae-ho tells him that Ho-rang needs them at a meeting on the rooftop. During the meeting, Ho-rang introduces the new rules the boys must abide by as the new bosses of Boram Mart.

Rule number 8 says that conflicts must be resolved by midnight. Sang-woo says they can all easily follow the rules but is sure that Ho-rang and Tae-ho will break rule 8. They fight often and will definitely refuse to make up before midnight. Sang-woo suggests a twist: if any member fails to reconcile by midnight, they will hold hands and say “I love you” to each other. Tae-ho and Ho-rang unanimously disagree, but Lee-joon has already modified the duty list. 

Ye-rim visits the real estate agent to follow up on her request to get a roommate. Elsewhere, someone hands Min-soo the real estate transfer agreement regarding Boram Mart. One of the clauses states that the business will be suspended if the Mart does not operate faithfully. Min-soo hints at wanting to demolish the Mart to build a high rise. 

Ye-rim arrives home and finds Ho-rang waiting at the door to deliver her groceries ordered from Boram Mart. She asks for a part-time job, and Ho-rang tells her to apply and make sure she includes a resume. Ye-rim gets mad and says she will not do it. 

The boys start to have a difficult time running the Mart. They all depend on Ho-rand when making decisions, but he does not know much about running a Mart. In addition, the lights are cut because of unpaid bills, and the suppliers owed cause problems. They storm in and threaten to take back their products if they are not paid since they heard that the Mart held a closing sale. 

Sang-woo is hurt in the process. Ho-rang asks Lee-joon to turn on the Livestream. He tells the suppliers that he will not pay their money because they hurt Sang-woo and asks them why they did not push Bong-soo as hard previously to pay their money. They are to leave the Mart and never come back, or else he will include their names and post the video. He asks the boys to take Sang-woo to the hospital and heads out. 

Ye-rim starts working at a different mart, inviting people in to try their giveaways. Ho-rang arrives at the supermarket, and Ye-rim invites him to play. He wins the first place but only takes a drink. Ho-rang pays back the suppliers and the electricity bills from his savings. 

Ho-rang comes to the shop drunk and finds the suppliers who came to show their gratitude for the cleared balances. He tells them that he used his savings for the past five years to pay them. Tae-ho and Young-min send out the suppliers. 

The other boys are challenged to do something for the business, seeing that Ho-rang used his savings. In his drunken state, Ho-rang says he needs to find a rental house. The next day, the real estate agent takes him to the room Ye-rim is renting out. Lee-joon decides to become an undercover agent and visit other Marts to figure out how they run business.

Sang-woo joins him, and they start at Jinsung Mart, but the owner soon finds them out. Young-min’s father sent them pork meat just when Granny walks into Boram Mart and asks for some. She, as usual, pays less and makes a fuss about getting total points. The boys gather on the roof to have some meat and drinks.

They find the meat delicious, but when Young-min tastes it, he leaves. Ye-rim brings her resume to apply for a job, and Ho-rang asks her to join them for a meal and drinks. Outside, Young-min calls his father and promises to do his best and repay him. 

Ye-rim asks why Ho-rang just took a bottle of Soju after winning the first prize. He says he was not looking to win a price but was testing himself to see if he could do something crazy. What he needed then was Soju’s courage to cancel his five-year instalment savings with four months left to defend the Mart. Ye-rim passes the interview and becomes a part of the team. 

Ho-rang and Lee-joon head out to look for Tae-ho since he always does something crazy when drunk. Sang-woo arrives from his part-time work at Jinsung Mart, sees the photo of the Thunder Boys on the floor, and puts it up. He asks Hyeon-yi to watch over them as the episode ends, zooming in on the words Happy New Year written on a closed door. 

The Episode Review

This episode delved into the boys’ character development and relationships in preparation to run the business. Ho-rang takes a chance on them and takes a huge risk by using his savings to save the Mart. The boys are challenged and willing to learn how to run the Mart successfully.

Even the youngest Sang-woo is bold enough to work undercover in a competitor’s business to gain Intel to help their business. Although the episode is light-hearted, it has so much depth, showing the boys’ determination in their new endeavour together as friends. 

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