Boss Dol Mart – K- Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

To Stay Or To Leave 

Episode 2 of Boss Dol Mart starts after the lights suddenly go out at Boram Mart, and a man wearing a white mask stands outside the door. While everyone else is scared, Ho-rang approaches the door and tries to tell the man they are closed, but he lets himself in just as the lights come back on. He takes some candy and leaves 1000 won on the counter. He looks around the shop for a while, then leaves. 

Next, Tae-ho is at the taekwondo studio, lazing around thinking about the Mart. His Noona comes in and scolds him for not working. He asks for a raise to use the money on the Mart he now owns. His Noona thinks he is lying and gives him an earful. He is almost 30 years old and has never accomplished anything. He needs to work diligently if he wants a raise. 

Elsewhere, Ho-rang works at a construction site offloading cement. His co-worker tells him about a contract the company had won at Busan Constructions. The money they will make at the 6-month contract will be enough to help Ho-rang buy the necessary equipment to become a freelance contractor. While Ho-rang and the supervisor chat, a man carrying boxes of sweet potatoes falls, and Ho-rang rushes to help him. He helps him offload the rest of the boxes and gives him one box as a reward. 

Tae-ho is at the Mart thinking about what his Noona said. A grandma walks in, buys some goods but pays less, and demands the full reward points. Elsewhere, Ye-rim gets her phone repaired and calls Bong-soo, asking to work part-time again at the Mart. Bong-soo tells her that he no longer owns the Mart since a bunch of thugs pushed him out and will most likely sell the Mart. 

Lee-joon and Young-min arrive at the shop and see Tae-ho’s notice about the lightning bargain sale. Tae-ho tells them about the Mart owing lots of money to suppliers, creditors, and unpaid taxes. The Mart’s unpaid bills amount to about 50 million won, and the Mart will be seized if they do not pay up. Also, nobody is willing to buy the Mart when it has been on sale for more than a year. 

Tae-ho thinks they should forget their pride and try to run the Mart. He believes he will never get another chance to have his name written on a business registration certificate. Ho-rang arrives angrily, asking who said they could open the Mart. They all have their jobs to take care of, and he has to make deliveries and go to Busan for work.

Ho-rang is not confident they can run the Mart and worries about what would happen if someone recognizes them. Tae-ho thinks running the Mart is better than being looked down on for not achieving anything in their life. They put the decision to a vote, Lee-joon and Young-min vote to do business. 

Ho-rang says it should be decided by unanimous vote, and since he is against it, it will not happen. Tae-ho insists he is not their leader and is not responsible for them. Ho-rang thinks everyone is doing fine, but the boys open up about their woes after disbanding. Sang-woo, who was listening to the conversation outside the Mart, walks in with the box of sweet potatoes. 

Sang-woo tells them he worked part-time at a Korean-mart in Bali, and working in a Mart is fun. Lee-joon suggests they try making money running the business for a day by throwing a closing sale. If they find it challenging to handle, they will agree to sell. A customer walks in and is intrigued by the sweet potatoes, which gives Tae-ho an idea to use the sweet potatoes as a bait item to bring in customers during the closing sale.

Ho-rang remembers what a woman had told him about Mr. Park’s sweet potatoes. He rushes to ask Mr. Park to sell him some of the sweet potatoes, but he refuses. However, he sends him to a field and tells him he can take as many sweet potatoes as he wants to use in his Mart for free. He does not sell them since they are lacking in shape and weight. 

The next day, the boys prepare to open Boram Mart for the closing sale. Lee-joon brings them new uniforms. Ho-rang had invited Ye-rim to help with the closing sale, but she had refused. She now wants to return the goods she bought at the Mart and buy at the discount price. Ho-rang arrives at the Mart with the sweet potatoes. The boys help him carry them into the store.

Young-min packs the meat, Ho-rang and Tae-ho display the sweet potatoes, Lee-joon sets up the television, and Sang-woo puts the red carpet at the entrance. Elsewhere, there are no customers at Jinsung Mart, while many of them line outside Boram Mart waiting for it to open. The boys are all set in their uniforms to start the closing sale. 

Sang-woo goes out to give out flyers for the closing sale. He arrives at a dance studio and sees three idol trainees at a dance practice. One of them gets foot cramps, and Sang-woo rushes in to help him. Another one looks down on Sang-woo for interrupting their dance session to give them flyers, and Sang-woo claps back, pointing out his choreography flaws. 

Ye-rim holds the line at the cashier, arguing with Tae-ho about her refund. Tae-ho finally agrees to refund her, but as she leaves, Ho-rang gives her some oranges, which makes her sentimental. She stands at a distance, watching the boys handle crises with the customers flawlessly, admiring their efforts. 

Elsewhere, Min-soo offers to sell a contract to someone. They agree on the price, and he says he will meet him with the contract later. Back at Boram Mart, Ho-rang notices Ye-rim struggling to carry her bag and rushes after her. He offers to deliver the goods later for free. As they chat outside the Mart, the owner of Jinsung Mart arrives, storming into the shop. He sees Ho-rang, starts insulting him, saying he is total trash, and calls out for the owner.

The boys raise their hands, starting with Tae-ho. Ye-rim returns and tells him that another owner is standing before him, referring to Ho-rang. She tells him to stop interrupting their business and get out. Ye-rim offers to take over the cashier work since they are busy agreeing to take the part-time job previously offered by Ho-rang. 

Jinsung’s owner says he will report them for running a business without health permits, and coincidentally, all the boys take out their health permits. As a result of this, the Jinsung Mart owner leaves. Sang-woo arrives later that night and tells Ho-rang that handing out flyers is nostalgic. It reminds him of the time they handed out their debut album at Green Rooms. Ho-rang asks for his opinion on his choice between a majority vote and a unanimous vote. Sang-woo says that between absoluteness and possibility, he would go for the majority vote since it brings the possibility that he will be with his hyungs again. 

The sweet potatoes on display sell out, and Tae-ho asks Ho-rang to bring in more. Later, in the backroom, Ho-rang thinks to himself that he is the only one scared. Afraid they might fail again, and he would lose something precious again. Thinking back to Sang-woo’s words, he makes a decision.

It will never be a unanimous vote for them since they will never get to hear Hyeon-yi’s voice again. His co-worker at the construction company calls to inform him about the job at Busan. The boys and Ye-rim anxiously wait for his response. He looks around and says he will not be able to join them since he is a mart owner starting today.

The episode ends with the boys and Ye-rim standing around happy and smiling at each other since Ho-rang agrees not to sell Boram Mart. 

The Episode Review

In this episode, the boys work out their disagreements and, through a majority vote, try to give running the business a chance. It is fun watching them handle issues arising with customers and even competitors at Jinsung Mart to the best of their ability. They seem happy to be working together again, and Ho-rang finally agrees to try running the business instead of selling it. 

Ye-rim fits perfectly into the group with her seven years of experience working at the same Mart. Min-soo’s goal remains a mystery. He hid the Boram Mart contract from the boys and is now trying to sell a contract to someone. It makes one wonder what clauses about Mart ownership are included in the contract. Who is he talking to on the phone?  

In addition, does Mr. Park, the sweet potato farmer, does he play a more significant role in the series, or is his appearance merely to challenge Ho-rang in his decision to either sell or run the Mart? Given that the boys have yet to gain experience running the Mart, more challenges are bound to come up. Waiting to find out how they handle them going forward in the next episodes of Boss Dol Mart.

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