Boss Dol Mart – K- Drama Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Thunder Boys’ New Business

Episode 1 of Boss Dol Mart starts outside Boram Mart at night. A masked man approaches the door while another lying at the door tries to stop him. The masked man enters the Mart, pulls out the CCTV camera, and exits. Next, Shin Tae-ho is at the police station being questioned for breaking into Boram Mart. He is the person who was passed out outside the supermarket when the masked man broke in.

Tae-ho insists that he did not break in, while Bong-soo arrives at the police station, asking if the police have captured the culprit who broke into the Mart. He says he will need 10 million won as compensation for the damage and his mental distress. 

Elsewhere, Oh Re-rim is late for a concert and does not notice the detour sign on the pavement. She passes through the construction site and accidentally drops her phone, which gets buried under the soil. Choi Ho-rang offers to get her phone, but at a cost. She has no money, so she gives him an idol’s photo card. 

Next, Ho-rang delivers water at Jinsung Mart but is a little late. The owner of the Mart gets angry at him and refuses to pay, saying he will make a complaint to Ho-rang’s supervisor. Two trainees pass him outside Jinsung Mart, and they mention that Boram Mart is closing its business. Next, Ho-rang stands outside Boram Mart, reminiscing the past as an idol trainee with the Thunder Boys going to Boram Mart to celebrate their debut. 

Ho-rang still stands outside the Mart when an electrical short from naked wires leads to a fire. He heads into the Mart to put out the fire. Tae-ho and Yoon Bong-soo are still at the police station when the news on the television talks about the fire at Boram Mart and the person who singlehandedly put it out. Tae-ho recognizes Ho-rang. 

Ho-rang arrives at the police station and sees Tae-ho. They talk about the irony of having to meet at a police station after five years. Ho-rang thinks Tae-ho does not have the guts to commit a crime and believes he was arrested for urinating in public. Tae-ho says he is being framed.

Ho-rang thinks he was summoned as the witness to the fire, but the police officer says he called him as the owner of Boram Mart. He is in disbelief, and Tae-ho wonders how he made the money to buy the Mart. The police officer says the Mart owners include Choi Ho-rang, Shin Tae-ho, Jo Lee-joon, Eun Young-min, and Yoon Sang-woo; the Thunder Boys.

In a brief flashback, the scene goes back to the Thunder Boys competition, and during the announcement of the results, the group gets terrifying news that a male idol member got into a severe car accident due to heavy snow and died.

Back to the present, Bong-soo, Ho-rang, and Tae-ho exit the police station. Their former idol manager, Yoon Min-soo, waits for them. He is Bong-soo’s brother. He leads them back to his office and tells them they became owners of the Mart due to an Ad they had shot for a Boram Mart drink. The owner did not pay them but contacted him later after they had disbanded and gave them Boram Mart as compensation. Ho-rang is angry that Min-soo intercepted it secretly to make money. 

Bong-soo tells Min-soo about some tab people calling again, so he tells Ho-rang and Tae-ho that he is giving them the Mart to do whatever they want. Ho-rang asks Min-soo to return their name seals and ID certificates he secretly used to sign the mart contract. He returns them but says he lost the contract. Ho-rang also asks for proof of the transaction, takes the ad photo with him, and leaves with Tae-ho. As soon as they go, someone calls Min-soo.

He assures them that he did not hand over the contract. He also tells them not to worry since the Thunder Boys are thoughtless and do not know how to run a business. Elsewhere, Ye-rim is devastated by the failure to get a job. 

Ho-rang and Tae-ho meet the next day at Boram Mart, planning to sell the Mart. Ho-rang notices unpaid taxes and other expenses, which has put the Mart under seizure notice. Tae-ho calls Min-soo, but he says that Ho-rang and the team must take care of the pending bills since they are under their names. They visit the real estate agent and realize that the Mart has been on sale for over a year, and nobody is willing to buy it.

The next scene introduces the other members of Thunder Boys. Lee-joon is an online fashion influencer, Young-min works at a cow farm, and Sang-woo arrives at the airport. Ho-rang and Tae-ho invite them to the shareholder’s meeting. 

While Ho-rang waits for the other members to arrive for the meeting, Ye-rim comes in to make a purchase and thinks Ho-rang is a part-timer. He does not know how to use the POS machine, and Ye-rim tries to show him. She says she has worked as a part-timer at the Mart for seven years and understands how to run the business. 

Lee-joon and Tae-ho are the first to arrive. They notice that Ho-rang has made a sale and are impressed by the amount. Another customer walks in, and Tae-ho stops Ho-rang from telling her they are not in business. Tae-ho sends Ho-rang to deliver Ye-rim’s rice. Tae-ho and Lee-joon have no idea what to do when the customer asks for the price of potatoes. Lee-joon gives her a bargain price, and she sends an alert, making people run out of Jinsung Mart and head to Boram Mart for the discount sale.

News of the influx of customers at Boram Mart reaches Ho-rang while he is delivering rice, and he offers Ye-rim a job as a part-timer to help them out. 

Three creditors arrive at Boram Mart aggressively asking to be paid. Ho-rang and Ye-rim show up to handle the situation and make the creditors give them some more time to pay. Inside the Mart, Lee-joon is stuck dealing with a customer who asks him to cut her meat, but Young-min shows up to save the day. He is ready with a set of knives he brought with him from the farm. Sang-woo is the last to arrive. 

Later that night, the group reminiscences over their idol trainee times. They then talk about the Mart. Young-min thinks it is fun running a mart. Ho-rang informs them that they are the owners of Boram Mart, and he says that they should sell it quickly and share the money. Tae-ho wonders aloud what money they will get and says the Mart might be seized by then. Ho-rang stops him from saying unnecessary things in front of the members. He tells them to stay put, and Ho-rang will talk to the realtors. Ho-rang and Tae-ho argue about Ho-rang acting like he is still the leader when the lights suddenly blackout, followed by thunder and lightning. A man wearing a white mask appears outside the door. The Thunder boys are scared and hug each other, screaming as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

The first episode of Boss Dol Mart introduces all the main characters and gives their backstory and the relationships among them. The episode carefully uses the non-linear storyline approach and perfectly meshes the past and present, leaving room for some suspense.

For instance, why did the group’s former manager withhold the contract? Who wants the boys to fail at running the Mart, and what are the consequences? The characters each have their unique qualities to look forward to in the series and their interaction as friends and business owners. Will they sell the Mart or try and keep it in business? 


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