Bosch: Legacy – Season 2 Episode 10 Recap, Review and Ending Explained

A Step Ahead

How does Maddie cope with the aftermath of the shooting? 

In Bosch: Legacy Episode 10, Maddie gives her testimony about the Ellis shooting. She says she saw Ellis with a gun and decided to make the call to shoot him to save her father’s life. The police tell her they have not found the gun yet, which causes Maddie concern. 

Maddie’s lawyer says it’ll all be fine, and when she asks Vasquez if she saw the gun, she says she only heard the shots, as she arrived after it had all gone down. 

Maddie and Harry talk about the incident, and she justifies the shooting of Ellis by using Harry’s old saying “Taking a life to save a life.” However, she is mad with Harry for slipping his protection and nearly getting himself killed. She also reflects on her mum’s death, how she is angry about that, and how she can’t afford to lose another parent. 

Elsewhere, Matthew tries to mend bridges with Chandler after he sold her out to the FBI. But Chandler tells him she needs people she can trust and wishes him all the best for the future, but he won’t be working with her. She visits her therapist and tells him she doesn’t feel like the person she used to be, but insists she can live with that as she did what she had to do to survive. 

What happens with Mo and Jade?

The FBI want Jade (aka Janice) to push Mo on what he knows about Harry and Chandler, but she risks exposing herself to the rest of the hacker community. Baron says they have a plan to keep her undercover, and give Mo an easier sentence if he agrees to co-operate in bringing down Harry and Chandler. 

Jade Mo eat dinner together at his apartment, but he’s getting irritated at her unwillingness to take the relationship to the next level. 

Soon after, the FBI raid Mo’s apartment and arrest him. They make out Jade is someone who uses hackers to steal corporate secrets, and they will prosecute her unless Mo gives them information on Harry and Chandler. Mo tells Baron he needs an official deal and a few days to make a decision. 

What happens to conclude the Foster and FBI cases? 

Chandler is in court and makes her move against the DA in the Foster case. She presents evidence that suggests a third party was involved, believing Ellis and Long murdered Lexi Parks and used a condom from James Allen to plant Foster’s DNA on the scene. The judge decides the evidence is solid enough to present in court. Chandler then reiterates her desire for the DA to drop the case, but once again, he refuses. 

Chandler tells Harry one of the FBI’s witnesses has recanted his testimony that ID’d Harry at the scene of the pipeline, putting him in the clear. They focus their attentions on the Foster case, with Harry saying they need a confession from Long, who is recuperating from his injuries in hospital after Harry shot him. Harry comes up with a plan, figuring he won’t know Ellis is dead. 

Harry impersonates a doctor and sneaks into Long’s hospital room and reads a fake confession from Ellis to him. The fake confession claims Long murdered Lexi Parks, but Long maintains it was Ellis who lost it and killed her. 

Harry records what Long says, and he and Chandler present this to the DA. He insists it’s inadmissible in court as he didn’t get Long’s consent to record it. Chandler says that doesn’t matter as she plans to release the recording to the press, and he’ll have to explain why he didn’t drop the case despite the evidence. 

Is Chandler really going to run for DA? 

Maddie tells Perez she’s moving out despite him being supportive to her. She says it doesn’t mean they are breaking up. (It absolutely means they are breaking up.)

Chandler awaits the DA’s decision on Foster, meets Irvin Irwing, and asks if he’ll endorse her to be the next DA. He’s retired now but considers her request. The DA finally agrees to drop the charges on Foster, and his name is cleared. 

Does Maddie get cleared of the Ellis shooting? 

Maddie gets a call from a correctional officer telling her Dockweiler died in prison from a suspected overdose. She tells Harry, and he says he was likely killed by inmates because he was a known sexual predator, saying he got what he deserved. Maddie insists he got off easy, and decides she needs closure on what happened to her mum all those years ago. 

She visits the FBI headquarters and views the Memorial Wall. Looking through her mum’s obituary, and she finds a picture of her mum with Maddie as a baby, and she gets emotional. She then talks to Chandler about it and says it’s nice to know a bit more about her mum, but she worries she will lose her empathy for others. Chandler reassures her this won’t happen, as her thinking about it is evidence that she won’t. 

There’s more good news on the way as Sgt. Mankiewicz calls her to tell her they found Ellis’ gun in the water, and she is cleared for shooting him. He tells her to keep it to herself until it’s official. 

What happens at the end of Bosch: Legacy Season 2?

Mo is still in trouble, as Jade comes over to get more information out of him, but Mo turns the tables on her and reveals he knows she’s working undercover. She says she has the USB drive proving he hacked the pharma company, but Mo says the drive had an auto delete function on it, so everything is gone. She tells him she did have feelings for him, and in another life, things might’ve been different. 

Chandler announces her intention to run for DA, after criticising the current DA for his handling of the Foster case. Harry and Maddie are in the crowd watching on. Maddie thinks it’s going to be so cool if she gets in. Harry tells journalist Scott Anderson when he approaches him that Chandler gets his vote. Scott Anderson also wants to know why the grand jury investigation went away and suggests Chandler sent him the subpoena. Bosch refuses to comment. 

Back at Harry’s apartment, Maddie asks Harry if he’d work for Chandler if she became DA. Harry says DA investigators mostly deliver subpoenas and drive witnesses to court, which isn’t of interest to him. Maddie says it’s better than working for the dark side.

Maddie stays behind while Harry goes out to walk the dog. Harry’s phone rings and Maddie sees that it’s from an inmate in Wasco St Prison. She picks up, and it’s Preston Borders, a rapist and murderer arrested by Harry Bosch years ago, and he reveals he took care of Dockweiler on Harry’s request. Harry walks back in, and Maddie reveals who she was talking to, saying, “Dad, what did you do?” You’ll have to wait until season 3 to find out as the final episode ends. 

The Episode Review

The second season of Bosch: Legacy came to a close in style. While the penultimate episode wrapped up a lot of the season’s events, there were a lot of loose ends still to be tied up with Mo being investigated by the FBI and Maddie having to justify killing Ellis to save her father’s life.

It was a great final episode with a really good teaser for season 3, and we can’t wait to see what happens, as a lot of things still remain unresolved. 

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