I Miss Vin Scully

Bosch: Legacy Episode 7 starts with Ellis and Long getting increasingly concerned that Harry is getting closer to finding out the truth. Ellis has a plan and it involves some old fashioned police work as they stake out an illegal brothel. Outside the courthouse, Chandler drops an envelope into a mailbox, with the contents of it unknown to the audience. But it’s clearly part of her bigger plan.

Harry visits an Omega watch shop to follow up on Lexi Parks’ missing watch, and the store owner invites him into his office, explaining that the watch belonged to someone else–a doctor named Schubert, who pawned it off to the Nguyen brothers to pay off gambling debts. Elsewhere, Mo has access to the pharmacy files as he continues to help Jade get hold of some information. He is given the option to look at the files, but he decides against it. When they meet up for a date at a jazz club, Mo gives Jade the USB drive with the files on, freeing her from her psycho ex-boyfriend. 

Ellis searches Harry’s apartment for stuff he can use against him and finds a photo of him and Maddie. He thinks they can get to him through her as he recognises her as the cop who was kidnapped. Ellis and Long present the brothel evidence to their superior, and he gives them the go-ahead to conduct a raid, and they ask for backup from Hollywood CRU, which is Maddie’s unit. Ellis manages to get teamed up with Maddie for the raid. 

As it turns out, Chandler’s package she sent off near the courthouse was a subpoena for the grand jury, which she sent to the journalist, Scott Anderson. It was sent anonymously, but Anderson uses the connection to Harry to single out Chandler as a possible source for it. Anderson meets with Chandler, but she declines to comment. He tells her he knows the grand jury is dealing with Russian organised crime and domestic terrorism, and he plans to publish the story the following day. 

After publication, the press wants to speak to Chandler to follow up on it. Chandler says someone is trying to ruin her reputation. Jurors are dropping out of the case due to the content of the article, and this causes an issue for the FBI, as they will be back to square one with the investigation. 

Maddie is preparing for the raid with Ellis, and he asks her about her father, and she lets slip what she knows about the masked men who killed the Nguyen brothers. The raid takes place, and the cops arrest the pimps and sex workers, and Ellis is very heavy-handed with one of the suspects, kicking him multiple times. Ellis speaks to Maddie afterwards and asks her to keep it between them. Maddie simply responds that the raid was ”educational.” 

Meanwhile, Harry continues investigating the Lexi Parks case and obtains a USB drive from a coworker of hers, which has a recording on it of Lexi calling the Nguyen brothers. On the recording, she tells them she knows the watch was stolen and threatens an investigation if they don’t share the records with her. Harry also tries to contact Dr. Schubert, but has no luck with this. 

Harry receives a text from the detectives working the Allen murder case, revealing that Ellis and Long were the cops protecting Allen. He finds out from Mo that they are experts in surveillance, which makes him think they are probably tracking his car. Mo finds the tracker, but Harry insists on leaving it there so they think they have eyes on him. 

Chandler identifies Ellis and Long as the cops that pulled her over in her DUI arrest, and Harry thinks the watch is the key to everything. Harry and Mo break into the Nguyen brothers shop, and Mo is able to crack the safe, and they discover a DVD, which could hold the key to everything. 

Ellis and Long guess that Harry found their tracker, but they follow him and Mo as they drive back to his place. Ellis speeds up his car, turns off his light and rams Harry and Mo off the road. The episode ends with Harry and Mo unconscious in a ditch off the roadside. 

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