Boruto Two Blue Vortex: Chapter 10 Release Date, Time & Where To Read

Boruto Two Blue Vortex: Chapter 10

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex is the sequel to Boruto, and it’s still written by Masashi Kishimoto and drawn by Mikio Ikemoto. After Kawaki sealed Naruto and Hinata, Ada helped make everyone believe Boruto killed them. Sasuke, who didn’t trust his memories, decided to help the protagonist. They left Konoha but were still determined to bring the truth to light.

In the new series, Boruto returns to the village 3 years after the incident. Kawaki wants to kill him, saying he’ll only free Naruto and Hinata after that happens. Code also wishes to get revenge on the protagonist, angry Boruto stealing Jigen, Isshiki, and Ada from him. 

Boruto has few allies now, one of them being Sarada. She constantly tries to make others believe Naruto is alive, but no one does. With so few people to help him and many problems ahead, how will Boruto save his family? 

If you’ve been following this manga, you may be curious to know when the next chapter will be released. Well, wonder no more!

Here is everything you need to know about Chapter 10 of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, including the release date, time, and where to read it.

Where Can I Read Boruto Two Blue Vortex?

Boruto Two Blue Vortex can be read at a number of different places online. Viz Media is available for those in the US and Canada, while Manga Plus has the rights to release the new chapters. However, it will also be available to read on Shonen Jump

The sequel to Boruto started on 20th, August, 2023. It’s a very recent series, so the only thing we can expect is that it’ll be similar to its predecessors.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex: Chapter 10 Release Date

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 10 will be released on Monday 20th May at approximately 12am (JST) / 3pm (GMT) / 8am (PT) / 11am (ET). Of course, it’s really dependent on how quickly these chapters are uploaded. Expect this to be pretty close to the release time though.

All other chapters are available to read on the above websites. You can read the previous series and Naruto on them too. Expect the chapter to be around 41 pages long.

What happened in Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 9?

Shikadai reports to the sensor team and requests backup to deal with the God Trees. Then, Jura surprises all of them by saying he is following Nine-Tails’ chakra, which leads him to Himawari. He doesn’t understand that but gets excited. 

Suddenly, Jura grows a tree below Himawari and captures her. However, Shikadai, Inojin, and Chocho easily free her. At the same time, Shikamaru picks up the message and learns about what’s happening there. Meanwhile, Koji also warns Boruto about the God Trees’ attack, and the boy goes to Konoha.

Boruto arrives right where Kawaki is and tries to convince him to work together. Unfortunately, Kawaki doesn’t even listen to him and tries to fight, only to get quickly defeated. However, when he activates his karma, Boruto’s resonates. Because of that, the boy has to escape, as he can’t control his karma.

Inojin takes Himawari onto his bird and the kids go away together. The girl asks to be left alone so the others won’t risk themselves, but they disagree. Out of nowhere, she finds herself in a mental plane with a small Nine-Tails.

What do you hope to see as the story progresses? What’s been your favorite moment of Boruto so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Chapter 10 Release Date: Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 10 was released yesterday, on Monday, May 20th, 2024 (though depending on your time zone, it might have been very late on Sunday, May 19th).
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