Born Without Bones – Dancer | Album Review

Track Listing

Don’t Speak
Fistful of Bees
Heart at Home
XO Skeleton
Get Out
Sudden Relief
Show on the Road
Bother You
Bar Harbor


Intelligent lyrics are on show here, rippling through the songs of Born Without Bones. Their album Dancer is a thought-provoking, insightful, emotional standout. Bitterness comes to the fore too, and the band want their sound to infuse the blood and minds of their crowd; rock fans who like to feel emotional connections. Dancer is a record that has that direct hit of spontaneity, and when it truly ingrains, it wows.

The lyrics detail heartache and the lows of life. The record isn’t just there for the sake of art either, as it does explore afflictions, moments when everything seems to be fraying and breaking. The band isn’t throwing their ideas at the wall to see if they stick; they know how this works, and they know emotion makes good music, and even torrent times conjure up good, honest lyrics, which in truth, desire to be read and to be admired for their depth and their insightfulness.

This is a sound of a band which has togetherness. Musically, they’re on board a stable place, and their talent has so many layers. 11 songs make up Dancer, and ‘Heart At Home’ is worth mentioning here, a sad assessment of rot, decay, and the past. The riff isn’t loud but instead in the background, adding a contrasting vibe. Such an emotional song, it brings out the tears.

‘Get Out’ is a guitar-driven onslaught, and the lyrics detail love as a burden. The chorus bursts through the banks in terms of rowdiness. It’s a loud stab at rock.

‘Bother You’ begins with soft percussion, and then the guitars come in gently. The lyrics describe hopelessness and broken hearts. Under the strain, the protagonist here feels empty and ready to derail off the face of the planet.

Born Without Bones expertly direct their sound. The emotions are rooted in their music, and the talent they have is endless.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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