Bodies Season 1 Review – A confusing, underwhelming time travel crime drama

Season 1



Episode Guide

Episode 1: You’re Dead Already – |  Rating – 2/5
Episode 2: Do You Know Who I Am? – |  Rating – 2/5
Episode 3: All In Good Time – |  Rating – 3/5
Episode 4: Right Up The Wazoo – |  Rating – 3/5
Episode 5: We Are One Another’s Ghosts – |  Rating – 2/5
Episode 6:  The World Is Yours – |  Rating – 3/5
Episode 7: Catch Me If You Can – |  Rating – 3/5
Episode 8: Know You Are Loved – |  Rating – 4/5


Bodies isn’t without its exciting moments, and this is to be expected with the time travel storyline at its centre. The idea for Netflix’s 8-episode crime drama is totally original, which it deserves great credit for, especially in a world full of sequels, remakes and reboots. However, the four different timelines in the show are just way too much for the viewer to get invested in. At a maximum, two timelines would have worked, but events take place in the 1890s, 1941, 2023 and 2053, causing it to be a completely muddled mess. 

Stephen Graham is the highlight of the whole show, but finds himself criminally underused, and the cast around him is reasonably good. But the show falls short of the potential it set out to accomplish with the inventive premise. There is way too much exposition and not enough action, until the last episode when everything comes together and the time travel events are highly entertaining. 

Bodies is an adaptation of the late Si Spencer’s 2015 graphic novel, and the series is rightly dedicated to his memory. The show features split screens on occasion, in the style of the graphic novel, and while this is a nice tribute to Spencer’s legacy, it mostly just feels like a really bad episode of 24

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  • Verdict - 6/10

1 thought on “Bodies Season 1 Review – A confusing, underwhelming time travel crime drama”

  1. Thanks for an honest review. My wife and I have watched 3 or 4, can’t remember right now; baffled!
    I may try another in the hope that that the time that I have invested has not been wasted. The acting is good and the sets are well done. The story however is making me feel like my brain is not up to the level required to comprehend it.
    Wishing I had not started with it.
    Kind regards Review Geek….

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