Bodies – Episode 8 “Know You Are Loved” Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Know You Are Loved

How Does Iris Try To Prevent Disaster?

In Bodies Episode 8, Iris tries to prevent disaster. She thought history could be altered if she went back to 1880 to stop Elias Mannix’s wicked plans, but she forgot that you can’t take anything back to the past. Iris is fitted with a SPINE, which is a futuristic prosthetic that helped her walk freely in 2053, but it gets lost during her travel back in time. When she arrives in 1880, she can’t walk, and then is later arrested and put in a cell. 

Iris attempts to stop Hillinghead from confessing by sending a message from her cell, but it doesn’t work. However, Hillinghead ends up next to Iris’s cell, and they begin talking. She reveals that Elias Mannix, who is now living as Julian Harker in Hilllinghead’s time period, is from the future just like she is. She also reveals that the body they found in Long Harvest Lane is also from the future.

She warns Hillinghead that Elias has something terrible planned that could result in millions losing their lives. They need to stop him from marrying Polly, and she then tells him he’s going to die on his way to prison, with the police claiming suicide as the cause of death. She screams at him as he’s taken away, telling him to change Elias’ mind and prevent disaster. 

Does Hollinghead Change Harker’s Mind?

Julian Harker stops the convoy and tries to convince Hillinghead to let him marry Polly. Harker is shocked when Hillinghead reveals he knows he’s a time traveller from the future. 

He tells him he’s still going to meet a horrible end, and Harker is angry and frustrated. He goes to walk away and tells his men to end to end Hillinghead’s life. In his final moments, Hillinghead is able to plant doubts in Harker’s mind. 

Harker goes ahead with his plan to marry Polly, but Hillinghead’s words are still haunting him. Polly confronts him about his involvement in her father’s death. Harker admits to it, and Polly is devastated. A few months later, she gives birth to their son. She doesn’t love Harker anymore but sticks around as he hatches his plan. 

Harker sees the error of his ways and records a message back in 1941 for his younger self, and the one living in 2023. He advises himself to not push the detonator button. He then hands over the recording to Detective Whiteman, who then points his gun at Harker, but he begs him to give the recording to Hasan. Whiteman agrees and then guns him down.

Whiteman makes his way to the Silk pub and is gunned down by Hayden and his team, who seek revenge for Polly and Harker’s deaths. Before he dies, Whiteman manages to put the vinyl record behind a photo frame on the wall. This move alters the course of events. He is then caught and hanged for the murders of Harker and Polly. 

Does Hasan Stop Elias Mannix?

The timeline is now changed, and Hasan’s memories are beginning to shift. She has the realisation that Whiteman planted the recording in the Silk pub. Unfortunately, the pub was destroyed in the 2023 explosion, but Hasan still has The Throat, which means she can travel back to 2023 with the pub still intact. She finds the tape and rushes to Sarah’s house with it. She calls her younger self and tells her Elias has another detonator ready to go and just needs to find a phone to dial in the number. The phone call would trigger the detonator, destroying London. 

Hasan tries to convince Elias that pushing the button will haunt him forever and plays Harker’s last recorded message, where he admits Elias will live with regret for the bombing. 

Elias chooses not to detonate the bomb, and his mother, Sarah, rushes out to embrace her son. Elias then vanishes into thin air. Why does this happen? The timeline appears to have reset itself, which means Elias was never born. 

What happens at the end of Bodies?

Bodies ends with everything returning to the correct order, as we see Detective Whiteman and Hillinghead doing their police duties in their timelines, and with Elias now erased from existence, they won’t find Defoe’s body on Long Harvest Lane in any of the timelines

We see Hasan get in a taxi and head to her father’s birthday party, and the driver turns out to be Iris Maplewood, who isn’t disabled. The End. 

The Episode Review

Despite the issues with Bodies and the confusion of the whole narrative, the last episode does knock it out of the park and is the best of the series.

It does well to explain all the different permutations, but leaves enough room for audiences to question events themselves. There are some exciting time travel moments, and some genuine edge of your seat moments. 

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