Bodies – Episode 7 “Catch Me If You Can” Recap & Review

Catch Me If You Can

In Bodies Episode 7, Elias Mannix wakes up in 1886 London. He starts planning things after recovering from his injuries. He reaches out to Agatha Harker, telling her he’s her long lost son, Julian Harker. Agatha is cautious, but begins to believe him. Agatha’s dog, Archie, reacts badly to his scent, which raises her suspicions about him. Elias confesses that he isn’t her son, but offers to help her with her finances and cure her loneliness.  

Polly seeks Harker’s help finding her father, Alfred Hillinghead, who is on his way to prison. He’s going to prison because he found serious dirt on Harker, uncovering a photo that placed Harker at the crime scene. Harker was a step ahead, though, when he drugged Hillinghead at the seance. 

Harker visits Hillinghead and offers him a deal. He will spare his life if he agrees to let him marry his daughter. Hillinghead refuses, and Harker orders his henchman to kill him. Harker lies and tells Polly her father wasn’t brave enough to face his crimes and took his own life. 

With Hillinghead gone, Harker marries Polly, and he soon becomes a father with the birth of a baby boy. He comes clean to Polly about the reason he knows about future events: because he is from the future. 

In 2053, Iris realises that she unknowingly helped the man responsible for the 2023 bombings. To add to that, she also shot Defoe, who was the only person capable of stopping Elias. She uncovers a vital clue in Defoe’s notes, which reveal that the Throat’s time travelling abilities work both ways, meaning it can send you to the future as well as the past. She teams up with Hasan and goes back to the spot where she first found Defoe. They locate Defoe and stop him from dying.

Defoe is sick of all the attempts and thinks their efforts are pointless, as fate seems to be rooting for Elias to win. The cycle keeps playing out, despite their efforts to intervene. Elias keeps going back in time and persuading Agatha that he’s her son, exploiting her resources to make millions. How do they break the never ending loop? 

Hasan can’t forget what Elias’ foster father, Andrew, told her in 2023 about Elias meeting his end. Iris brings up the idea of time travel again, but this time to 1886 instead of 2023. Her plan is to get Elias to see the faults in his big plan and stop him in his tracks. Iris thinks going back to 1880 is the only way to stop Elias Mannix from carrying out his dastardly plan. 

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