Bocchi The Rock! – Season 1 Episode 8 “Bocchi the Rock” Recap & Review

Bocchi the Rock

Episode 8 of Bocchi The Rock begins with everyone grieving over the typhoon because they feel no one will arrive at Kessoku Band’s concert. PA-san’s upset, while Seika says it’s natural for bands to get into rough spots. Seika hopes Nijika and her friends can make it through this situation as the girls discuss what to do next.

Nijika says even though their audience won’t be as massive as they hoped, they should continue with it. Bocchi promises to give it her best. Suddenly, Hiroi enters Starry Club, and we learn that Hiroi used to be Seika’s junior in college. Suddenly, the two girls Bocchi wowed at her street performance arrive, shocking Bocchi. They tell her they wouldn’t miss her performance since they are her fans.

This fills Bocchi with harmonious energy because she can’t believe she has real-world fans now. Later, Kita notifies the others that the weather’s getting worse. Ryo proposes streaming their performance and deeming it as a no-audience concert. Nijika refuses since people have already shown up to watch them perform. Bocchi agrees and says it’ll be okay since they have people waiting for them to perform.

At the same time, Nijika and the others are bewildered that Bocchi’s wearing a cardboard box to cover her appearance. Before they perform–Kessoku Band notice their lack of fans. However, Nijika spots fans of other bands and argues that they can try to persuade them to listen to their performance. Meanwhile, Kessoku Band overhears two girls gossiping poorly about them.

Nijika says people are saying those things because nobody knows them yet and not to let their harsh words bring them down. The girls set-up their equipment, and Kita introduces the band to the audience. At the same time, Bocchi grows a little concerned and wants to wear her box. Kita announces they’ll be playing their original song, “Guitar, Solitude, and the Blue Planet,” to the crowd.

The band begins their performance. As they play, Bocchi recognizes everyone’s making simple mistakes, from being out of sync or playing slowly. Besides their invited guests and friends, everyone ignores them.When they finish their first song, the girls overhear the same people saying that their performance was a waste of time. Nijika tells Kita to announce their next song.

Kita grows nervous as Bocchi feels their performance and songs aren’t good enough. Bocchi starts playing her guitar with pizzazz to make a statement toward these mean-spirited concert-goers. The others notice Bocchi’s determination. They join the fray and play their second song, “The Band.” They continue giving it their all as the people who made ill-remarks toward them start paying attention to their performance.

When they wrap up their second song, the mean-spirited guests argue that it’s half bad. Kita announces that they’ll be playing one more hit–as we get a glimpse of the outdoors that are free from horrid weather. Later, the girls, Seika, PA-san, and Hiroi, attend a restaurant called Kaomise to celebrate Kessoku Band’s stellar performance. Seika promises to pay for their drinks, except for Hiroi’s.

Hiroi properly introduces herself to the others and says she loves bass and is a genius bassist. Ryo tells Hiroi that she’s been to many of her concerts and notes Hiroi’s drunken behavior on stage. Hiroi sprays her audience with booze and gives people the finger causing her audience to throw stuff at her. At the concert, Ryo remembers Hiroi stepping on her face.

Kita says she feels like a novice compared to Hiroi, but Nijika says she doesn’t have to adopt all of Hiroi’s quirks. Hiroi tells them the ten guests at their performance walked away entertained. Seika tells the girls they’ll pick up more fans if they continue putting in effort and to pay their quota fee. Seika informs Bocchi she should be proud of her effort today, but the gang’s bewildered by her husk-like state.

Minutes later, Kita takes photos of her drink for Isstagram, and Seika asks her why she’s obsessed with that platform. Kita argues it’s like sharing your fun with the world. Nijika eggs her on because she wants Kita to purge her sister’s twisted spirit. Kita grabs a menu and announces what meal she’ll order. Bocchi’s flabbergasted by Kita’s complicated yet elegant energy.

She wonders how Kita would request things in Starpucks (Starbucks). Seika asks Bocchi what she wants, and Bocchi vows to change-it-up and make a trendy choice like Kita. It doesn’t work out, so she asks for fries. Later, the gang receives their orders and dig in. In thought, Bocchi’s happy that her first experience inside a restaurant like Kaomise was with them. She wonders if it’ll be more fun when she’s old enough to drink.

Meanwhile, Bocchi overhears a suited man discussing his issues with his wife, lifestyle, and goals next to a friend. The conversation delves into topics–like regret, suicidal tendencies, and poor drinking habits. Flustered, Bocchi wonders if her adult life will be as unrelenting as the gentleman’s. Bocchi spaces out, alarming the others who think she’s going through another one of her episodes.

Ryo tries fixing Bocchi up, but it leads to Bocchi having a doll-like creepy face. Later, Ryo acknowledges Kita’s stellar guitar playing, saying she should be proud by her performance despite practicing for only three months. Kita spaces like Bocchi because Ryo calls her by her other name. She feels its embarrassing while the others disagree. Ryo said she wouldn’t understand since her name means “song of the stars.”

Kita withdraws into her shell, causing Ryo to laugh. Hiroi approaches Bocchi since she overheard her mumbling about supporting herself with the guitar and becoming a NEET. Hiroi tells Bocchi to relax and enjoy herself. PA-san jumps in and tells Bocchi if you put your success on your shoulders all the time, you’ll make yourself miserable. Seika adds that it’s integral to enjoy your dream-aspiring progress.

Hiroi asks Seika why she gave up on playing, shocking Bocchi. Hiroi argues Seika’s band was popular–while Bocchi’s astounded Nijika never brought it up and realizes Nijika hasn’t returned to the table for time. Bocchi excuses herself to look for Nijika. She exits Kaomise and finds Nijika staring at the sky. Before Bocchi asks about Seika’s band history, Nijika asks Bocchi if she’s guitarhero, the Oh!Tube content creator.

Bocchi’s flabbergasted while Nijika points how Bocchi the same guitar and strumming ability as guitarhero. Bocchi admits she is guitarhero but wanted to tell Nijika and the others when she fixed herself. Bocchi asks if Nijiika’s upset, but Nijika says it’s makes her even happier to have her in her band. Nijika reveals that her mother passed away when she was little, and her father was never home.

Seika was the only family she had. Nijika hated being alone when Seika started the band, so Seika brought her to their clubs all time. Nijika reveals she was Seika’s inspiration to quit the band and start Starry Club. Nijika knows Seika called it Starry Club because of Nijika’s wishes but knows she won’t admit it. Nijika reveals that her other dream is to make a band popular enough for her and Seika and to make Starry famous.

Nijika feels even though there were times when her dreams were out of reach, Bocchi would always break those barricades for them. Nijika reveals the others’ missions. Ryo wants to use the band to play music from her heart and assumes Kita aims to help them succeed. Nijika asks Bocchi what her plans are for the band. Bocchi tells Nijika she wants to make Kessoku Band the best it can be.

Bocchi lists other things, but Nijika wishes Bocchi could play the way she does in her videos. The episode concludes with Bocchi promising to give it her all as Nijika tells her to keep showing her more of Bocchi-chan’s rock.

The Episode Review

Bocchi The Rock continues dropping magnificent chapters for fans to look forward to every week. This episode was jam-packed with solid animation, beautiful visuals, stupendous character progression, and emotional and hilarious interactions. This chapter went beyond the call of duty and included unexpectedly pure scenarios.

Many viewers probably anticipated Bocchi and the others to postpone the event and wait for better weather. However, this chapter subverts those expectations and has our girls perform regardless of their missed opportunities regarding ticket quotas and having some friends and family watch them. This performance pushed our girls to their limits. It introduced some realistic and painful obstacles to throw them off course.

Considering how well the anime built up Kessoku Band’s members, it got under my skin to hear those concert-goers belittle Bocchi and her friends’ hard work. Despite losing touch in their first song, Bocchi’s heroism shines forth in the second song, leading to a satisfyingly gorgeous rock-inducing spectacle. It was nice to have our girls relax and converse during the restaurant segment, although some may think it was a bit long.

Furthermore, receiving more intel about Seika’s relationship with her former bandmates would’ve been great. While quitting for Nijika’s sake is a noble move, many fans may have wanted to see her bandmate’s reaction to the news. Otherwise, the conversation between Nijika and Bocchi provided much depth and warmth to keep fans glued to their screens.

Overall, this was a stunning episode that left a lasting impression. With the concert concluded, I wonder what other obstacles lie ahead for them. Whether it be competing with other popular bands at the culture festival or settling a dispute between themselves, I can’t wait to see what this anime has in store for fans.

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