Bocchi The Rock! – Season 1 Episode 7 “To Your House” Recap & Review

To Your House

Episode 7 of Bocchi The Rock begins with Kita and Nijika heading for Bocchi’s house since it’s summer break. They plan to visit her house to craft some t-shirt designs. Nijika explains that Ryo couldn’t join them because her grandmother got ill. However, Nijika says Ryo likes to conjure lies to escape specific events.

Kita and Nijika arrive at Bocchi’s, and she welcomes them with a popper while wearing a silly disguise. Kita gives Bocchi some gifts and said she brought a movie for them to watch. Nijika’s flustered because she wants them to focus on making a stellar T-shirt design and not play around. Having matching outfits would make them more band-like.

The girls enter Bocchi’s room and notice all the party decorations she has scattered everywhere. Bocchi apologizes and departs to grab them refreshments. Nijika and Kita explore Bocchi’s room. They’re shocked that it doesn’t emanate anything band-like. Nijika stumbles upon Bocchi’s stash of ProPho copies as Futari pops out of nowhere and freaks them out.

Futari explains she had to remove them off her walls because their mother said it was hurting her eyes. She says they placed exorcism-like things in her room because they thought she was possessed. Futari introduces herself properly alongside their pet dog, Jimihen. Bocchi stumbles upon them while carrying some tea. She’s shocked by the fast Nijika, and Kita got along with her sister and puppy.

Bocchi’s sad that her sister and puppy have better social skills than her. Futari tells Bocchi that their parents went shopping, and Bocchi demands she take Jimihen and play in another room since they got grown-up things to do. Kita and Nijika argue against Bocchi’s wishes. Bocchi persuades Futari to leave by saying she can have the ice pop in the freezer.

Once they’re gone, Kita, Bocchi, and Nijika begin designing t-shirt ideas. Bocchi hopes to conjure up something impressive. Meanwhile, her mother and father arrive home, and Futari notifies them about Kita and Nijika’s arrival. At the same time, Kita shows off her sports festival-themed design, and Nijika isn’t fond of it. Her acknowledging the sports festival causes Bocchi to grow anxious.

She contemplates her grievances with sports festivals while viewers watch claymation, apocalyptic, and cult-themed interpretations from Bocchi’s mind. Suddenly, Bocchi’s parents arrive at her door and greet Kita and Nijika. They’re thrilled that Bocchi has real-life friends as they bombard Kita and Nijika with many questions. At the same time, they’re all eating a fabulous meal.

Bocchi’s parents thought the photos in her room were photoshopped. Her father asks Nijika if Bocchi ordered them through a friend’s rental service, but Nijika shoots that theory down swiftly. Her parents continue mentioning things to embarrass Bocchi in front of her friends. Bocchi leaves the room to get air as Nijika and Kita inform her parents about her tremendous effort at work.

Bocchi reenters the room and is astonished by how well everyone is getting along. After playing games and watching Kita’s film, they return to Bocchi’s room to contemplate more t-shirt design ideas. Bocchi spirals into madness again after hearing Nijika and Kita discuss the Seishun-themed movie. Nijika tries to snap Bocchi out of her phase but receives a text message from Ryo.

Ryo sent them many t-shirt design ideas. However, Nijika and Kita question the food-themed t-shirt concepts. It turns out Ryo sought their thoughts on what to choose for dinner. Nijika’s angry but Kita texts Ryo to go with curry. Bocchi reveals her t-shirt design, which gives off a punk-rock or heavy-metal aesthetic. Kita and Nijika question her idea–even after Bocchi explains how she came up with its concept.

Nijika and Kita persuade Bocchi to try out a new outfit. Bocchi puts on a school-girl-looking attire. Nijika and Kita are astounded by how adorable she looks. Nijika and Kita attempt to give Bocchi a makeover, resulting in Bocchi performing an over-the-top and zany maneuver reminiscent of the Thanos snap in the Avenger films. Nijika and Kita get a whiff of Bocchi’s dust particles and slowly lose energy.

Bocchi’s parents arrive stunned, while Futari laughs at how they’re acting just like Bocchi now. Nijika texts Ryo and tells her she may have to perform the concert without them. Ryo’s at a restaurant dumbfounded by Nijika’s text. Several days later, Kessoku Band meet at their music booth. Nijika suggests going with her simple t-shirt design. It’s a black t-shirt with their band’s logo written on it.

Bocchi wonders why Nijika didn’t design the t-shirt herself. Somehow, Nijika taunts Bocchi for thinking of that just now and says how she’s been starting to understand what she’s thinking lately. The gang put on their t-shirts and can’t wait to perform at their concert in two days. However, Kita receives news that a typhoon is on the way, and Ryo recommends making rain charms.

For those unaware, rain charms are talisman people make to bring about good weather and prevent rain. Although Kita confirms it won’t affect their region, Bocchi recommends they make them. Bocchi notes how she always assumes the worst but hopes everything will turn out okay. The episode concludes with a news reporter saying the typhoon has directed its course toward their region, and it’s the day of the Kessoku Band concert.

The Episode Review

This chapter of Bocchi The Rock felt more laid-back than previous episodes. Not much occurred here besides our girls partaking in numerous teenager-like activities, from playing board games to watching films. That said, this episode contained some heartwarming, humorous, and relatable scenarios that’ll surely have fans draw comparisons to their lives.

It was hilarious to see how little confidence Bocchi’s family has in her regarding making friends and being social. It’ll make many questions about whose side of the family she got her anxious mannerisms from. On that note, many can relate to how nervous Bocchi felt introducing her folks to her family. This chapter captures that energy wonderfully by having her folks open up about Bocchi’s strange habits.

The whole skirmish evokes pureness and hilarity. This series continues delivering excellent visuals and unique ways of showcasing Bocchi’s downward spiral into madness. It reminded me a lot of the American Cartoon Courage the Cowardly Dog, as Courage was a character who’d always overthink things when trying to rescue or protect his owner Muriel from dangerous situations.

Overall, this chapter offers some compelling and relatable elements. While it spends a good amount of time on a topic that could’ve been resolved swifter, it had enough material to keep fans invested.

As for the next episode, it looks like our girls will be in a tight predicament as they must contend with Mother Nature and her typhoon of doom. Let’s hope our girls can craft a masterful plan that’ll allow them to perform.

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