Bocchi The Rock! – Season 1 Episode 4 “Jumping Girl(s)” Recap & Review

Jumping Girl(s)

Episode 4 of Bocchi The Rock begins with Bocchi helping Kita practice the guitar in the music booth. Kita wants to practice her singing voice but can’t sing while focusing on her motor control with the guitar.

She’d stick to singing but doesn’t know what to do after performing her lines on stage. Kita promises to work harder and asks Bocchi if she’d like to sing too. Bocchi doesn’t want to, though. Nijika informs them that it’s time for another band meeting. The topic this time involves how they can act more band-like. Although practicing is crucial, Nijika feels they should be open to discussing numerous topics.

Bocchi wonders if Nijika’s focusing on their band’s appearance to give Kita a break from practicing. Nijika shows the gang some band merch she made, and Ryo suggests selling them at 500 yen each. If customers want it signed, 650 yen each. Nijika asks the group for more suggestions, and Kita says she’d like to set up an Isstagram (Instagram) page for Kessoku Band.

Nijika appoints Kita as the Minister of Social Media. Kita sets up the account and promises to post every day. Nijika proposes establishing a fan club, and Ryo jokes about charging people a 10,000 yen annual membership fee. Kita asks Bocchi for some suggestions, but Bocchi’s too nervous to think of ideas. Nijika recommends Bocchi sit this out as her lyric writing job is important.

Nijika reminds Bocchi that Ryo’s in charge of writing music while Bocchi must write its lyrics. Ryo says she’ll write the song once she gets inspiration, exciting Kita. One week later, Bocchi crumbles at the sight of her notebook. She failed to write a single lyric but perfected her band signature. Bocchi goes into her closet to retrieve her lyric notebook from middle school.

In her room, Bocchi ponders more lyrics that match Kita’s cheerful energy. After drawing several blanks, Bocchi receives a text message from the gang asking her to meet them at Shimo-Kitazawa Station. At the station, Bocchi apologizes for her lyric writing failure. Nijiika tells her not to worry about it. She suggests they take a few ProPhos (promotional photos) since they could use updated photographs.

Bocchi’s concerned about taking them in public. Nijika argues it would help convey the band’s direction and unique qualities if taken outdoors. She says it’s best to have their ProPhos in a club ad online, a flyer, or a magazine for more impact. The gang scouts their surroundings, looking for the perfect background to take their ProPhos.

Kita wishes they brought their instruments as Bocchi recommends it could make them look more appealing in the ProPhos. Nijika’s against it because only guitarists and bassists would look cool, unlike her, who’d be holding her drumsticks. They continue scouting the area, and Kita stumbles upon a wall with posters on them. She proposes taking their ProPhos here since it evokes strong Shimo-Kitazawa vibes.

Ryo says that this place used to be a CD shop before it shut down. Kita apologizes for offending Ryo, but Nijika tells her to pay Ryo no mind. Bocchi tells Nijika that she found a nice tree-painted wall. Nijika takes their photo but doesn’t find it band-like. For their second ProPhos shoot, they agree to mimic Ryo’s expression. Nijika looks at the second photo and admits it evokes funeral energy.

They take several photos at different locations, and Nijika admits Kita looks the best. Kita boasts she’s a professional since she likes uploading posts on Isstagram a lot. Bocchi collapses on the ground because she’s never taken photos with friends before, only with random classmates and family. Kita suggests making everyone an Isstagram account.

Bocchi twitches out in a glitch-like fashion as she doesn’t want to become an attention-seeking monster. The girls tell Bocchi they won’t make her an account to calm her down. They return to the tree-painted wall as Nijika feels none of their photos have captured the energy she’s been seeking. Kita recommends taking a Jump Picture, a highly photogenic photo that’ll bring out their personalities.

Ryo wonders if jumping in their ProPho makes them appear god-like to fans. After numerous attempts, they shoot a wonderful ProPho, and Nijika’s happy that they’re one step closer to becoming a famed band. Nijika dismisses everyone for the day. Near the park, Bocchi sits alone and worries about showing her lyrics to the others.

She sends Ryo a text message to see if she can gain some feedback but gets flustered about meeting her in a public café. Bocchi’s startled because she’s never been to a restaurant by herself. Even the thought of entering a convenience store sends chills down her spine. Bocchi monitors Ryo as they’re inside the café. Ryo asks Bocchi to show her the lyrics, and Bocchi complies.

Ryo’s stunned by Bocchi’s band signature, upsetting Bocchi, who mistook her reaction for the lyrics. Ryo flips the page and reads her lyrics. She asks Bocchi if she’s personally satisfied with what she wrote. Bocchi says she wanted to write something that feels hit-band-like. Ryo opens up about her past band. She admits to liking their honesty, but she found their lyrics awkward.

Ryo confesses that her former band’s lust for sales led them down a commercial path. Ryo quit the band because of her differing ideals from her former bandmates. She was about to drop music together until she met Nijika, who offered her a chance to be a bassist in her band. After Nijika told her that she loved how she played her instrument, it reignited her passion for playing in a band another shot.

Ryo argues abandoning one’s uniqueness is equivalent to dying. Ryo tells Bocchi not to write bland lyrics based on people’s wishes and to write what makes her happy. Ryo tells her not to worry about writing it in the vain of a social outcast since it’d be hilarious regardless. She follows up by saying bringing a wide variety of individuals into one sound is the color Kessoku Band will have over others.

Ryo suggests leaving the café, but Bocchi asks her to pay the check. Ryo admits that she’s broke and for Bocchi to pay for this one. She guilt-trips Bocchi into paying for the meal with the weed-eating story. Ryo apologizes and promises to pay her back next month. Before Ryo departs, Bocchi promises she’ll do her best. The next day, Kita, Nijika, and Ryo tamper with the ProPhos they took yesterday.

Bocchi arrives with the lyrics in hand. She tells them that she put her heart into crafting them. Ryo admits that they evoke a depressive tone, but it matches Bocchi’s personality well. There might not be many people who connect with it, but those who do will love it. Bocchi and Ryo share an intimate moment. At home, Bocchi prints out a wallpaper of their ProPhos and hangs it on her wall.

Bocchi stares at the poster and hopes she and the others can remain friends. The episode concludes, revealing Bocchi’s room covered with their Jump ProPho.

The Episode Review

This anime continues delivering masterful dialogue and touching life lessons for fans to ponder. Despite the ProPho shenanigans taking up the majority of the episode’s length, it was a blast following our girls around their environment.

The series continues pulling off bizarre yet effective camera angles and distinct animation choices that are comical and stunning. This chapter includes some informational bits I didn’t expect like Ryo opening up about her qualms about her previous band. It was a joy to learn more about her past and intriguing to discover what led to her quitting her former band.

Despite not being a music aficionado, Ryo’s issues with her former band feel grounded, justifiable, and relatable to those who witness friends going down the deep end when money is involved. Furthermore, the conversation holds much weight and helps build Bocchi’s confidence to produce lyrics that come from her heart.

The whole café scenario was well-written and contains themes that can inspire many viewers who struggle with meeting expectations or self-fulfillment. Overall, this chapter had some brilliant humor, astounding scenery, comical and authentic character interactions, and great plot progression. I have a hunch that Ryo’s bandmates may rear their selfish heads in the future.

If that happens, I anticipate a musical clash of epic proportions.

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