Bocchi The Rock! – Season 1 Episode 3 “Be Right There” Recap & Review

Be Right There

Episode 3 of Bocchi The Rock begins with Bocchi attending to her mundane morning activities. Bocchi reflects on her life regarding her new part-time job and bond with Ryo and Nijika.

She wonders if she’s ascended past her introverted phase. Bocchi heads to school with her guitar in hand. Bocchi overhears some girls discussing bands and attempts to jump into their conversation. She gets their attention but draws a blank because she doesn’t know how to start a conversation. At lunchtime, Bocchi eats alone and ponders what could have happened if she had conversed with them.

Bocchi argues the girls would find her creepy for wanting to barge into their conversation. She knows her situation looks saddening, but she knows she’ll become a famed guitarist and travel to Oto-Station one day. We transition into a Guitar Man segment where he’s interviewing Bocchi’s future incarnation about her past high school experiences.

Bocchi hears some girls discussing Kita’s stellar vocal and guitar skills. Since Bocchi had been sick for a few days, she plans to make it up to Nijika and Ryo by recruiting a talented vocalist and guitarist. From afar, Bocchi watches the girls converse with Kita, the red-haired girl from episode one. Bocchi learns that Kita is a talented musician and athletic person.

Bocchi knows she’d be a great fit but is too scared to approach her. Bocchi follows Kita to her class and spies on her from afar. However, Kita spots Bocchi and asks if she’s looking for someone. Bocchi starts beatboxing despite wanting to ask Kita if she’d like to join Kessoku Band. Embarrassed, Bocchi rushes back to the same spot she had her meal and starts playing a new song called “Double Dark Past, Bocchi Acoustic Version.”

Kita stumbles upon Bocchi’s music playing and tells her that she’s a phenomenal guitarist. Bocchi asks Kita if she’d like to join her band, but Kita declines. Kita says she can’t participate because she doesn’t know how to play guitar. To get closer to her senpai, she once lied about being a phenomenal guitarist. Kita grabs Bocchi’s guitar. Kita discusses music in a way that proves Kita’s a novice to the craft.

Kita asks Bocchi if she can teach her how to play. Helping Kita learns guitar would grant her the courage to face her former band and apologize. Bocchi accepts her offer and informs Nijika and Ryo to act like party-goers at work. The two head for Starry Club and Bocchi mentions Nijika and Ryo by name, causing Kita to stop. Kita tells Bocchi she can’t go to the Starry Club for unknown reasons.

Nijika stumbles upon Bocchi and Kita, startling them. Nijika reveals that Kita was the runaway guitarist they mentioned in episode one. Kita notices Ryo and apologizes for her terrible actions. At the Starry Club, Kita informs Nijika and Ryo about her reasons for running away from the group and ditching practice. Ryo tells her that she’s been lighting incense for her every day because she thought Kita had died.

Kita’s surprised that Nijika and Ryo aren’t angry with her. Nijika tells her not to worry because they found a replacement guitarist in Bocchi. Kita asks what she can do to make it up to them. Nijika’s sister suggests helping with Starry’s activities since it’ll be a busy night. Kita accepts the offer, puts on a maid outfit, and starts working. A fellow worker named PA-san compliments Kita for her fragrance.

Bocchi grows mildly jealous over Kita’s swift progress. As Nijika goes over the drink reception routine with Kita, Ryo watches Bocchi carve Kita’s name into the ground. She’s so upset that she lost her identity to Kita that she sings a new song about her woes. As Bocchi’s soul ascends to the sky, we receive a brief illustration from the series’ creator Aki Hamaji.

Nijika asks Bocchi to teach Kita how to make people’s refreshments. Bocchi performs the task but loses focus because of Kita’s constant staring. This results in Bocchi receiving a hand injury due to the overfilled coffee. Kita caters to Bocchi’s wound and asks what inspired her to join a band. Bocchi tells Kita she wants to work toward World Peace, but in reality, she wants to be popular.

The club opens as customers flood the area asking for tickets and drinks. Bocchi asks Kita who was the senpai she wants to get close to, and Kita confirms it’s Ryo. Kita explains she saw Ryo playing her guitar on the streets one day and started growing affectionate toward her. She adores Ryo’s above-it-all attitude and her unisex appearance.

After noticing Ryo’s talent, Kita followed her activities for a while. We learn that she dropped out of a band before joining Kessoku Band. Kita compares bands to acting as one’s second family. She argues it feels like you’re a part of a mysterious relationship that leaps above friendship and romantic relationships. Therefore, Kita’s goal was to become Ryo’s girlfriend and join Kessoku Band.

Kita argues she can’t join the band because she’s too irresponsible and doesn’t deserve to be in a band. Once the festivities conclude, Kita thanks everyone for their hospitality and wishes them good luck. Bocchi attempts to stop Kita but trips. Kita recognizes Bocchi’s act as a sign of her wanting to join the band. Kita reiterates why she can’t join.

Bocchi tells Kita that she ran away before a concert and attempts to squeal about her other irredeemable acts. She mentions seeing calluses on her fingertips, while Ryo points out that means Kita’s been practicing guitar without anyone knowing. Nijika asks Kita to join Kessoku Band, and Bocchi can assist her with learning guitar. After contemplating it, Kita accepts their offer.

However, she suggests that they stop partying hard, puzzling Nijika. Before Bocchi departs, Nijika, Ryo, and Kita praise her for her stellar work. The next day, Kita announces her discomfort with learning guitar. Despite receiving a fitting guitar from Ryo and Bocchi’s guidance, she doesn’t know if she can perform masterfully. Ryo enters the room while eating weeds.

This confirms Bocchi’s suspicions about Ryo spending her remaining allowance on Kita’s former bass. The episode concludes with the girls continuing Kita’s guitar training.

The Episode Review

This chapter introduces a new bandmate, showcases spectacular development for Bocchi, and inserts more exciting breadcrumbs concerning certain characters. Fans will adore what this episode brings and how it sets up some possible disputes and issues for our crew to tackle.

Kita’s character serves as a stellar opposite of Bocchi’s. Despite being popular, athletic, and an astounding singer, she lacks basic guitarist knowledge. Her interactions with Bocchi, Nijika, and Ryo will make viewers giggle and smile. It’s a bummer the episode didn’t lean into Kita’s singing voice, but her character offers some intriguing information concerning Ryo’s past.

Learning about Ryo’s decision to leave a past band makes you wonder who the crew was and if they’ll rear their head in later episodes. Imagining Kessoku Band clashing with Ryo’s former group at the culture festival sounds like an exciting spectacle waiting to happen. Hopefully, that breadcrumb about Ryo leads to something like that, as it would serve as a satisfying conclusion.

Bocchi was another notable character in this episode. Not only did she reunite Kita and Kessoku under proper terms, but she also showcased some growth in doing so. Despite her cowardice, she demonstrated courageous feats that’ll inspire many people who suffer from introvert-like tendencies to overcome their shyness. At the same time, I can help but smile whenever Bocchi overthinks things.

Overall, episode three offers unique animation techniques, astonishing visuals, and stellar camera work. Fans will adore seeing Bocchi defeat her anxiety and giggle at her failed attempts. Kita brings some familiar yet genuine energy to Kessoku Band, and I can’t wait to see how her relationship grows with our cast. Hopefully, the next chapter can deliver another fantastic outing.

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