Blue Eye Samurai – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Nothing Broken

Episode 7 of Blue Eye Samurai begins with Ringo desperately to get help to save his comrades. Out of all the places they end up, it’s back to the blind Swordsmaker from the start of the series, Master Eiji. While Mizu goes into hiding, Fowler and his cronies leave the tower and head over to Edo.

On the way, Fowler and Heiji stop by at Haji’s brothel for some “peculiarities”. Fowler has plans to go to war with the entire shogunate, with guns smuggled in on fishing boats. That way the army will storm the castle and destroy them.

Interestingly, Heiji double-crosses Fowler and works with the Shogun to try and get the guns before Fowler does. They have plans to search the shipments down on the dock to get the guns before he does.

Akemi is back with her father and sporting her blackened teeth, she’s still not happy about her marriage arrangements. When she frees a bird to fly away, the Shogun’s son shoots it down. This is a great metaphor for Akemi’s plight, as she’s stuck with nowhere to go. The other concubines there joke to Akemi about the young Prince’s ruthlessness, and the cage she’s about to be trapped in.

However, it’s Kaji that actually gives her some solid advice. She and her women have been sleeping with men all the way up the road to make it to the Royal Wedding, which they realize is actually Akemi’s. Kaji is quick to point out that brutal men like this are weak deep down – and Akemi ends to take advantage of that. Specifically, she needs to nurture his weakness and be his strength.

Meanwhile, Mizu awakens to find Master Eiji, watching over her. Taigen is still alive too, while Ringo refuses to acknowledge Mizu. Mizu is broken, just like her blade, and Eiji goes some way to try and reinforce the lessons he taught her as a child.

Funnily enough, it’s Taigen who actually gets through to her, teaching Mizu to use her wits and fighting power to get the better of the situation. However, while they’re sparring, Taigen ends up getting sexually aroused, much to Mizu’s surprise. Taigen brushes it off as missing Akemi.

Mizu looks set to tell him the truth about her gender… but changes her mind at the last second. Instead, she reveals that Akemi is in Edo, marrying Takayoshi Itoh.

Given Fowler is about to strike Edo and take it for himself, she warns Taigen not to go. He’s shocked at her dishonourable reaction to all of this, given she’s not killing for honor but for revenge. With Ringo watching on, he sees Taigen throw his sword down in disgust and leave, determined to try and find the Shogun and warn him over what’s happening.

With Mizu determined to try and better herself, embracing her true ancestry, she turns to Ringo to help her conduct the heart ritual, we cut back to Akemi once more.

With her husband taunting her at dinner, serving up the very bird she saw killed, two more arrive that night. It’s too much for Akemi, who bursts into the room and confronts her husband. Apparently the gift was sincere as an apology, and she soon learns that Takayoshi has a stammer, explaining why he barely speaks. She takes Haji’s words onboard and decides to be there for her husband, as the pair end up having sex.

The next day, Heiji has bad word from his comrades, as they’ve failed to find any of the weapons Fowler has smuggled in, It turns out he’s done so through strategic smuggling, with piano legs and bullets stowed inside blocks. Unfortunately, those men are killed and now Fowler, with his weapons, controls a vast army.

In the morning, Akemi forges ahead with her new plan. She gets rid of the hired help, and with a chest of gold, pays off all the women in Haji’s care. It’s five times more than they’d expect, and she decides to bring them on as assistants inside the castle too. Haji allows this but Ise, the girl who was originally horrible to Akemi at the brothel, has a confession to make.

Akemi brings Ise to her father, and warns that at the Lord’s Assembly, Fowler will attack. Unfortunately, all of this is a ruse and he’s actually working alongside Fowler. He grabs Ise, throws her out the window, and snatches up Akemi, telling her that she’s part of the Clan now, dumping her into a dark cell.

The Episode Review

Everything here is set up for a dramatic finale to follow. The entire plot to overthrow Edo is going to consume the final episode, and that’s bad news for Mizu and the others. Her plan to take out Fowler has taken somewhat of a surprising turn, but seeing her actually confront her past and do what’s right for the good of her future, is a nice touch.

Mizu still has a long way to go but it would seem that the show is gearing up for our protagonist to learn the ways of the samurai properly and do so through humility and with her friends.

Everything is colliding into the finale, which promises to be quite the dramatic crescendo to this excellent series.

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