Blue Eye Samurai – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

All Evil Dreams and Angry Words

Episode 6 of Blue Eye Samurai begins with Mizu pushing forward with attacking Fowler’s castle. With the map in hand, Mizu knows she needs to get to the ninth floor. Counting her steps, she descends down to the basement, passing grim skulls and dried blood, until she arrives at the door.

Mizu picks the lock, but the room fills with water, forcing her to hold her breath and get through this watery passage to the other side. Unfortunately, she’s not in a great way and this mission is clearly going to be harder than she thought.

The first man is killed with a razor-sharp wire, while the other is bested with her throwing a sword up onto the balcony. Unfortunately, the blood seeps under the door to the guard standing by the alarm bell, which is rung. Mizu cuts him down but it seems stealth is out the question now.

While Fowler entertains guests above, who decide to watch Mizu blast through the castle through their cameras, she’s left to fight through a number of different traps, including one that sees the walls closing in and a sharp piece of metal straight through her foot.

Unfortunately, Mizu loses her blade in the wake of some trapdoors below, and she’s forced to take out the onrushing soldiers with their own weapons. That is, until the final lonesome soldier actually helps Mizu get her weapon back from where it’s wedged in the wall.

The next room almost serves as a checkpoint of sorts, as Mizu freshens up with some ice-water for her foot and some drink. Unfortunately, the next room includes hallucinogenic flowers. Thankfully, Mizu manages to stave off the worst of the effects through the ice-water but unfortunately, the next room includes a whole bunch of manic prisoners whom she sees as bloodthirsty zombies. However, she does find Taigen, who’s still alive – but barely.

Mizu picks him up and the pair walk out together, stumbling into the next room, where Mizu is forced to face The Giant. A brutal, bloody match ensues but Mizu does come out on top. She snatches up Taigen and ends up bursting through the window. Unfortunately, Fowler is waiting for her. He has the firepower, and makes short work of her blade by literally shooting right through it. The blade shatters in half and goes through her shoulder. Fowler then turns and points a gun at Taigen.

Mizu finds herself beaten mercilessly, until Taigen gets involved and tries to save her life. The pair help each other stay alive, with Mizu deciding to teach Ringo how to be a samurai. Knowing that this isn’t a fight she can win right now, Mizu grabs Taigen and jumps out the window, into the icy cold depths below. It looks hopeless, until a figure shows up and manages to save them.

The Episode Review

Blue Eye Samurai is really well written and this episode plays out like a videogame level of sorts. All the various chambers and different levels of this tower eventually pave way for Mizu’s biggest revelation – she’s going to eventually train as a samurai properly, surely.

Revenge and vengeance can only drive you so far and now Mizu understands that she can’t defeat these men on pure hatred and firepower alone. After all, men like Fowler thrive and feed on this, and both she and Taigen have been beaten to an inch of their lives as a result.

With the blade broken and the fight hopeless, all eyes now turn to Ringo and the desire to try and save their own lives, while simultaneously working on another plan to take out Fowler. Will they come out of this in one piece though?

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