Blue Eye Samurai – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

An Unexpected Element

Blue Eye Samurai Episode 2 begins with Ringo’s father cleaning up the blood from his restaurant floor. The Four Fangs arrive, mercenaries in masks. They ask the man about the Samurai and he tells them everything that happened. Meanwhile, Ringo keeps following the Samurai and tries to convince her to let him tag along. She refuses. He insists that he can be useful.

At a travel junction, the Samurai nearly gets into trouble when she realises she can’t bribe her way through the guards. Ringo comes to her rescue as he has a travel pass for two people, courtesy of his father’s noodle shop. Afterwards, Ringo makes his case to be an apprentice again and this time she relinquishes.

Akemi counsels Taigen, who is nursing his wounds after his battle with the Samurai. When she says the fight was a dishonourable attack and not a proper duel, Taigen decides to go after the Samurai and challenge him properly.

Ringo and the Samurai are on their way to find a boat to get to the island where Heiji Shindo is. The Samurai reveals she doesn’t want to kill Heiji Shindo but the white man he protects. They reach a seaside town but find that a festival called the Hadaka Matsuri is going on. She’ll have to wait for the next day to sail.

While they wait, the Samurai ties a bell around Ringo’s foot since he keeps sneaking up on her. Meanwhile, Taigen follows their trail but he’s not the only one. The Four Fangs are not far behind and they leave a fair amount of blood behind them.

Heiji Shindo is waiting for a signal from the Four Fangs which means they’ve killed the Samurai. He talks with a white man with red hair and their conversation reveals that the white man isn’t allowed to leave this island except during one month in the spring. However, he has plans to meet the Shogun and change that.

With time to spare, the Samurai trains in the woods and then bathes in the sea. A flashback shows a man approaching the swordfather. He’s a bookbinder but wants a sword to avenge his father’s death at the hands of a drunk Ronin. The swordfather agrees to make a sword for him.

We see that he calls the young Samurai Mizu. When Mizu tries practising swordplay with the customer, he beats her and makes fun of her for being a soft half-breed. That’s when she begins binding her chest. She helps the swordfather make the sword but it ends up breaking off at one point.

The swordfather presents it to the customer but he grows angry. He’s about to hit Mizu but the swordfather stops him. From the feel of his hand, the swordfather realises that he is not a bookbinder but an assassin. The man simply boasts about his many kills, calling himself Bloodsoaked Chiaki. He takes the sword and goes on his own way.

At present, Taigen watches Mizu practising in the woods. He sees her cut through a giant tree and gets frustrated when he can’t do the same.

Akemi is called to see her father who presents her to a couple of men. They represent the Shogun’s younger son, who is looking for a new bride. She is told she must blacken her teeth as the son prefers it that way. After they leave, Akemi begs her father to reconsider but he won’t be moved. They leave for the wedding in five days.

Sometime later, the steadfast Akemi is about to run away while pretending to go shopping for silks. Seki, of course, realises and tries dissuading her. When she doesn’t change her mind, he decides to run away with her.

Ringo is enjoying the town’s festivities when he learns of a ritual where a priestess throws a magical stick into the sea and the person who catches it gains magical powers. He then tries the town’s best noodle shop and is so mesmerized by their noodles that the owner offers him a job. As the drums start beating to signal the start of the ritual, the Four Fangs catch up to Mizu. In the town, everybody takes off their clothes and jumps into the water.

The mercenaries corner Mizu at the edge of a cliff. She takes a step back and leaps off. When they move forward to check, they find her standing on a small outcrop on the cliffside. The Fangs all jump down as well.

One by one, Mizu cuts down the Fangs despite the sheerness of the mountainside. The third one has her fall all the way down to the shore. The final member of the Fangs turns out to be none other than Bloodsoaked Chiaki. They fight and Mizu gets injured when she’s distracted by Taigen, hiding in the rocks. Just as Chiaki is about to strike her down from behind, she throws her sword which goes straight through him.

The priestess throws the stick into the water and chaos ensues. Ringo catches the stick in his mouth. But all is not over for Mizu as Taigen comes out of the shadows insistent on getting his honour back. They move towards each other but Mizu collapses. Taigen stands with his sword raised over her at the end of Blue Eye Samurai Episode 2.

The Episode Review

Blue Eye Samurai Episode 2 takes things up a notch. You can see the show find its feet as it blends action and emotion into a neat revenge tale. The different characters offer a variety that keeps things interesting. The cheerful Ringo is a lovely foil to Mizu’s gravitas.

The animation is absolutely gorgeous, showing its best during the action scenes. The cliffside fight was a visual spectacle and Mizu’s showdown with Chiaki, set against a blazing sun setting into a rough sea, was simply stunning.

Story-wise, we know things aren’t going to be as easy as Mizu expects and that keeps things engaging. The use of past and present is also a nice way of presenting information without letting the story get too monotonous. Overall, this is looking to be a really good show.

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